How You Can Eat Healthy While Traveling?

It’s no secret: You want to have fun and kick back and relax on your vacation. You want to let yourself go and indulge in everything you can, including food. Perhaps you want to dive into a chocolate soufflé from a Parisian chef. Or maybe you want to sink your teeth into a mouthwatering Italian meal. Can you taste the homemade pasta and sauce?

Just the thought of eating and drinking everything you want puts a smile on your face. But what will happen if you eat and eat and eat?

You could gain extra weight, say about 20 lbs. that may send your hips, butt and thighs and doctor into a tizzy.

So, isn’t it better to indulge here and there instead of eating everything and anything?

Read on to discover articles that can help you to eat healthy while traveling. You can still enjoy tasty meals and stay on your diet at the same time. Keep the phrase “everything in moderation” in mind before you put a piece of seven-layered chocolate mousse cake into your mouth. [Read more…]

Who Else is Fast Food Illiterate?

Being fast food illiterate is a good thing! For those people who have embarked on a “weight loss” journey, it can be daunting to go back to fast food. Once in awhile, it may be necessary to stop at a fast food restaurant to grab something “quick” to eat. What if you’ve been away from fast food for a long period of time? How do you order? Do you choose drive-thru or go inside the restaurant to place your order? Does the menu have a “lighter” side?

The pressure is on to order the right type of take-out, especially if you choose to go through the drive-thru. A long line of cars filled with “regulars” can form behind you and they want their fast food and they want it now! It’s best to be prepared before walking into a situation that can become heated.

Fast Food 101

The regular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or Burger King can be found throughout the USA and other countries. Some fast food restaurants like Sonic are scattered throughout the USA. Of course, Subway is the best way to go, just look at Jared! Subway is global so finding one will not be a problem. This is fantastic for travelers who watch their diet when they travel.

Do research on fast food restaurants. The majority of them can be found online. Review the menu and nutritional content. The burger that gets a “bad rap” may be the healthiest thing on the menu; looks can be deceiving. For example, a Caesar Salad with Chicken from Boston Market has 500 calories with 410 calories from fat. Whereas a Junior Hamburger from Wendy’s has 230 calories with 70 calories from fat. Hold the french fries! Choose a side of Mandarin Oranges because they have 80 calories with no fat!

When in doubt, go inside the fast food restaurant. Stand in the back and peruse the menu. Allow the regulars to place their order first because they will do it with the speed of light. This is a win win situation. They get their food and are in and out. You take your time and feel great about your purchase. The bonus is that you and your diet will come away unscathed!