7 Ways The Bible Influences You Today

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Power, lust, greed, sex, gluttony, laziness, and war.

Forget about reading Fifty Shades of Grey just read The Bible or watch it on The History Channel!

Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and reality show mogul Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Amazing Race) produce The Bible, and have brought viewers what is being called, “The Bible for today’s generation.” They’re not kidding.

Today, children are growing up with more wars than their parents and grandparents. Sex and violence are prevalent in TV shows, video games, and movies. The internet can be a dangerous place kids because you don’t really know who’s lurking on websites and from where. And most kids are becoming desensitized to all of this.

Can we trace power, lust, greed, sex, gluttony, laziness, and war back to The Bible? Sure we can. Here’s how The Bible influences you without you knowing it. [Read more…]

Selective Hiring or Discrimination at New York and Company

I recently met someone at a Meetup who applied for a job with New York and Company at the Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, AZ. They blatantly told her that she would fit in better at the Chandler Fashion Mall on Chandler Blvd. in Chandler, AZ. Was this selective hiring or discrimination? Whoever told her this wasn’t too bright because I’m writing a blog about it. I wonder what the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) would say about this.

How does New York and Company know that she wouldn’t fit in? Believe me; the people in Arizona don’t dress like the people from New York, London, Chicago, Boston, or any other trendy place. They wear khakis, tank tops, flip flops, shorts, T-shirts, and any other casual wear all year long. This hardly constitutes as New York fashion even though fashion designers will feature these items, they’re not the same in AZ.

It’s interesting that they judged her because New York and Company does offer some “preppy” looks. It’s not like shopping at Prada or a boutique in New York. It’s Tempe, AZ and a Marketplace that’s minutes away from ASU — you get the picture. Since when do college kids really care about how they look? Most of them roll out of bed and are good to go.

I felt compelled to write this blog because it’s interesting how we “judge” others. What they don’t know about this woman is that she’s in marketing and could have helped New York and Company market their brand at the store level. They’ll never know how many extra sales she would have brought into the store. They’ll never know how much she could have helped increased the bottom line which is important in business and retail sales. As my law professor would say, “….too bad, so sad.” Just some food for though.


Is Nadya Suleman being unfairly judged?

There is much talk about Nadya Suleman and her eight babies. This makes a total of 14 children for the young mom. Isn’t it interesting how America and the entire world are fascinated by Nadya? For a few moments people stopped listening about the economic situation of the U.S. and turned their attention to Nadya. She’s been receiving negative media attention for quite some time. Is this fair? Is Nadya the only woman in the world to have children that she cannot afford? The answer, of course, is no. However, the babies have one thing that many children do not have, the same father!

Nadya is being unfairly judged. Many women in the U.S. and around the world have children they cannot afford to raise. The number of children is irrelevant. Men and women have no business having children if they cannot afford to raise them. It’s not uncommon for grandparents to raise their grandchildren because their children cannot take care of their kids. Often times, the children and grandchildren move in with the grandparents. This is becoming prevalent in the U.S.

Many women in the U.S. have children by different men. It’s not uncommon for women to have two or more kids with different fathers. At least Nadya knows who the father is of her 14 children. Why aren’t women whose children have different fathers being judged? Do you think these women can raise their children? They are probably receiving government assistance paid for by the citizens of the U.S.

Why is that men who father children with multiple women are not being judged? Dr. Phil’s February 27 episode was “Forced to be a Deadbeat Dad.” Former NBA star Jason Caffey owes child support for 10 children. Of course, the children do not have the same mother. Where is the uproar about this? Guess what? His career is over and he cannot pay the child support that was agreed upon between him and one of the “baby’s mama.” The woman is taking him to court because he has not paid child support. Jason’s attorney and the “baby’s mama” attorney were on the February 27 Dr. Phil show. Jason was offered a deal from the woman’s attorney. Will he take it? Stay tuned.

The bottom line is that Nadya made a major mistake. She has announced that she realizes her mistake. Unfortunately, it’s too late. However, Nadya is not the only person in the world to make a major mistake. Many people make mistakes everyday and then think about the consequences of their actions. It’s human nature.

The bottom line is that these children are here, and they cannot be sent back. They need love and the basic necessities. Americans pay for many children each year, what’s a few more. Maybe if people would start taking responsibility for their own lives, the U.S. would not have so many issues. When people learn to face their fears, learn why they are not happy, and take the steps to live a better life, perhaps the U.S. will be get back on track.

Do you think Nadya deserves the negative attention she’s been receiving?

How Perverse is America’s Healthcare System?

The United States of America is touted as one of the best developed western countries. Yet, the USA is still a little “backwoods” when it comes to its healthcare system. The “captains and kings of industry” are still pulling the strings. Many people go year after year without healthcare in The United States of America. With the November 2008 presidential election on the horizon, healthcare will be a “hot topic” for debate.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA is at the center of controversy right now. “The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established pension and health plans in private industry to provide protection for individuals in these plans.” “Employees participating in retirement and health benefit plans are granted several important rights by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Among them are the right to: disclosure of important plan information, a timely and fair process for benefit claims, elect to temporarily continue group health coverage after losing coverage, a certificate evidencing health coverage under a plan, and recover benefits due under the plan.” Proceed with caution when choosing a healthcare plan.

According to the AP article “Employers use federal law to deny benefits” found on Yahoo! ERISA, which is supposed to protect employee benefits, is providing benefits to employers by shielding them against lawsuits. That’s a shocker. What is that old saying “money talks and bullsh** walks!” It’s walking all the way to the bank with the hard earned money of the American people.

Wake up Americans and take a stand. We the people put time, tears, and hard work into our careers. It’s no wonder that Americans suffer from heart disease, stress can do a lot to the human body. Recently, Denmark was named the “happiest” place in the world. For those Americans who would love to have a plethora of vacation time, peace, and happiness, perhaps Denmark is the place to live. To learn more about the happiest places in the world, read this study by LiveScience on Yahoo! Also, view this video from CBS’ 60 Minutes. College students, you may want to pay close attention to this video.

Don’t Read This If You Do Not Believe in Equal Rights!

On May 22 Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Of course, Ellen mentioned the story heard around the world which is “California’s-top-court-legalizes-gay marriage.”

Senator John McCain believes that marriage is an institution between a “man and a woman.” Senator McCain wished Ellen well and the best. Ellen joked that maybe “he could walk her down the aisle.” It’s the year 2008, and we the people of The United States of America are still “old school.”

What happened to equal rights for everyone? What happened to “The Preamble and the Constitution of The United States of America? Ellen, a woman is allowed to vote thanks to the Woman’s Suffrage. However, Ellen cannot marry whom she would like to and receive the same benefits from a “recognized” institution of marriage. This makes a lot of sense.

Ellen said to Senator McCain, “so what you are saying is, you can sit over here, but you cannot sit over there”? Meaning, we will allow you to vote and enjoy other rights, but you cannot marry a “person of the same sex.” Furthermore, Ellen can pay taxes to the government of The United States of America, but she is on a “totally different plan” because she happens to be gay. Certain rights for certain people.

The Civil Rights Movement was an important part of The United States of America’s history. Was it all in vain? This is the 21st century, and we still have issues with accepting others who are different from us. If we were all the same, planet Earth would be a bore. What would be the point of being here?

Anyone who is against the marriage of “gays and lesbians” should thank God they did not live in “ancient” Rome. Do you know what went on in the Roman Bathhouses? One can only imagine; perhaps political intrigue and sabotage or something more scandalous!

Live and let live! Visit Barnes and Noble to learn more about Civil Rights, The Constitution of The United States of America, or Woman’s Rights. To learn more about the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, please visit their websites.

Equality for everyone,
~ Rebecca