Tap Your Way to Financial Abundance and Wealth

Have you heard of EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping?

It not, you could be missing out on the opportunity to release your negative beliefs about financial abundance and wealth.

If you’re like most people, you learned your money beliefs from your parents.

For instance, your parents may have been raised with a ‘lack’ mentality and may have passed this ‘stinking thinking’ onto you.

If you have kids, you may have passed it onto your them.

The cycle continues until someone breaks it. And that someone can be YOU!

Forgive your parents because they had no idea that their beliefs, thoughts, and words created their reality.

Right now, you can use tapping to shift your beliefs and thoughts around abundance, money, and wealth. Keep reading if you’re ready to open your arms and receive all the abundance that’s been waiting for you. [Read more…]

10 Dangerous Money Beliefs: How to Master Your Mind for Abundance

Some people believe that money changes everything about you and your life but not in a good way. This is why their financial future may be unstable.

For example, you may believe that money makes you arrogant and rude. However, if you had more money, you could make a difference in lives of thousands, perhaps even millions of people. You could begin with your family and friends.

Money is nothing but energy and paper and coins.

But, you may give money absolute power over you.

Instead of being a money master, you’re a money servant. You let it control your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. You let it stress you out whenever your bills are due. This isn’t healthy.

Instead of worrying about money, which only gives you more issues to worry about, make peace with money.

Become its friend and master. How? By questioning and tossing out your beliefs about money. If you don’t, they’ll continue to destroy you in ways that you could only imagine. [Read more…]

You Can Enjoy Life on a Budget

In times of economic turmoil, it may be wise to live life on a budget. In fact, you may have a better time because you won’t be keeping up with ‘The Jones’ anymore; you’ll be more relaxed. If you’re scared to live life on a budget, take the fear out by jumping in without hesitation. The quicker you pay off your credit card debt the better. Let’s face it, being $25,000 or more in debt isn’t a way to live — it’s a heavy burden. Relieve yourself of your debts by living life on a budget.

Enjoy Life on a Budget

Enjoy local sports. Instead of paying $250 or more for a night out with the family at an MLB, NFL, or NHL game; attend a college, high school, or minor league event. Not only can your local teams use your support, they can save you a ton of money.

Take advantage of the local arts. If watching a high school’s orchestra isn’t for you, find out where the nearest conservatory is located. Perhaps the professional arts school opens performances to the public for free. Maybe you can find an ‘arts in the park’ festival.

Get organized. Believe it or not, organizing your home can help you organize your life. Clean out the basement, garage, junk room, great room, or your home office. Toss out anything that’s been hanging around for one year or more — donate or sell it. When in doubt, toss it out!

Reduce the cable bill. Do you really watch all of those cable stations? If not, get rid of them. You may want to get rid of cable all together. If you have the internet, you can watch your favorite shows online. Also, you can order DVDs online for as little as $10 per month and keep them for as long as you like. Isn’t it better to watch shows and movies that you want to see rather than having programming chosen for you?

Hold the reservations. Save money by cooking at home instead of going out to eat. Invite family and friends over a home-cooked meal. It will be fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Cooking at home is healthier because you can use fresh, organic products and reduce the fat. There’s nothing like getting a meal ‘exactly’ the way you want it. Who knows, you may enjoy cooking and start a catering company. It could happen!

Say goodbye to the gym membership. Gyms won’t like this one but you can save money by taking advantage of parks and your neighborhood. Working out doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Run around the park and do chin-ups using the playground equipment. Go for a bike ride around the neighbor. Hike at the local mountain park. You may have to buy hiking shoes but you can always find them on sale. If you have kids, buy some chalk and make a ‘hopscotch board’ because hopping around will burn calories and improve your coordination. Buy a jump rope (doesn’t cost that much) and skip rope with your kids. Become a kid again and allow your imagination to come up with ‘fun’ ways to workout. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll have fun doing it.

Volunteer. Charitable organizations can always use your time. Become a dog walker at your local animal shelter. Be a mentor to kids. Call your favorite charity and ask how you can help.

Do you have a dream? Life takes over and before you know it you kiss your dreams goodbye. Rediscover your dreams and take steps to live them. If you’re laid off, it would be a great time to reconnect with your ‘inner’ painter. If you love to write, start a blog. You can use ‘free’ blogging platforms. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Credit Card Debt Could be an Advantage

My credit card company somehow got my mom’s phone number and keeps calling my mom. When the representative called again to speak with me, I took the phone call. I knew they were calling to sell me something because I pay my statement on time. I told her that she was calling my mom’s phone number and not mind. She apologized and gave me a 1-888 number to call. I called and had my mom’s phone number put on the Do Not Call list. Hopefully, this clears up the phone number snafu.

If you have credit card debt it could be an advantage. When financial representatives call you they’re calling to sell you something like identity protection or some other product. All you have to do is tell them that you have $5,000 or more in credit card debt and you’re not interested. They may try to press you but all you have to do is reiterate that you owe your credit card company money and you don’t think it’s a good idea to take on more credit card debt. Tell them your main priority is paying off your debt as soon as possible and signing up for a product that costs $30 or more per month is not feasible at this moment.

The next time a representative calls you, nip it in the bud! Tell them you can’t sign up for products right now but to contact you in a year or two. If you’re temporarily living with your parents and credit card companies call their phone number, make sure you call to have their phone number removed. There’s no reason for credit card companies to contact your parents, unless, of course, they co-signed a loan for you!


Fact or Fiction: Chaos and Collapse of Financial Collapse

Is this video fact or fiction? Is the material fact or fiction? You decide. The falcon makes a good point, do what you can to protect yourself. In fact, it may be a good idea to start paying with cash whenever you can and pay off your credit cards now! Credit isn’t a bad idea but when you depend on it day after day then it becomes a crutch that may not support you any longer!


What do you think? Is this fact or fiction? Share your thoughts.

I Paid $45 to See the Pacific Ocean

I recently took a road trip to the East Bay and South Bay of San Francisco. It took me 12 hours to drive from Phoenix, AZ to San Francisco. The reason for my trip was to check out a school that I’m interested in attending. Next time, I’ll fly.

Driving by yourself is no fun for two reason: 1) you do all of the driving and 2) it’s kind of boring because you have no one to converse with when you’re on the road.

While I was in the East Bay and South Bay areas of San Francisco, I wanted to see the ocean. I was at the South Bay campus of the university that I’m interested which is located in Campbell, CA. After speaking with one of the advisor’s, I found out that the ocean was only a 1-hour drive. I didn’t know I’d be headed to Santa Cruz.

I hopped on the 17-S and drove towards Santa Cruz. It was an easy drive from Campbell, CA. It was a bit winding and curvy. I was grateful that the police were on the highway as well because Californians are worse drivers than Arizonians.

Santa Cruz Harbor_CA1

Santa Cruz was a lot of fun. It was so cool to see the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Yes, the same boardwalk where the original Lost Boys movies was filmed! Here’s a tip: you may want to arrive very early in the morning. Parking was horrific. You may want to book a stay at hotel in the area so you can walk to the boardwalk.

After driving around and around, I decided to forgo the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and drove to the Santa Cruz Harbor. I found parking on the street and the restaurant The Crow’s Nest. When I parked my car, I had a “gut instinct” that said “maybe you can’t park here.” A sign was posted that read “No Parking — Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 5pm.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see the park about “No Parking without a Permit.” I parked my car and walked toward the ocean.

Walking on the beach was wonderful. As I walked towards the Pacific Ocean, I felt very grateful for having made to California from Arizona. I watched the waves were crash upon the beach and was awestruck. As I walked towards the ocean, the water came up and kissed my feet! I continued to walk and the water smacked against my legs. My pants legs were all wet and full of sand, but I didn’t mind.

I began to walk towards my car and noticed a woman by my car. I said, “…excuse me, may I help you.” She turned around and low and behold it was a cop. Nice. Apparently, my “gut instinct” was right. I couldn’t park on the street. She told me to take the ticket to this little trailer, and I did. There was nothing they could do. I was told I could pay the ticket online.

Yes, I paid $45 to see the Pacific Ocean and walk on the beach. Was it worth it? I believe it was because my creativity was reopened. I was feeling stuck with my writing and life. I loved walking on the beach and recommend it. So, you may want to book a trip to Northern California and visit Santa Cruz. Go on, the water’s fine!


Who else got a ticket while traveling?

South Park Can Teach You about the Economy

Many people are not amused by the Comedy Central cartoon South Park. They find it offensive for one reason or another. However, if you watch this hit cartoon, you may learn something. Somehow, some way the writers “weave” a “moral” into the story lines. Maybe the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wouldn’t agree with this or maybe they would.

For example, the episode titled Margaritaville involved Randy (Stan’s dad) teaching him about saving his money by taking him to a bank and making him deposit his $100 check that he received from his grandma. Unfortunately, Stan loses his money he deposited at the bank. Randy then steps forward with a plan to save the desperate economy. He informs everyone that it’s their fault because they got greedy and bought things that they couldn’t afford. “No more needless spending!”

Kyle (Stan’s friend) says that, “…people were being stupid and lost their faith in the economy. The economy was made up by people thousands of years ago. It’s not real, yet it is real.” It’s us to us to FIX IT now in order to secure our future. We need to have FAITH in it and treat it with respect.

Kyle EXPLAINS what credit cards and money really are. They’re meaningless. It has NO VALUE whatsoever. Stan explains that credit cards are nothing but “pieces of plastic.” We are the ones putting a value on plastic cards. Money is nothing but paper. We are the ones putting a value on colored, paper money! Until we put our faith in it, the economy is meaningless.

This may be farfetched, but it made sense to me. Many people believe that money is nothing but energy. Read Napoleon Hill or Bob Proctor and you’ll find this out. If you have a “poor mentality,” you’ll attract poverty into your life. Cultivate a “wealth mentality,” and you’ll see the fruits of your labor pay off. Which one do you have?

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How to make money online for you and your family

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How to Make Money on the Internet with Facebook

Facebook has taken off by leaps and bounds. It’s nothing like MySpace. There are no “bells and whistles” with Facebook. You can post pictures and videos, but forget about customizing your Facebook page. They do not allow you to have a background. The one thing you can do is make money on the internet by using Facebook.

Making money at home can take some time. Social media such as Facebook can boost traffic to your business. Online businesses utilize social media to advertise their business. This is a good way to build “brand” and customer loyalty.

Facebook is a great way to make money on the internet. However, there’s no reason to create two accounts. Many people do this with MySpace. They create a personal and professional profile. If you decide to do this with Facebook and change your mind, they will not let you “merge” accounts. You will have to copy and paste your information to the more active account and then delete the other account. However, you are not allowed to transfer items such as friends and wall posts. It’s best to create one account.

Make Money on the internet with Facebook

  1. Create one account
  2. Use friend feeder
  3. Do not post inappropriate pictures of you, family, and friends
  4. Keep it clean
  5. Create a Page
  6. Advertise on Facebook
  7. Create a Group

The more people that are aware of your business, the better you’ll be able to make money on the internet. Many businesses and corporations are using Facebook to connect with their customers and potential customers. Businesses have finally embraced social media and everything that goes with it. Plus, it’s a great way to announce an event like a webinar or teleseminar.

If you’re familiar with MySpace, it may take some time to maneuver around Facebook. For example, if you want to delete something, it may take you awhile to figure out how to do it. Facebook does a good job with its “help” section so you will find answers to your questions. If not, post a question and wait for a response.

Many people would like to make money on the internet. If you are not familiar with SEO, consider purchasing a book or taking a class SEO. Understanding SEO concepts can help drive traffic to your site and increase your profits. This is how you’ll make money on the internet. Good luck and do not give up!