7 Ways The Bible Influences You Today

Power, lust, greed, sex, gluttony, laziness, and war.

Forget about reading Fifty Shades of Grey just read The Bible or watch it on The History Channel!

Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and reality show mogul Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Amazing Race) produce The Bible, and have brought viewers what is being called, “The Bible for today’s generation.” They’re not kidding.

Today, children are growing up with more wars than their parents and grandparents. Sex and violence are prevalent in TV shows, video games, and movies. The internet can be a dangerous place kids because you don’t really know who’s lurking on websites and from where. And most kids are becoming desensitized to all of this.

Can we trace power, lust, greed, sex, gluttony, laziness, and war back to The Bible? Sure we can. Here’s how The Bible influences you without you knowing it. [Read more…]

Say Goodbye to Every Year the Right Way

Many of us can’t wait to say goodbye to 2011 because it was a year filled with heartache, financial ruin, devastation, etc. To put it bluntly, it was one hell of a year! Luckily, 2012 is right around the corner and you can begin anew. However, before you dash out of 2011, you may want to conduct an ending ritual. It’s a way for you to contemplate what happened in 2011 and how you want 2012 to be different. Warning: This will take honesty. If you’re not willing to take an honest look at 2011, whatever ritual you do won’t work.

I purchased Robert Ohotto’s Endings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year and conducted my ending ritual today. I had a lot of baggage to release, again. I was amazed at what came up and am determined to make 2012 a great year! No more excuses, no more giving advice when someone doesn’t ask for it, no more worrying because it only creates more worrying; no more people pleasing, no more worrying what this or that person will take, and no more B.S. in my life!

If you really want to start 2012 on the right foot, consider purchasing Robert’s Endings MP3 download. It could change your life now and in the future.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


How to Overcome Low Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt

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Question: I had a horrible dream, more like a nightmare, where I saw billowing smoke in the air. I ran up a hill along with other people and saw an airplane in the air. It was cracked in half and people were falling out; I could hear their blood curdling screams along with the screams of those still in their seats. I could even see what the people looked like and what they were wearing. It was frightening to say the least. What does this mean? Why would I dream something horrible like this? Is this a premonition?

Answer: Breath and relax. According to Dream Moods Dictionary.com your dream symbolizes the possibility of setting too high or unrealistic goals for yourself and seeing them crash down. Another interpretation is your self-confidence is low and you have self-doubt about reaching your goals. Your self-defeating mindset is causing your dreams or goals to crash; you experience loss of power. You don’t believe in your abilities to reach your goals.

How to Overcome Low Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt

1. Trust that you have the answers inside of you. Nine times out of ten, you know what to do. However, you may not take action because you fear you’ll make a mistake. The good news is if you make a decision and it doesn’t work out, you can make another decision. It’s not a waste of time and effort because you probably learned valuable lessons. Accept those lessons and move forward.

Remember … No one is perfect!

2. Approve of you. The only approval you need is from you. If you constantly seek approval from others, you’re not self-confident. You are free to be who you are. What matters the most is YOU love and approve of you. Remember, “What others think of you is none of your business.” Some people may or may not be in your tribe or ‘get’ you — it’s alright.

3. Affirm you are talented. If you don’t believe in your abilities, who will? Know and affirm you have what it takes to succeed in whatever it is you do. Recall times when you did well and give yourself a ‘pat’ on the back. Also, make a list of activities you enjoy and do more of them.

4. Stop believing and thinking self-defeating ideas and thoughts. Parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. probably contributed to your belief system. They meant well but could have passed on self-defeating and limiting thoughts. The good news is you’re an adult and can shift your beliefs. You don’t have to be bound to thoughts such as, I must work hard to earn a living; You don’t get ahead without hard work; No one in our family ever got ahead with talent alone; and other limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, “Are these true? Is it true I have no talent?” You’ll be surprised by your answers.

Cultivate new beliefs. After all, your parents aren’t responsible for you anymore. You are responsible for you. Saying affirmations could work; however, they only work if you believe in them. Don’t say affirmations if you don’t feel positive about them.

5. Take ‘inspired’ action. Taking action for actions sake won’t work. Inspired action means you’re really enthusiastic about something. Whether you’re applying for a job or filling out a volunteer application, make sure you’re inspired to do so.

There isn’t a ‘perfect’ time to do something — this is an illusion. You may encounter obstacles and roadblocks as you begin to take ‘inspired’ action. Go around them and move forward; you’ll gain more skills and become more confident.

6. Get educated. Maybe your current skills need updating. Perhaps, it’s time to learn new skills which you can apply to a new career. It’s never too late for education. Remember: if you stop learning, you stop living, and you eventually die.

7. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and correct them. What’s the worst that could happen? Making mistakes happens to the best of us. Even Einstein didn’t get it right the first time. You learn by ‘trial and error’ and correcting what doesn’t work.

Shake off low self-confidence and self-doubt by recognizing your abilities. Please remember, most people fail at one time or another in their lives. The word ‘fail’ isn’t a bad 4-letter word. In fact, many famous authors had their manuscripts rejected countless times. Some of them self-published before any major editor noticed them. Give yourself credit for trying and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can and that’s all that matters.


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How to Stand in Your Power with Family

Cover of "Angels and Spirit Guides"

Cover of Angels and Spirit Guides

I’m the type of person that likes to live by the motto “Live and let live.” I don’t bother anyone and respect that people have their lives to live. What they do has absolutely nothing to with me or my happiness. For example, if my sister said to me, “I’m moving to Charleston, SC. Bye!” My response would be, “Fantastic! Good luck to you! Let me know when you’re settled, I’d love to visit.” I wouldn’t go on and on how she was leaving me, her kids (actually it would be my 17-year-old niece who’s heading to college in the fall), or our mother. My sister turns 45 on September 30 and can do what she wants. My happiness doesn’t depend on her living 15 minutes away for me. I also couldn’t force her to live in the Southwest which is where I want to move back to. Why is it that certain family members, who aren’t healthy for you, insist on pushing their way back into your life? How do you stand in your power and gently say, “No, thank you?”

How to stand in your power with family

1. Be honest. Sometimes you need to tell people what you think of them. Stay calm and don’t raise your voice.

2. Say “No” and mean it. If you disappoint or ‘tick-off’ people, oh well! If you say “Yes,” when you want to say “No,” you’ll be miserable and won’t come from a place of authenticity or love.

3. Learn to be disliked. This is a tough one for most people, especially women. I realized this is an issue for me. I’d rather be happy than hang out with people whom I don’t want to hang out with. I’d rather be happy and do my own thing than be sucked into drama.

4. Call upon your angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. I’ve been doing this, but I do question if it works. I still call upon Archangel Michael, God, Quan Yin, and others to help guide me and release people and situations from my life that are toxic to me.

5. Step out in nature. Being in nature can refresh you. Go to the park or sit outside. Allow your mind to wander, listen to the birds sing, or watch the clouds in the sky. Walk in the grass or hug a tree. Give all your stress to Mother Earth and allow it to be transmuted into love.

6. Love you! No matter what, love and accept yourself. Remember, you are responsible for you and no one else.

I have great respect for people who own who they are. They don’t give a flying leap about what others think. They live their lives the way they want to without a care in the world. They’re very powerful and have no guilt about telling people what they think of them. I strive to be like this. I feel as if certain people are siphoning my light and energy from me; it’s really starting to irritate me.

I’ve studied metaphysical and spiritual topics now for four years and according to all of the authors I’ve read, all of us have angels and spirit guides who supposed to help us. I’m constantly giving people and situations to God and the angels so they can deal with it. Why isn’t it working? I have no desire to be around people who drain me. To quote Abraham-Hicks, “One minute you’re in the vortex and the next minute you’re out. What happened?”

I’ve learned that I must stand in my power and be who I am. If I don’t accept who I am, I won’t be happy. And when I’m not happy, no one will be happy. It’s like that saying, “Happy wife, happy life!” Seriously though, no one has the right to infringe upon your space and serenity. I like what Oprah said on her farewell show, “Don’t wait for someone to save you, save yourself. Take responsibility for your own life.” I wish certain family members of mine would hear this.


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