How I Met Your Mother Teaches You To Find Your Life Purpose

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (Photo credit: tchuntfr)

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV series; I can’t wait for the finale to see how it all ends. Who are we kidding? The show will live on in re-runs and on Netflix!


On January 27, 2014, during the 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother, fans were treated to an episode that was all about The Mother.

Spoiler alert…

Viewers found out The Mother’s boyfriend died and she decides that she’ll never find another love like the one she had.


The Mother meets her former music teacher and they go back to her apartment. He thinks he’s getting lucky and takes off his clothes while she gets her cello. She walks into the living area and is freaked out and thinks he’s turning into a creep. The music teacher grabs The Mother’s cello and hides his manhood.

The Mother tells her former music teacher that she feels lost and stuck. Lucky for her, he felt the same way she did. He tells her that he discovered what he truly wanted to do, teach music, while hitting rock bottom and living in his parents basement.

Check out the dialogue below between The Mother and her former music teacher.

How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Mother 200th episode, how to find your life purpose, how a TV series can teach you to find your life purpose

Music Teacher

What is it that you want to do with your life?

The Mother

I want to end poverty.

Music Teacher

Great. Then every decision you make from here on out should be in service of that.


It’s that easy to discover your life purpose. Stop over thinking what you should or shouldn’t do with your life.

Simply ask yourself, “What is it that I want to do with my life?”

What to do When You Find Your Life Purpose?

Once you discover your life purpose or reconnect with your dreams, don’t share what you want to do with people who’ll put you and your life purpose down. Guard it with our life. If you feel the need to share your life purpose, only share it with those who support you, no matter what.

If you need to take classes, sign up for them. If you need to move, then move. If you need to release people from your life who no longer resonate with you and your life’s path, gently say goodbye.

Embrace your life purpose with every ounce of your being.

Visualize yourself following your path and doing well.

If fear creeps into your mind, acknowledge it (don’t stuff it down). Remember the quote, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Know that all is well and that you deserve to be happy and do what you want to do that brings you and others joy.

Over to you. Have you found your life purpose? If so, how did you discover it? Let me know in the comment below.

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Spirituality: Carroll Blair Offers a Different Approach to Human Development

I had a Q&A session with Carroll Blair, author of more than twenty books, including five volumes of poetry. His latest book is “Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual.” Spirituality matters and humans are looking for meaning in their lives now more than ever. Let’s explore some ideas from the philosophy of Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual and see what they can contribute to the quest for a deeper, more spiritual life.

Spirituality and Human Development from a Different Approach

Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual by Carroll Blair

1. Where did the idea come from for you to write Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual

The idea for the book resulted from thinking about the connection between the major problems confronting the world of today and corruptions that have plagued humankind for centuries in various ways, what was behind them, and why a species of such gifts and potential was not going forward, failing to make progress where it is needed to take the next step in its evolution. What I heard from a number of professionals and proponents of new age philosophy/ spirituality/ human development wasn’t addressing what I perceived to be the root cause of the obstruction, or how much behaviors and attitudes will need to change and the work it will require to meet the challenges that humanity has created for itself and are now crucial to overcome for the sake of its future. Another factor in writing the book was being at odds with certain beliefs and popular influences of the present day that many have embraced who profess to be seeking a more spiritual way of life. For example, the modern view that has wide support of encouraging greater emphasis on self-esteem whether or not it is earned than on humility, and understanding the value and necessity of self-criticism where it is warranted. Being told you’re “special” and “extraordinary” regardless of merit, or advised to “celebrate who you are” even to the point of self-praise was not the advice to follow, I’d say, for those who want to develop into deeper, more wise and spiritually progressive human beings.

2. Humans constantly try to move forward from struggle, lack, fear, and negativity, why do most of them fail?

If the motive for wanting to move forward is of a low nature, then substantive growth that leads to spiritual maturity cannot be attained. Regarding the most worthwhile or virtuous goals, I think the reason for failing to achieve them is primarily an inadequate degree of courage, commitment and perseverance, getting frustrated with the demands of a long term undertaking that calls for great patience, especially when nowadays so much is about instant gratification, wanting to have it now or see immediate results, not willing to pay the price or make the sacrifices necessary to succeed in the mission of higher growth. It also isn’t easy to take a path that is different from that of most of the people around you, the pressure of social conformity often being stronger than the resolve to truly grow.

3. Many ‘experts’ tell people to repress their ego or ‘get rid’ of the ego. How can this be done if everyone was born with an ego? Wouldn’t it be counterproductive to try to rid ourselves of the ego? If the ‘ego’ is bad, why were we born with one? 

“Ego” in the sense of a self-centered, selfish-oriented state of being must be outgrown if humankind is to advance in its evolution. Early in human existence, given the harsh conditions of the wild and hazardous terrain of life and death that our distant ancestors were faced with, a predominantly self-centered base of operation was necessary to their survival, but now, a self-interest-above-all-else manner of living on a large scale can not only prevent humankind from moving forward, but fashion a world in which a promising future could be nothing more than a fantasy. It would, in fact, at this point in human history, be counterproductive to hold on to an egocentric way of living and thinking. To the question of being born with an ego, I will say the following: A caterpillar is not born a butterfly. It transforms into a butterfly, and in the process, sheds features that are of the caterpillar. In the same way, not everything that humans are born with should remain throughout their lives (or can remain) if they are to grow into the most beautiful and elevated of human forms.

4. What can humans learn from animals and nature? 

Humans can learn that they are part of a whole, with a responsibility to find harmony with that whole, and to live in a spirit of cooperation rather than domination. Every species on earth does exactly what it is supposed to do to keep the sacred balance of Nature in order, except the human species. Man is like the proverbial bull in the china shop in his relation to Nature and his environment. Why? Mainly because of avarice; of wanting more than he needs; of operating from a selfish-based impetus that is shortsighted, callous, and gravely unwise. No other species takes more than it needs to sustain its life, or destroys the habitats of other species in the process of securing its living. The absurdity of man’s behavior is that it is not only destructive to other life, but also his own, compromising the ecosystems on which his very existence depends, even to the point of irreparable harm. All reason calls for a change of consciousness, one that would deem it unthinkable to continue to abuse the environment and exploit its resources with disregard for the consequences of such behavior.

5. What is meant by transcendence? 

Transcendence to me is a state of consciousness; a consciousness that is higher than the day-to-day goings-on of the temporal; a state of mind and spirit that is beyond concerns of the ego, not interested in worldly power or extravagant wealth, not preoccupied with thoughts of personal gain, but of contribution, giving and working with consideration for the whole instead of for one (or for one’s own circle). A state of liberation from subjugation to the baser impulses of human-being, aspiring to the best of what human life can be.

6. How can humans move forward to create a better world for all ‘living’ beings? How do we break through cultural barriers? 

To move forward in the endeavor of creating a better world (of doing what one can for the endeavor) one must be free of the things that obstruct that advance, the battle for this liberation to be conducted within; a battle to overcome all that is of the animal of human-being that transgresses outside the realm of the physical, that moves into human character and manifests selfish behaviors that are harmful to others, and to realize we are here for just a brief time, and the only sense to be made, only meaning and noble purpose that can be created in such a reality is to focus on service and contribution for the good of the world, and what is higher and greater than an ego-based manner of life. To break through cultural barriers will require a change from thinking in terms of being a citizen of a country or nation to a citizen of a globe (of the planet earth), seeing the folly of ego fears and aggressions, which keeps the notion of “Us” and “Them” alive and senseless conflicts to continue on and on with increasing peril to all.

7. What can humans do to embrace spirituality and evolve to a higher vibration and or plane?

Work their way to the spiritual power and light within. Human evolution is an inner journey, an inner working needing the utmost sincerity and commitment to succeed. Teachings, practices, social exchanges of ideas regarding human development can help, but they are not enough to accomplish what is needed to evolve to a higher level (or highest levels) of human life. It will not happen by just wishing or praying it into being; it will not happen by putting faith in institutions to do what has to be done to eliminate the obstruction to spiritual advance, or waiting for a prophet to deliver humanity to a utopia or paradise on earth. It will only happen by individual efforts, human by human, engaged in the transformational work that will raise their lives to an enlightened state of spiritual industry, with hope that one day humanity can rise to the same by numbers of devoted aspirants high enough to turn this greatest of all dreams into reality.

BioCarroll Blair is the author of more than twenty books, including five volumes of poetry. His work has been favorably reviewed, as illustrated by the following commentary from Midwest Book Review, which proclaimed, “The poetic expression of Carroll Blair is both unique and compelling. Using word images like the strokes of a painter’s brush, Blair creates a resonating recognition that is the mark of a master poet.” He is an alumnus of the Boston Conservatory and lives in Massachusetts now working on material for future publications and cultivating a philosophy of human evolution through inner growth, the essence of that philosophy presented in Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual. Visit Aveon Publishing to find out more about Carroll Blair.


Turn Your Life Around Now in 3 Easy Steps – Get Out of the Elevator to Hell


Positive180 will turn your life around

Image by Laguna3DGuy via Flickr

You can turn your life around now. The question is, “Do you want to put in the time, effort, and work to do so? You can choose to leave the drama where it belongs … on the pages of a novel or on the movie screen. It’s up to you!

If you want to turn your life around, look inside of yourself and you’ll find out why you’re unhappy, in debt, keep repeating self-sabotaging patterns, etc. What’s at the ‘root’ of the issues you face in your life? Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and do the work to heal anything in your life that needs it. 

Turn your life around now in 3 easy steps

1. Stop blaming others! It’s easier to blame your parents and childhood; society, teachers, etc. It probably was tough growing up within a dysfunctional home but you could look on the bright side. You now have a choice to dis-associate from your past. Bless and learn from it and move forward with your life. The situations you face made you stronger than you know. They can help you turn your life around now.

2. Take responsibility for your life. The fact of the matter is you’re responsible for your life. Of course, it would have been useful if someone would have told you that you are the co-creator of your life. It would have been helpful if someone spoke to you about the ‘laws of life’ such as the law of attraction, law of cause and effect, and others. Luckily, you can turn your life around now by focusing on that which makes you happy. You can turn your life around by surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people. Turn your life around now, and you’ll turn your future around for the better.

3. Examine the people in your life. If you want to turn your life around, you may have to make ‘life’ changing decisions such as cutting ties with certain people. Do the people in your life add value to yours? Do you add value to their life? Do they mirror your thoughts and beliefs? Jim Rohn has often said, “You’ll be able to tell how much you earn by looking at the five closest people to you.” This is true. If you’re not earning what you desire or believe you could be earning, listen to the way those around you speak. Do they speak favorably about their career and income? Or, do they complain and blame others? 

If you want to turn your life around now, it can be done. Sometimes, you have to  fake it until you make it. Imagine yourself living the life you’re meant to live. What are you doing? Where do you live? Who’s in your life? How does it feel? Using your imagination can be used turn your life around now. If you’re not certain on how to do this, volunteer at a children’s organization. You’ll learn how to use your imagination in no time.


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Say Goodbye to Every Year the Right Way

Many of us can’t wait to say goodbye to 2011 because it was a year filled with heartache, financial ruin, devastation, etc. To put it bluntly, it was one hell of a year! Luckily, 2012 is right around the corner and you can begin anew. However, before you dash out of 2011, you may want to conduct an ending ritual. It’s a way for you to contemplate what happened in 2011 and how you want 2012 to be different. Warning: This will take honesty. If you’re not willing to take an honest look at 2011, whatever ritual you do won’t work.

I purchased Robert Ohotto’s Endings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year and conducted my ending ritual today. I had a lot of baggage to release, again. I was amazed at what came up and am determined to make 2012 a great year! No more excuses, no more giving advice when someone doesn’t ask for it, no more worrying because it only creates more worrying; no more people pleasing, no more worrying what this or that person will take, and no more B.S. in my life!

If you really want to start 2012 on the right foot, consider purchasing Robert’s Endings MP3 download. It could change your life now and in the future.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


My Spirit Has Checked Out, But I’m Still Here

An image of a cartoonish ghost.

Image via Wikipedia

I vowed to be transparent on, and I won’t go back on my word. So … Here it goes. I’ve been in a funk for the past few months. Actually, it feels more like I’ve been in a funk for one year and one month, maybe even longer. I’m doing my best to ‘practice what I preach’ about the Law of Attraction and other metaphysical topics but it hasn’t been working for me lately. If it is working, it’s not working the way I thought it would or fast enough. Who knows?

I have a laundry list of things I want to accomplish before October 1. One of the items on my list is to move back to Arizona. I talk about Arizona every day; I think my mom and sister are getting sick and tired of hearing about Arizona. I can’t help it — it’s where I want to be. I could kick myself for not letting go of outdated beliefs and thoughts placed upon me by my mom and dad, especially my dad’s side. What can I say? I always felt like the ‘odd’ woman out because I beat to my own drum — conformity isn’t a part of my vocabulary. I also don’t respond well when someone tells me I can’t or don’t have the right to voice my beliefs, thoughts and opinions on a topic. When this happens, I cut people out of my life (sometimes completely, sometimes for a short time) without looking back. Sometimes, it’s necessary to love people from a distance. In my case, I have to love them from over 2,000 miles.

I’m very restless; I’m a Life Path five which means I love travel. One of the reasons I love Arizona is the access to highways. I could easily blast to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Prescott, Tucson or California. I also could have driven to Mexico. I always wanted to visit Chichen Itza. I’m fascinated by the Mayan culture and would love to climb a Mayan pyramid. But I also realized that I want to be ‘grounded’ in Arizona. I’d like to make it my home base. I guess it’s better late than never to figure this out.

Currently, I’m in the Midwest and it’s not working for me. I think I’m surrounded by too much air and water (elements). I’m a fire sign and this doesn’t work for me. I need to feel grounded and have support. The mountains of Arizona are great supporters. Plus, there are more artists and writers who live in Arizona compared to where I currently live. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who understand and ‘get’ you. They understand where you’re coming from.

I keep visualizing and affirming I live in Arizona, but I’m still in the Midwest as of August 31. The area I live in feels more like a retirement community. There’s not much to do; I’m bored to death. I can’t hike or easily get to a highway. Until I moved to Arizona, I never realized how far I had to drive to get to a highway entrance. This doesn’t work for me. I now appreciate Arizona more than I ever did.

I’m not sure how to get out my funk. I meditate, journal, go for a walk (it’s getting old walking around the neighborhood), listen to music, and workout, but nothing seems to help. I feel as if my spirit has left without me. Some spiritual folks would tell me, “Accept where you are.” But I don’t want to do this. If I do, it’s like admitting defeat. Who knows? Maybe I have this backwards. All I know is I need and want to get out of my funk. I’d love to volunteer but opportunities aren’t as plentiful as they are in Arizona. It has the lifestyle I desire. More importantly, it’s where I want to be.

As I was listening to Caroline Myss speak about “Why people don’t heal?” I questioned if the reason I feel stuck or that my spirit has checked out is due to forgiveness. I say “I forgive” (fill in the blank) day in and day out. I journal and meditate about it as well. Maybe I haven’t truly forgiven myself and others. Believe me; I would like my life to move faster. I would like more change, I’m ready for more change. I moved to Arizona and traveled to the UK by myself. I think I handle change. Who knows? Maybe I think too much!


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How Qualified Are TSA Agents?

Recently I traveled from Arizona to Ohio for New Year’s Eve. My visit was peaceful and quiet and a bit blustery at times. Going through airport security at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona was a breeze because I left early in the morning and the airport was empty. The TSA Agents seem to be alert and knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, my experience at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, OH was a different story. It made me ask the question, “how qualified are TSA agents?”

My return flight to Phoenix, AZ was scheduled and on time. I arrived very early at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport because of the weather. I checked my bag and headed towards security. It was business as usual at the airport.

I presented my ticket and ID to the agents sitting behind the podium before I went through security. They wished me a good flight, and I proceeded towards a TSA line. A gentleman was in front of me, and I had to wait until his bins were on the conveyor belt and through the scanning process. I took off my jackets, shoes, and ring — loaded them into bins and pushed them onto the conveyor belt. Another traveler was behind me. I walked through the scanner and waited for my items to come down the conveyor belt. This is where it gets interesting.

The TSA Agent left her post! I couldn’t believe it; she shutdown the conveyor belt and left without any warning. My purse and jackets came through, but my shoes were stuck somewhere on the conveyor belt. I was standing, shivering in my socks in disbelief. The guy behind me was not a happy camper.

The TSA Agent came back and asked me what I was waiting for. I looked at her and was going to say, “…my shoes,” but the guy behind me beat me to it. She looked at the screen and restarted the conveyor belt. Lo and behold the bin with my Skechers came down the conveyor belt. How did this woman get a job with the airport? What kind of airport security is this? If this is airport security then it’s a joke.

Travelers and citizens of the U.S. have every right to know what qualifications are necessary for people to be hired as TSA agents. I’m not sure a high school or GED is enough. Perhaps some college courses are necessary, especially in travel and criminal justice. It’s unheard of that an agent would walk away and shut down the screening process, especially when there’s a line forming. Hopefully she had a good explanation. Maybe Mother Nature was calling and she didn’t want to or could not ignore her! If that’s the case, what’s the protocol for leaving a post? I’m sure there’s an interesting explanation.

The next time you travel, observe the TSA Agents. Do they seem to know what they’re doing? Be aware of what’s happening around you at all times. Make sure you know how many bins you have coming down the conveyor belt. You never know when a TSA agent will unexpectedly depart from her post!


What has been your experience with TSA Agents? Share your experience.

Beaches and Oceans Are Not Dumping Grounds

I recently visited the East Bay and South Bay areas of San Francisco. I wanted to see the Pacific Ocean before I left and was told that the ocean was only an hour away from Campbell, CA. I had no idea that I was headed for Santa Cruz, CA.

I arrived at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and was really stoked about being there. One of my favorite movies is the Lost Boys (original movie) with Keifer Sutherland. I couldn’t believe that I was starring at the same boardwalk that was used in the film. Due to the amount of people at the boardwalk and beach, I didn’t get the chance to wander the boardwalk. I plan on going back and will make sure I arrive at 8 am or 9 am.

From the boardwalk I drove to the Santa Cruz Harbor, East side. I parked on the street and walked towards the beach. As I took my shoes off to walk on the beach, I was disheartened to see the amount of debris on the beach. It was disheartening. It’s no wonder that the oceans are raging. They’re probably mad as hell because human beings are screwing up the planet instead of respecting and taking care of it.

Here’s a tip: if you want to park on the street, make sure you have a permit. I received a $45 ticket because I didn’t read the sign very well: “No parking Mon.-Fri. 8 am – 5 pm. Permit only.” I missed the “permit” only part. You can buy a permit (now I know) from a trailer that is located at 9th Street. Permits are $7.00.

On the beach I found plastic bags, bottles, an abandoned football, and other trash. What does this say about the human race? Apparently, some of us are still a bunch of Neanderthals! There’s no reason to use the beach as a big landfill when there are garbage cans available for trash. Here’s a tip: bring your own trash bag and take your trash home with you. This way you can recycle glass and plastic.

It’s interesting that I received a $45 ticket for parking on the street, but people can trash the beach and oceans without any penalty. Where are the police “beach” cops? Perhaps they’re too busy patrolling the streets giving tickets to out of town visitors. Paying attention to traffic is more important than looking for posted “No Parking” signs.

Our beaches and oceans deserve respect. Without them the human race wouldn’t survive. What would we do if our oceans become so polluted that they can no longer serve mankind? What will happen to the animal life in and around our oceans? They will no longer exist which means possible cures for diseases could be lost. Instead of working with our environment, we work against it. This is counterproductive.

Continuing to desecrate the Earth’s ecosystems will be detrimental to human beings, animal, and plant life. If humans don’t want to become extinct along with plants, animals, and minerals, then I suggest all of us do our part to clean up the planet and show it some respect. Otherwise we could all be in for a rude wakening. If you think some other planet in our galaxy or another galaxy far, far away will welcome us with open arms, you’ve got another thing coming. They’re more likely to “use” their force and turn all of us away or vaporize us!


I Paid $45 to See the Pacific Ocean

I recently took a road trip to the East Bay and South Bay of San Francisco. It took me 12 hours to drive from Phoenix, AZ to San Francisco. The reason for my trip was to check out a school that I’m interested in attending. Next time, I’ll fly.

Driving by yourself is no fun for two reason: 1) you do all of the driving and 2) it’s kind of boring because you have no one to converse with when you’re on the road.

While I was in the East Bay and South Bay areas of San Francisco, I wanted to see the ocean. I was at the South Bay campus of the university that I’m interested which is located in Campbell, CA. After speaking with one of the advisor’s, I found out that the ocean was only a 1-hour drive. I didn’t know I’d be headed to Santa Cruz.

I hopped on the 17-S and drove towards Santa Cruz. It was an easy drive from Campbell, CA. It was a bit winding and curvy. I was grateful that the police were on the highway as well because Californians are worse drivers than Arizonians.

Santa Cruz Harbor_CA1

Santa Cruz was a lot of fun. It was so cool to see the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Yes, the same boardwalk where the original Lost Boys movies was filmed! Here’s a tip: you may want to arrive very early in the morning. Parking was horrific. You may want to book a stay at hotel in the area so you can walk to the boardwalk.

After driving around and around, I decided to forgo the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and drove to the Santa Cruz Harbor. I found parking on the street and the restaurant The Crow’s Nest. When I parked my car, I had a “gut instinct” that said “maybe you can’t park here.” A sign was posted that read “No Parking — Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 5pm.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see the park about “No Parking without a Permit.” I parked my car and walked toward the ocean.

Walking on the beach was wonderful. As I walked towards the Pacific Ocean, I felt very grateful for having made to California from Arizona. I watched the waves were crash upon the beach and was awestruck. As I walked towards the ocean, the water came up and kissed my feet! I continued to walk and the water smacked against my legs. My pants legs were all wet and full of sand, but I didn’t mind.

I began to walk towards my car and noticed a woman by my car. I said, “…excuse me, may I help you.” She turned around and low and behold it was a cop. Nice. Apparently, my “gut instinct” was right. I couldn’t park on the street. She told me to take the ticket to this little trailer, and I did. There was nothing they could do. I was told I could pay the ticket online.

Yes, I paid $45 to see the Pacific Ocean and walk on the beach. Was it worth it? I believe it was because my creativity was reopened. I was feeling stuck with my writing and life. I loved walking on the beach and recommend it. So, you may want to book a trip to Northern California and visit Santa Cruz. Go on, the water’s fine!


Who else got a ticket while traveling?

Some Like it Hot

Many people from back East and the Midwest, i.e., New York, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Boston, Minneapolis, and other states move to AZ because they can’t take the bitter cold, snow, and sleet. They arrive in toasty AZ ready to plant new roots only to find that they took themselves with them. They complained about the weather in their former state only to complain about the heat in AZ. Go figure!

If you plan to move to another state, before you move work on yourself. If you complained about the snow in Ohio, chances are you may end up complaining about the heat in Arizona. It’s hot — deal with it or stay in Ohio. Some people (me) love the heat! We don’t mind the 100+ temps because it’s refreshing and great for any weight loss system.

The sun can be your friend. Don’t stay out too long and apply sunscreen and lotion if you feel you must do so. Make sure you read the label. You’d be surprised what you’re lathering on your skin. In fact, the sun is probably better for you than some of the lotions and sunscreens on the market.

The next time you find yourself complaining about the weather in a new state, take a few minutes to pause and think about it. Remember, complaining just breeds more complaining. And, if you were miserable in your former state, chances are you’ll be miserable no matter where you are!


Pomegranate Wine from Armenia is Almost Sinful

Armenia is known as the motherland of viticulture. “Winemaking history can be traced back to biblical times when Noah established his first vineyard in the Ararat Valley after the flood (Proshyan Wine Factory).”

The Pomegranate wine from Armenian winemakers Proshyan is a blend of both tartness and fruitiness. If you enjoy a semi-sweet red wine, you’ve found the perfect wine to adorn your table. Pomegranate wine is great complement if you’re serving lamb.

When you pull the cork out of the bottle the rich aroma is unleashed. Pour yourself a glass and breath deep the dark flavors of this wine. Your first taste may leave your head spinning. The peppery tartness mixed with the fruitiness of the Pomegranate will leave your senses wanting more.

Wine Tips and Tricks

  • Use a good corkscrew. When opening a bottle of wine, make sure you have a quality corkscrew opener. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty trying to get the wine out;
  • Purchase a wine stopper. These can be found at any store from Old World Market to Wal Mart. Purchase a cork stopper if you don’t want to replace the cork;
  • You can never go wrong with wine etiquette. If you’re attending a party, bring a bottle of wine. Don’t bring a “chilled” bottle of wine because your host may have already picked a wine to go with dinner.

Pomegranate wine is both trendy and historic at the same time. It’s said that Pomegranate was used as aphrodisiacs in ancient times. It’s a sensual element that complements contemporary cuisine.

If you’re looking to spice things up in your life, purchase a bottle of Pomegranate wine. You can find this wine at Sprouts Farmers Market for $9.99. You’ll probably find it at Old World Market as well. Whether you’re having dinner for two or a dinner party, you’ll have a night that you won’t forget.


Red Wine Selections

  • Serve a Cabernet Sauvignon for big, filling entrees like casseroles, red meats, beef, and lamb.
  • Pair a Merlot with roast beef, barbeque chicken, tuna, or soups and stews. A fruitier taste will also go well with red meats.
  • If you’re serving pasta, pour a glass of Pinot Noir. This is a light red wine — a versatile wine. You can also serve Pinot Noir with ham, turkey, fontina cheese, grilled vegetables, and salmon.
  • To spice up your game meat or rack of lamb, serve Shiraz. This is a more peppery red wine. It’s lighter than a Cabernet but is strong enough to be paired with meat.


What are some of your favorite red wines?