Tap Your Way to Financial Abundance and Wealth

Have you heard of EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping?

It not, you could be missing out on the opportunity to release your negative beliefs about financial abundance and wealth.

If you’re like most people, you learned your money beliefs from your parents.

For instance, your parents may have been raised with a ‘lack’ mentality and may have passed this ‘stinking thinking’ onto you.

If you have kids, you may have passed it onto your them.

The cycle continues until someone breaks it. And that someone can be YOU!

Forgive your parents because they had no idea that their beliefs, thoughts, and words created their reality.

Right now, you can use tapping to shift your beliefs and thoughts around abundance, money, and wealth. Keep reading if you’re ready to open your arms and receive all the abundance that’s been waiting for you. [Read more…]

10 Dangerous Money Beliefs: How to Master Your Mind for Abundance

Some people believe that money changes everything about you and your life but not in a good way. This is why their financial future may be unstable.

For example, you may believe that money makes you arrogant and rude. However, if you had more money, you could make a difference in lives of thousands, perhaps even millions of people. You could begin with your family and friends.

Money is nothing but energy and paper and coins.

But, you may give money absolute power over you.

Instead of being a money master, you’re a money servant. You let it control your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. You let it stress you out whenever your bills are due. This isn’t healthy.

Instead of worrying about money, which only gives you more issues to worry about, make peace with money.

Become its friend and master. How? By questioning and tossing out your beliefs about money. If you don’t, they’ll continue to destroy you in ways that you could only imagine. [Read more…]

Money Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Many people are their own worst enemies. When it comes to money, they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. People fall victim to their own money mistakes. For those who desire financial independence, recognize and eliminate money mistakes today. This way you can start to live a more peaceful life tomorrow!

The majority of people are impulse buyers. They spend more than what is in the bank because of the need to keep up with their neighbors. Some people buy things because they hold a belief that they will feel better. If you’re an impulsive buyer, make a list of the necessities you need to purchase and then go shopping.

Another money mistake people make is not having a savings account. Putting $10 or $20 a week into a savings account will eventually add up!

Many employees do not take advantage of the 401(K) that their employer offers. Most companies will match their employees contributions. Put the maximum amount into a 401(K) account and watch the dollar amount grow over time. Those who save now will benefit in the long run.

Some people rely on family and friends to bail them out. This is a big mistake! It’s one thing to accept help when the situation is dire, but avoid making a habit of it. Family and friends have their own lives and must take care of themselves as well.

A budget is a great tool that will help many people avoid making money mistakes. Budgeting is not that difficult to do. List monthly expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities, car, cell or mobile, clothing, eating out, and other expenses that appear each month. Start by curbing or cutting out expenses such as clothing, food, and entertainment. Cook at home because it’s cheaper and will keep you trimmer!

Finally, do not let your emotions or past experiences get in the way of making money mistakes. Remember, most people make purchases based on their emotions. Logic seems to go out the window, although not entirely. Take a step back, deep breathe, and put the IPod back on the shelf. Besides, Apple will probably come out will a new and improved IPod next year. The one you buy will be obsolete!

8 Ways to Save Money Now That Will Pay Off Later

The U.S.’s economic situation is being felt around the world. Last week was the worst week for the stock market. People are bailing out left and right. Is that a wise thing to do? No, it’s not. Fear is like a disease that infests one person and then spreads like wildfire to others. That’s exactly what is happening right now. Americans are scared to death and are salvaging what they can. On the flip side, those with money will find great bargains on wall street and will be able to turn a profit when the stocks go up.

Perhaps the “economic crisis” in America will teach people a valuable lesson or two. First, do not live beyond your means. People who knew they could not afford the $400,000 house are learning that lesson right now. Second, cut back on expenses. Is it necessary to eat out 3 to 4 times week? Why not prepare a home cooked meal with the family gathered around the table? This is a great way for parents to interact with their children and find out what they are doing or not doing.

People who “tighten their money belt” now will save later. How do you save when you have a family of four or are a single person living on your own? Here are some money saving tips.

Tips to Save Money

  1. Cut back on going out to eat.
  2. Skip the Starbucks, donut shop, or bakery.
  3. Carpool if you can.
  4. Use coupons. Some grocery stores offer double and triple coupons and will accept competitors coupon.
  5. Sell items on Craigslist and eBay. Go through the house and see what can be sold. If something has not been used in a year, it will not be used at all. Sell it!
  6. Cut back on entertainment. Wait until movies come out on video and rent them from the video store or library. As far as concerts go, choose one that you will really enjoy. Before you agree to see Motley Crue (that’s another article), remember, it’s Motley Crue. Speaking from experience, go with the Metallica tickets. It will be a better show. Remember, your time is just as valuable as your money.
  7. Go to FREE events within your community.
  8. Take your lunch to work instead of buying it every day.

Money that you save can be put into a savings account (FDIC insured), Treasury Bills, or Treasury Money Market funds. Be smart with your money and it will take you far. Remember, you are the master of your money; it’s not the master of you.

Saving money is a mindset. You will either save money or not. Most people would like to own their own home, but it may not be feasible at this time. As mom used to say “patience is a virtue.” For now be happy with the things in your life such as good health, family, and friends. You may live in a one bedroom apartment, but at least you are in perfect health!


  1. Do not grocery shop on an empty stomach! People who shop when they’re hungry usually spend more. Make sure you eat breakfast before going to the grocery store.
  2. If products come with a rebate, redeem them, and save the money!

How are you saving money? Do you have any suggestions you would like to share?