Warning! Natural and Organic Food is Not Necessarily Healthy!

Many people have jumped on the “natural and organic” band wagon. However, you must still read the ingredients. Just because food is labeled natural and organic does not mean healthy. Furthermore, if you love the rain forest and wildlife then you better read the ingredients in organic peanut butter. Palm Oil or “cruel oil” is an ingredient found in organic peanut butter which comes from Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesia. Unfortunately, the environment of the orangutans in these areas are being decimated for the harvest and planting of palm oil plantations. Before you dig into that peanut butter, you may want to make sure you will be able to “stomach” it.

If a package is labeled 100% organic, this means the product is completely organic or made of all organic ingredients. An “organic” label means that product is at least 95% organic. If the package is labeled “made with organic ingredients,” the food contains at least 70% organic ingredients. Visit the Mayo Clinic to learn more about organic food.

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Remember to read labels carefully. Just because something is labeled as natural does not mean it’s good for you. Arsenic is a natural substance but it’s poisonous! Here’s another tip. Those packages of 100 calorie snacks are not necessarily “healthy” alternatives. Please read the ingredients in the 100 calorie snacks. Some of the products contain ingredients that sound disgusting! What exactly is beef plasma? Yeah, that sounds healthy and tasty!