Remember, You Take Yourself Everywhere

I flew out of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport on March 20. OMG! It was another “Amazing Race” moment. I could have really used a pair of Skechers. I will be purchasing another pair, SOON!

Anyway, the line to go through security was a “slow” go and it “snaked” along the wall. Oh! Well. At least the line was moving. A security guard was reminding passengers to put “liquids” in the proper clear plastic bag. He also reminded us that this includes lipstick, lip gloss, lotion, etc…Uh! Oh! I forgot that I had my lip gloss and a “travel sized” lotion in my purse. So, I took a bag and put my two items in it. Funny! Will that “plastic bag” save you? Think about it. If you are constantly negative, whining, and complaining, that plastic bag will not save you. You take yourself everywhere, this means your “consciousness” goes where you go. Therefore, you will get back the energy that you put out. Always negative, then you can expect negativity to follow you everywhere. It’s that simple. You attract what you think about; aka law of attraction. Will you take that plastic bag with you when you are driving on the road? It’s just something to think about.

For the most part, passengers were calm and cooperative. However, you always have some people who “freak out” and start to complain and whine. This is where your “consciousness” comes into play. I, on the other hand, was ready to go. I took off my shoes, earrings, ring, coat, etc… I had an older couple behind me and they did the same. However, I was taking too much time putting my stuff into the containers that will go through the scanner. So, the couple decided to “cut” in front of me. I happened to look at the clock, and I had 30 minutes to get to the gate. Game On!

I let the couple go in front of me. Whatever. Peace out! Well, as I was waiting my turn to go through security, the TSA agent looked at the couple and told the woman she had to take off her sweater and her husband had to take off his flannel shirt and put it through the scanner. They were not happy about that. I will admit that I “laughed” to myself. The woman and man had a “temper tantrum” because they now had to “wait” to go through security. Not me. I cruised through, got my stuff, and ran like the wind to make my flight. I now had 20 minutes to get to the gate! I decided to stop and buy a cup of coffee. Whew! That was rather exciting…

Keepin’ my cool,
~ Rebecca