3 Foods That Can Affect Your Mood

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Question: Is it true that foods can affect your mood? What are they? Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods completely?

Answer: You’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Not only can foods affect your physical health, they can affect your mental health. If you’ve been feeling depleted, lethargic, or cranky, the foods you eat could be affecting you. How many cups of coffee do you have each day? How much alcohol do you drink? The answer to ‘why’ you feel the way you feel is in your pantry, refrigerator, and cupboards. It may be time to clean them out.

3 Foods That Can Affect Your Moods

1. Caffeine. Have you ever heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing.” Too much caffeine can make you feel jittery and out-of-balance. If you drink tons of pop (or soda), energy drinks, or coffee each day, it will definitely affect your mood. What happens when you crash? It’s not a good feeling. If you can’t go cold turkey or believe you need a little bit of caffeine, take baby steps to ‘wean’ yourself off of caffeine.

2. Not-so-smart carbs. Choose whole grains, legumes, fruits, and veggies, over white pastas, candy, pop (soda), pastries and desserts, and sugar. Sometimes potatoes get a bad rap — use your own judgment.

Remember that old saying about food, “Everything in moderation.”

3. Alcohol. This one usually gets people into trouble in more ways than one. Have you ever experienced an ‘all nighter or bender?’ How did you feel afterwards? You probably didn’t feel well. In fact, you may have spent the night in the bathroom.

Alcohol can be dangerous on many levels. It lowers our inhibitions and you may end up doing something you wish you never did. You could say things you never meant to say. Remember this the next time you go out with friends, attend a wedding or anniversary, company event, etc.

Do your best to choose the ‘right’ foods for you and your body. You may consider a detox or cleanse which cleans out the toxins from your body and mind. Before you embark on detoxing your body, check with your doctor. Not all cleansers and detoxes are the same. You don’t want to do anything that will interfere with any medications you take.

Change your eating habits, change your life!


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My Review of WEN Hair Care Created by Chaz Dean

Hair Before Using WEN by Chaz Dean

This review is based on my experience with WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean. I was not paid to write this review.

I started using WEN on April 7, 2011 and can’t believe the change in my hair. As you can see my hair before using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner (original scent) looked like crap! Now my hair is thicker, fuller, and shinier; it’s more manageable, and my ends have healed. The bonus is my natural wave came back. I haven’t seen my natural wave since I was a little girl! Perhaps you tried WEN and didn’t like the product for a number of reasons. Please note: I wasn’t with you when (no pun intended) you used the product.

Even when I spend a lot of money at the hair salon, my hair never looks super healthy. Sure it looks all right, but it could be shinier, thicker, and fuller. I’ve used high and low end moisturizing shampoos and conditioners; mostly high end than low end. I’ve also used a leave-in heat protector and a soy based detangler along with styling products. Ironically, the detangler didn’t detangle my hair, and the heat protector didn’t do anything for my hair. My hair would break off, and I would look at my brush and sigh. I was getting sick and tired of spending a ton of money on hair products that weren’t helping my hair. After three years, I took the plunge and ordered WEN from QVC. Why did it take me so long? Like you, I read reviews and was skeptical. The only way I’d know if WEN really worked was if I bought and tried it. Thank God I did! I’m totally grateful that my hair looks and feels good.

Hair After Using WEN by Chaz Dean

How to use WEN

1. Please read all instructions before using WEN. The process is as follows, 1) Wet hair; 2) Use the specified number of pumps for your hair length or what you believe is necessary; 3) Massage WEN into your hair and leave on 3-5 minutes (no different from conditioning your hair); 4) Thoroughly rinse your hair; and 5) Squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply WEN to your wet hair. Wrap your hair in a towel, hair turban, or use paper towels to dry your hair.

2. Comb your hair. Your comb will glide through your hair. My hair always tangled, but now I comb my hair with ease.

3. Use your styling products or WEN Styling Cream. Style your hair or allow your hair to air dry. I style my hair. The only time I allow it to air dry is if I’m not going out.

Your own personal experience with WEN may differ from mine, but I love using WEN and won’t go back to using shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and heat protector. I won’t, however, give up my Moroccanoil and Moroccanoil Hairspray. I love these products and refuse to part with them!

I’m saving a lot of money thanks to WEN. And, the product smells good. If you order from QVC, you can purchase new scents such as Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Lavender, Pomegranate, and Tea Tree. Of course, Sweet Almond Mint is still available. As far as I’m concerned, Chaz is a “hair” miracle worker. My mom and sister use the Sweet Almond Mint and have noticed a difference in their hair. My mom had surgery a few years ago, and the anesthetic left her hair damaged and dry. Thanks to WEN, it’s now manageable and shiny. She feels good about her hair and so can you!


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Who Says Men Don’t like to Talk?

I was driving home from the noisy library; I couldn’t wait to get back to my home office. As I came down the snowy, slick street I was stopped by the stop sign and two guys; one was in a green pickup truck and the other was in a blue sedan. They were having chat. The one car was halfway onto the street where I was stopped and the other was around the corner from the stop sign. I was already miffed because the library was more like a loud bar, now I have two guys who couldn’t tear themselves away from each other. I mean, seriously, if you have important business to discuss, schedule a phone meeting or meet at the sports bar. Don’t hold up other drivers because you saw each other in passing on the road and felt compelled to stop. Please!

Men are like women. They like to chat when they see each other. They can’t wait to discuss who’ll win the Super Bowl or whatever sports championship. They get excited when they see each other and give each other ‘manly’ handshakes along with what I call a ‘pat-pat’ hug. They are in touch with their feminine side, even though they wouldn’t admit it.

Ladies, the next time your man says he doesn’t like to talk, remind him of the time someone caught him on the street with the window rolled down talking to his buddy. If your man can hold up traffic to stop and chat with his buddy, he can talk to you all night long!


What to Expect before You Become Pregnant

Many women decide to have a child or start a family without realizing the consequences and responsibilities. A child is a huge responsibility and a joy at the same time. If you’re not prepared for significant life changes, you may want to reconsider having a baby

When you decide to become pregnant, make sure you know what to expect. Your life will never be the same once you have a baby. If you think you’re ready, you may want to think twice about it.


Having a baby is a huge responsibility. You’ll provide your baby with food, clothing, and shelter along with medical attention and eventually an education. You may not be able to go out with your girlfriends for some time. How does this make you feel? Your friends will be having a good time, dancing, letting off steam, and you’ll be home on a Friday and Saturday with your child. Think about it.

What happens when your baby gets sick? Who will watch your child? Nine times out of ten, women call off from work. Unfortunately, your boss may not understand. You may have to make other arrangements like having a neighbor, friend, or family member take your child to the doctor. What happens if your mom and family are 2,000 miles away from you? These are things to think about before you expect.

Plan to have your baby

Women usually get a rude awakening after the baby’s born. They have anxiety about putting their baby in daycare or leaving them at home with a nanny. Some women develop postpartum depression which only makes the situation worse. Luckily, you can overcome obstacles with the love and support of your community, family, and friends.

If you’re not comfortable with leaving your child in the care of someone else, have a plan before you get pregnant. What is your financial situation? How many months or years will you be able to stay home? Before you become pregnant, consult a financial adviser so you can plan to have your baby. It may not sound romantic, but it’s better than crying day and night because you have to leave your baby every day. Don’t forget to figure in an emergency fund because life happens!

Know what to expect before you expect

Before you become pregnant, speak to moms. Reach out to your community and get to know moms and moms-to-be. It’s like the old saying, “…know before you go.” Well, know before you have a baby. Ask moms the following questions:

1. How did you or do you juggle work and family?
2. What scared you about having a baby?
3. When did you know you were ready for a baby?
4. What support system do you have?
5. What do you do if you don’t have a support system?
6. How difficult is it to be a single mom?

Think about how your life will change if you have a baby. This includes your job, friends, leisure time, and family. A baby can bring joy to you and the world. Make sure you’re really ready for the changes and responsibilities that go along with becoming a mom. You’ll know when you’re ready. Don’t try to force it or do it because your mother-in-law thinks it’s time for you to have baby!


How Women Use Twitter to Degrade Themselves

Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost everyone is on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and a few other sites. Twitter has definitely made a name for itself in the social media area. But, you’d be surprised at what people post on Twitter. It’s not all clean and informative. You find women posting links to their nude or semi-nude photos. This is degrading to women. What is Twitter doing about it? Not a thing.

Most people use Twitter to promote their artistry or business. They look for genuine Twitter followers who will add value to their business and vice versa. They don’t want to wake up, log into Twitter, and find a bunch of links to nude or semi-nude photos posted by women.

Why women degrade themselves

It’s the 21st century and women still degrade themselves by posting nude pictures of them on the internet. It’s their choice to pose nude and post the pictures, but they can suffer the consequences from their actions.

What happens when women post nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves on the internet? Usually a man will begin to stalk them online or worse find out where they live. Before you know it, you’re reading about them in the paper or hearing about them on the news.

Twitter’s responsibility

Twitter has policies posted about what is allowed and not allowed to be posted. They have strict policies against child pornography, but what about other types of porn? Could you imagine being Oprah and having women who are posting their nude pictures online following her? It would make for a great episode on Oprah.

Why isn’t Twitter putting a stop to these links? Maybe there are too many links for them to handle. Maybe they don’t have sophisticated technology to stop it. Who knows what the reason is.

What’s the pay-off for posting nude or semi-nude photos on Twitter

Women who post links on Twitter to nude or semi-nude photos must be receiving some sort of pay-off from it. Is it adoration? Is it the attention? They must be receiving something from posting links to provocative pictures of themselves on Twitter.

Most women who post pictures either have low self-esteem or don’t think what they’re doing is damaging them. They may disagree and say they do have self-respect and high self-esteem, but is this true?

Women posting links on Twitter to nude or semi-nude photos may or may not hold themselves in high regard. When you don’t have self-esteem or self-respect, others will not respect you. You may want to think twice before you post a link on Twitter to nude pictures of yourself.


Women Don’t Settle for Less

I enrolled SWIHA’s (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) Life Coaching program and joined their online community. I received this from one of my “friends” so I thought I would share it with all of you.

“A comedian friend of mine sent this to me a few days. It is an actual email she received from a fan of hers – this is a supposed email asking her out on a date – I think it has value because so many of us have “settled for less” in our lives. This correspondence shows a women who now knows what she is really worth.”

Read on:

“Hey lisa hi im ron love ur shows find u very very funny and kinda cute hmmm lol love to talk iwth u if possible feel free to contact me i wont bite unless u ask nicely ha but if ever in nyc lets hang out xoxo ron oh yeah im the guy in the middle” RonInNYC

Hey, Ron,

Got your e-mail and wanted to get back to you. You’re obviously a fan of mine and a very handsome gentleman, but just wanted to give you some feedback on how to approach a woman of quality like myself:

1) First of all, Ron, love that you find me “very very funny.” You leading with a compliment is a good thing. As you know, women eat that up!

2) Secondly, you state you find me “kinda cute.” Hmmm. “Kinda cute”? Didn’t you mean to say “Hot”? “Sexy?” “Voluptuous?” No? What about “Attractive”? Any of the above would’ve been fine — of course, without the “kinda.” Hell, I woulda thought it was “kinda cute” if you said I was “Cute.” But the “kinda”? That makes me wanna spin again! Huge turnoff. If you’re gonna give me a compliment, give me a real one. If you don’t want to give me a compliment in a certain area, don’t even bring the area up.

3) You say you’d “love to talk with me.” THAT, I like. I love to talk via email or over the phone with nice chocolate daddies like yourself, and would be pleased to make your acquaintance in that manner. So, before you decide if you’d like to answer this, please put plenty of prepaid minutes on your cell phone and get ready to talk — and by “talk,” I mean “talk” and not “text.” I only text in emergencies. I TALK to guys I want to get to know better. Phone contact helps avoid the emotional walls put up by texting and lets a person get to know someone better by actually hearing the other person’s voice.

4) Congratulations, Ron! You get mucho points for “I won’t bite unless you ask nicely.” Although I’ve heard this before, I still find it sexy and look forward to being bitten if things should work out. Great way to flirt without being overtly sexual. That overtly sexual crap is a HUGE turnoff for someone in my position. So, you’re a clear winner here.

5) Regarding your picture, all men should learn from you. Always surround yourself when taking a photo by less attractive men. That way, when looking at the photo, a woman will say, “Please let him be the guy in the middle,” and will sigh with relief when they read that indeed the guy in the middle is you. Keep those friends of yours around — you smoke them out of the water!

6) One last bit of advice: “Let’s hang out” isn’t asking me on a date. I don’t “hang out” with men. I “go out” with them. So if you’d like to take me on a proper date — and IF you don’t have a significant other — you can ask me nicely to go out with you after we’ve conversed a bit. “Hanging out” is something you do with your buddies or ho’s you’re not serious about — and I’m not interested in being either.

Oh, and just to help you out, here is the English translation of the message you sent me. Trust me: educated white women LOVE them some punctuation and capitalization.

Hey Lisa!

Hi. I’m Ron. I love your shows and I find you very, very funny and smokin’ hot! Hmmm . . .

I’d love to talk with you, if possible. Feel free to contact me — I won’t bite unless you ask nicely! And if you’re ever in New York City, let’s go out. I’d love to take you out on the town.


P.S. Oh yeah, I’m the guy in the middle.

Well, Ron, hope you’ve learned something from my note. If you’re still interested in corresponding, you can e-mail me at this address. I find you very cute — handsome, even — and I hope you read this with a sense of humor and sense of understanding. Either way, I wish you nothing but the best!

Lisa L.
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