The Art of Letting Go

Often times I’ve heard “Let Go and Let God or Let Go.” Sometimes it is easier said than done. On the other hand, things happen in life that may make you say “I surrender.” That’s what I did the week of March 7. I decided to surrender, release, and relax. I have been obsessed with “changing my thoughts/changing my life and “carving out” a new life for myself in Arizona. Yes, I did say obsessed! Who knew! I was wound so tight and focused on my desires for my life that they were consuming me 24/7. Two specific topics are MONEY and CAREER!! Ok, I may as well throw in relationships. All I thought about 24/7 is “how will I bring in more money?” Will I be able to make money doing what I love utilizing my creative talents and abilities? I re-discovered my love of writing, especially creative writing. Will I be able to make money from my writing? What about making new friends? What about relationships; family, intimate, career, etc…? Too many questions…

So, I decided to let go. I was driving myself crazy! Thinking, thinking, and thinking all day long. Where is the life that I desire? What is taking so long? So, I decided to “let it all go!” Being obsessed was not serving me. Old thought patterns started to resurface; this was not good. I came too far to throw it all away because I had become obsessed with getting everything right NOW! I believe my soul lessons to learn are PATIENCE and FAITH! Hooray for me! The two what I refer to as “the mother of them all” soul/life lessons. Well, no more. I am going with the flow! I feel more relaxed. I feel as if I can feel the “light” shining on me. It is a nice feeling.

I am “sticking to my guns.” I will not “worry” needlessly about others anymore. They are old enough to take care of themselves. I choose to release myself from that burden; however, I will not release the people. They know where to find me if they need a “shoulder.”

I am staying true to myself and no one else. I am letting go and accepting me for me. For example, I love writing, designing, acting (just discovered), music, and all of the CREATIVE ARTS. I have been told that I have a “winning” writing style. I agree. I know that I will “rebel” against the 9-5 job. It makes me uncomfortable. The employment agency personnel I meet just do not understand this. Just because I have an accounting background, these people think that I have a desire to go back into accounting. Even though I spell it out and say that “I am a career changer.” It is on my resume. Hello! Furthermore, don’t these people realize that most people will have five or more careers in their life? They need to read the articles on Yahoo! HotJobs, CareerBuilder, or any other business websites. Some of these articles are written by recruiters. Ironic, isn’t it?

Anyway, full-time, freelance, and contract work in “CREATIVITY” is for me! Currently, I am working as a travel writer/graphic designer/affiliation marketer (contract basis) and I LOVE IT! I will take a temp or part-time job in accounting for 3-6 mos., I could do that. It would be income in my pocket. I would “zip in and zip out” of the organization. The bottom line is that my focus is on creating income positions that will serve my soul and my soul only! This means CREATIVE PROJECTS!!

So, here’s to letting go. And, to quote the Bon Jovi song “IT’S MY LIFE!

Letting go,
~ Rebecca ~