Use Easy Daily Meditations to Reduce Your Stress

Why, oh why, do are we stressed out? It’s why daily meditations are necessary to calm your mind. Here’s why.

If you’re like me, you may have had setbacks.

For me it was losing my job, one that I really liked, in July 2018. I found another one a few months later, but it wasn’t a good fit for me (that’s another blog post).

So it was back to freelancing/consulting for me. And with most contracts, they sometimes end. It’s one thing if you don’t like what you’re doing, but I actually liked the industry.

When you’re stressed out, you may not think straight.

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How To Actually Enjoy Visiting Your Family During the Holiday Season

How to Enjoy the Holiday Season

So I finally got over making a big deal out of the holiday season. How did I do this? By listening to those around me complain about them and by reflecting on how I probably sounded when I would complain about the holidays. After all, Christmas shopping can be stressful because you have to figure out what gifts to buy and then you have to drive around trying to find them.

As I started reflecting on the holiday season, I realized that I don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas if I didn’t want to. After all, there aren’t any laws that state, “You must celebrate the holidays or else you will be fined $500.” Or “You must spend the holidays with your family.” [Read more…]

Do You Want to Change Your Name? Consider the Emotional and Psychological Impacts

Do you want to change your name?-MisticCafe

On December 1, 2011, I published the post, What’s in a Name? Nameology Can Help You Figure That Out. In the post I talked about how I discovered the Kabalarian Society, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They’re an organization that specializes in analyzing birth names and business names.

If you never connected with your birth name, you could get a “free” Name Report that would provide you with an analysis of it.

Do you want to take it a step further? You could pay for a Balanced Name Report that would list first names and last names just for you. You could do the same for your current business name or if you’re in the process of naming your business.

Nameology is fascinating. However, you shouldn’t change your name because you think it will make you happy. You have to go deeper and get to the “root” of why you think changing your name is the right decision for you. Keep reading. [Read more…]

Want to Improve Your Life? Sometimes You Have to Leave What You Know Behind and Travel

Want to improve your life? Travel-Blackwell Travel

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You know that feeling you get when you travel? The “angelic you” on one shoulder says that you should live life to the fullest because you only have one life to live. You should do what you want to do and stop caring about what other think about how you travel all of the time. But the “devilish you” on the other says you should just stay home, save your money, and stop increasing your carbon footprint.

The truth is that sometimes you have to leave what you know behind and travel.

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Shake Things Off: 10 Tips to Bouncing Back When Life Gets You Down

It’s a fact that all of us have suffered major setbacks. Perhaps you started a business that failed. Maybe your best friend told you she no longer wants to be your friend. Perhaps your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse cheated on you. Maybe you failed a test. Whatever the case maybe, it’s time to shake things off and bounce back when life gets you down!

People who dwell on their problems create more of the same. Don’t believe me. Look at your life. Is it filled with joy and laughter? Or is it filled with drama-rama? Do you have supportive people in your life? Or do you have energy vampires who suck the living daylights out of you?

Go ahead and assess your life up until this point. I’ll wait.

If you don’t like what you’ve discovered, you’re not alone. I assess my life, maybe too much, and sometimes want to crawl into a hole after I discover that I may have created unnecessary pain and suffering. I look at situations and people and think How did I attract this or that? What was I thinking? Believe me; your thoughts are more powerful than you think. You are more power than you think.

But never fear and I mean this. You can bounce back when life gets you down. It’s easier than you think. [Read more…]

The Healing Power of a Massage

There’s nothing like getting a massage. If you haven’t had a massage, schedule one today because it can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. You’d be surprised how a massage can “loosen” you up! Plus, it’s great for your health and wellness.

I must admit that I never had a massage before in my life. I’ve always heard about people getting them, but I wasn’t sure if they were for me. I figured that life’s too short, and I may as well get a massage. After all, it could probably help my mind, body, and soul.

Health and wellness is important to me. I’ve since learned that it’s ALL RIGHT for me to do things for myself and NOT always do things for others. This goes against what we’re taught in our society. We’re taught to sacrifice our needs for the sake of others. Yeah, it doesn’t work. We can become resentful of the people we help because we really didn’t want to help them in the first place. Our helping someone else didn’t come from a place of love. I now do things for others because I want to do so NOT because society or someone else says I MUST do so.

The mind, body, and soul are connected. I do my best to keep these connected and aligned. This brings me to getting a massage. Yes, I had my first massage on June 25, 2009. It may sound strange to some people because they get them all of the time, but this was my first one.

I had my massage in my home, and it was fantastic. I met Carolyn at the June 2009 Life Coaching weekend training course at SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) which is located in Tempe, AZ. At the end of the weekend, Carolyn passed out her business cards. She mentioned that she does massages and travels to your home. I decided, “what the heck,” I may as well give it a try because it could do wonders for my mind, body, and soul.

Carolyn was very professional. She set-up her table, we chatted for a bit, and then it was time for the massage. I had a wonderful 1-hour massage. The best part was the massaging of my feet, my hands, and arms. As a writer, I do a lot of writing. My hands and arms can become tired. I do yoga and stretching exercises to stay flexible. The massage loosened up my hands and arms and my feet felt fabulous!

I would recommend Carolyn. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact Carolyn via email at Do yourself a favor and schedule a massage today. Tomorrow, you’ll feel like a new man or woman! Don’t forget to tell her that Rebecca Sebek referred you!


Take advantage of corporate health and wellness programs

Corporate health and wellness is very popular. As economic uncertainty grows among Americans, so does their stress. This leads to other health issues such as headaches, heart disease, mental illness, and much more. Americans are more stressed out than ever. To keep their employees sane, employers are implementing health and wellness programs.

Employees will benefit from corporate health and wellness plans. It helps to clear the air and talk about what you’re feeling. Make a phone call and schedule an appointment to speak to someone. Get it out of your system once and for all.

The one thing that continues to rise is the stress the level of Americans. Our paychecks may not increase, but at least we can count on our government to increase our stress levels! See they’re good for something. Just kidding…

Seriously, corporate health and wellness programs are great for employees. If you’re feeling stressed out — use the corporate gym. Maybe the gym has a punching ball and bag you could beat the heck out of it. It will be a great workout and you’ll burn fat fast. It’s better to take your frustrations out on the bag because you could take it out on your body by eating a gallon of ice cream!

Many companies are implementing corporate health and wellness programs. Some programs include medical checkups, gym, mental health, books, and much more. Take advantage of these programs because they may not last.

Finally, if you’re looking for a job, keep an eye out for companies that offer corporate health and wellness programs. This is one perk you do not want to pass up. Anything companies can do to keep employees sane is a good thing. Remember that you cannot control what others do, but you can control your actions and emotions.

Is Your Attitude Making You Sick?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Some people see the glass as half empty or half full. When something bad happens, pessimists tend to blame themselves. They can go on and on about the event and before they know it, the “negativity” transfers to other areas of the their lives.

Optimists are total opposites. They will not blame themselves and expect minor consequences for a short period of time. Whatever “bad” thing happened, it will not affect other parts of their lives. They will “bounce” back and take steps to move forward from the experience.

Being a pessimist or optimist can affect your health. Christopher Peterson, Ph.D, a researcher at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, says “pessimists end up being sick more days in any given month than their more optimistic counterparts.” Pessimists go to the doctor more frequently than optimists because their IgA levels decrease which makes them more susceptible to catching colds and the flu!

Pessimist Checklist

  1. Listen to doom and gloom speak of family, friends, and the media.
  2. Blame themselves for everything that is wrong in their lives.
  3. Dwell on past and present mistakes.
  4. Constantly focus on everything that is wrong in their life.
  5. Moody.
  6. Focus on things that are out of your control.

Optimist Checklist

  1. Focuses on the present.
  2. Recovers from setbacks in a quick manner.
  3. Sees the glass as half full.
  4. Does not dwell on mistakes; learns from them and moves forward with their life.
  5. Visualize themselves as being a success.
  6. Vent to family and friends; do not hold onto feelings of anger or sadness.

The above checklists are just some examples of being a pessimist or optimist. If you’re not sure which one you are, you may want to ask your family and friends. You’ll be able to tell by the look on their faces!

If you tend to lean towards pessimism try a few of these techniques:

  1. Laugh.
  2. Control what you can and let go of the rest.
  3. Give yourself a “pat” on the back when you experience success.
  4. Smile everyday.
  5. Stop hanging out with the “Debbie or Doug Downers.” You can find other friends. If these people are family members, limit your time that you spend with them.

It’s time to take control of your life. Each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions that last until the beginning of February. Make the decision to change your attitude today because your health may depend on it tomorrow!

Is Your Brand of Shampoo and Conditioner Damaging Your Hair and Skin?

Do you know what is in your shampoo and conditioner? It’s amazing how many chemicals go into a shampoo and conditioner. Did you know that those chemicals are absorbed into your body? Have you ever noticed any breakouts on your forehead or face? Those breakouts (any type of acne) could be caused by the shampoo and conditioner you are using.

Natural and organic products do exist. The key is knowing where to find them and which ones will work best for you. Start by researching the internet for natural and organic hair products. If you have a farmers market or a Whole Food Market in your area, ask for assistance.

Synthetics to Look For in Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, and Ethyl Paraben.
  2. Diethanolamine (DEA), Triethanolamine (TEA).
  3. Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea.
  4. Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate.
  5. Petrolatum.
  6. Propylene Glycol.
  7. PVP/VA Copolymer.
  8. Steralkonium Chloride.
  9. Synthetic Colors.
  10. Synthetic Fragrances.

These ingredients are prevalent in shampoos and conditioners. Methyl is used to extend the shelf life of products. DEA is used in cosmetics to produce the “foaming” action of a product. It can cause allergic reactions, eye irritations, or dry hair and skin. DEA can be toxic if it’s absorbed into the body over an extended period of time.

Another cheap detergent that is used as a “foaming agent” is sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. This is derived from petroleum! Buyer beware because it’s usually disguised as “comes from coconuts” in so-called natural cosmetics.

To make cosmetics look pretty, “synthetic colors” are added to products. Look for FD&C and D&C which will be followed by a color. An example is: FD&C Red No. 6. While you’re at it, watch out for “synthetic hair dyes” because they’re bad for you as well.

Synthetic fragrances used in cosmetics, shampoos, and conditioners can have as many as 200 ingredients. They can cause headaches, a rash, vomiting, dizziness, skin irritation, and coughing. If you read the label on a shampoo bottle and it contains the word “fragrance,” you may want to put it back on the shelf.

Sadly, some companies who claim to be all natural and organic still use synthetics in their shampoos and conditioners. Read this review on Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo. You may also want to read this review of of Aveda’s Rosemary Mint/Equalizing Hair Conditioning Rinse.

The next time you purchase shampoo and conditioner for your hair, you may want to read the ingredients. You have no idea what you are using. Can you pronounce the words? It’s amazing how much money spent on plastic surgery in this country, yet people still use products that could do more harm than good. There goes all the money for the plastic surgery!

Top 5 Unconventional Beauty Tips Revealed

Personal care products is a multi-billion dollar industry. Women around the world are always on the prowl for the latest and greatest beauty secrets. Whether it’s a cream to combat cellulite or a pill to take off the extra pounds, women will try anything to improve their looks. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. When vanity and arrogance become part of you, then you may have a problem.

Before you run out and get the plastic surgery, you may want to peruse this list. Perhaps there are some techniques that will work for you.

Top 5 Not So Conventional Beauty Tips

  1. Put toothpaste on a pimple to make it disappear.
  2. Use super glue to fix a broken nail.
  3. Put nail polish in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.
  4. Use mayonaisse on your hair to make it silky and shiny.
  5. Put cucumber slices on your eyes to decrease the puffiness.

For even more zany beauty tips, please read the article “Wacky Beauty Tips That Work.”

Links to Beauty

  1. Home and Family Network. Find out what’s hot in beauty tips!
  2. OK! Magazine. Reveals their top 10 beauty secrets.
  3. Women’s Health. Fantastic magazine that offers more than beauty tips. Check it out today!

Ladies, what are you waiting for? Try some of these tips today, tomorrow you will be even more beautiful. Just remember the saying “beauty is only skin deep.” Some women may be beautiful on the outside, but the inside is another story. When you feel beautiful on the inside it will transfer to the outside!