Why Can’t Life be like Ordering from Amazon.com?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if life worked like Amazon.com or any online store? You order what you want such as a successful business, a great partner or spouse, vacation after vacation, a new car, Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, endless amount of money, healthy kids, loving friendships, good familial relationships, a home to call your own, the right living location for you and or your family, etc. and you receive it within one to two weeks. This is what happens when you order from Amazon.com or any online store. You put your order in without a care in the world and trust you’ll receive it. If the product you want is out of stock, Amazon.com gives you a ‘clear’ message that it has be back ordered. They even give you an estimated date when it will be available. Wouldn’t it be nice if life worked like this?

I’ve been studying the law of attraction for four years, and it’s been ‘drilled’ into my brain that thoughts become things and the feelings you put behind those thoughts helps you manifest your desires. However, the tricky part is the waiting. When I recently ordered a cooling fan for my laptop from Amazon.com and an external hard drive from NewEgg.com, I didn’t fret about it. I trusted I would receive my order. Why? Amazon.com and Newegg.com never disappoint to give me exactly what I want. I also trust I’ll receive exactly what I want. Perhaps that’s it. Do I trust God, source energy, universal intelligence, etc. to do the same? If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t trust God because what I want is taking a long time. And, God allowed me to have a ‘crappy’ childhood. Then again, most people I speak with didn’t have great childhoods.

Abraham aka Abraham-Hicks would say, “You need to get into the vortex anyway you can. Stop focusing upon that which you don’t want. Be easy about it. If you could only see what’s in your vibrational escrow, you’d never worry again.” This is easier said than done.

Getting into the vortex when you’re faced with a reality that you’re not thrilled about isn’t easy. On the flip side, some people have no problem using their imagination to get into the vortex. I’ll use myself as example. I’m a writer and am usually in my head. In my mind, I have the ‘perfect’ life according to me. i.e., perfect guy for me, I live in a warm/sunny environment, an abundance of money, good friends to hang out with, (physically speaking – I have a ton on social media websites), my body’s back to a size 2, successful author/writer, successful business woman, etc. What’s taking ‘my life’ so long to manifest on the outside? Aren’t I following the instructions? I keep listening to Abraham-Hicks and reading self-help books but something’s got to give. Then again, maybe the life I want is on back order. I wonder what the ‘return policy’ is.

How simple would your life be if it was like ordering from Amazon.com?

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Julian felt like he was a speck within the universe. What’s the point to life? It’s stupid. The vein in his forehead often pulsed when he thought like this. Julian wasn’t conscious of the fact how his negative thoughts were attracting unsavory and unwanted people and situations to him; he was like a magnet. It was if he was in a void. Being around jovial people was difficult for Julian because he didn’t know how to be happy. He beat the drum of unhappiness for so long and didn’t know any better; it was the sheet music to his life. If Julian didn’t shift his energy and mindset soon, he would become forever lost within the doughy abyss of his stinking thinking!

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What’s Blocking You as a Writer?

Many writers often complain about writer’s block. When they sit down to write, the words will not appear on the screen or paper because they’re stuck in their head. Writers become frustrated and usually want to give up on writing. What if the problem isn’t writer’s block? What if it’s all in your head? What if it’s something else? These are questions you may want to consider before you blame writer’s block for your lack of enthusiasm for writing.

Writer’s block may be in a writer’s head. There could be something deeper going on within the psyche that’s blocking the flow of words. Maybe you’re secretly afraid that no one will approve of your creative project. Think back to a time when you showed someone your work. What was their reaction? How did it make you feel? Rejection could be the cause of your writer’s block.

You can overcome writer’s block once you pinpoint the reason for it. Writers dream of success. You could be secretly afraid of success because of the added pressures it could bring. You’ll be expected to promote your book in bookstores. You could end up traveling internationally and nationally. Perhaps you’ve never left your state or country before and that “freaks” you out. Your writer’s block is actually a cover-up your fear of success.

Reasons for writer’s block

  • Fear of failure.
  • Not passionate about a writing project.
  • Fear of success.
  • You’re a perfectionist.
  • Stressed and burned out from writing.
  • You feel pressured to finish your project by the deadline.
  • Do not enjoy the writing process.

When you don’t write, the ideas you have sit in your head and collect dust! Think about all of the people who will not read your poetry, hear your songs, or watch your movies because you allowed writer’s block to control your life. Giving up your power to someone or something is never a good idea. Take your power back today so you can write tomorrow.

You don’t have to be plagued by writer’s block. Choose to give up the excuse of not being able to write because of “this or that.” Get to the root of why you can’t write once and for all. You may have difficulty facing yourself in the mirror, but once you do things will get better.

Most writers feel passionately about what they’re writing. When you feel like you’re getting stuck, step away from your writing for some time. Go away for the weekend and do something fun and get your mind off of your project. Sometimes when you’re so focused you become blocked. Walking away can give you a fresh perspective and rejuvenate your creativity. Remember…all writing and no play makes for a dull writer!


What’s the “root” cause of your writer’s block? Share you thoughts.