Break Free From the Chokehold of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence. Night after night, the yelling and swearing coming from the apartment next door has become unbearable. Why does the woman on the other side of the wall stay with this man? A man who punches the wall, yells, and stomps the floor like a spoiled child that does not get his way.

Why do women stay with men who abuse them? Is it because they feel they are worthless? Do they have nowhere else to go? Are they dependent upon the men to support them financially? These are not good excuses for women to stay with men who treat them like garbage or property.

Domestic violence can be found cities and suburbs across the country. Do not be fooled and believe that abuse does not happen even in the wealthiest of cities or suburbs because it does. The facade of a luxurious apartment community can only work for so long. The walls have ears and the people on the other side may pickup the phone and dial 911!

If you are in a domestic violence situation, pickup the phone or find a shelter! Get out today in order to have a better future tomorrow. You are worth it! Take control of your life and contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Also visit Bank Rate (to learn about the impact of financial abuse in domestic violence relationships) and Medicine Plus.