Pay Close Attention! Trust Your Gut Instinct aka Intuition!

How many people get a “sinking feeling” in the pit of their stomach and ignore it? Yes, I’ve done this in the past. I’ve learned to trust and follow my gut instinct! People often have trouble saying “no,” making decisions, or not walking away from a situation. Most of this is because of fear. Learn to live without fear!

Here’s an example. At the park today there was a guy to the right of me leaning on the railing with a “super soaker” in his hands. I did not think anything of it because I thought he was a dad fixing a toy for his child. When I looked over, he was gone. Something told me to glance to my left. He moved to the other side of the area where I was sitting. My “gut” told me that it was time to walk. As I rounded the corner, I heard footsteps. I paused to look at a mama duck and her ducklings, and the guy was a few feet away from me!! Freaky! I started waking again then stopped. I glanced over and the guy was a few feet away from me. Yes, I was being followed! I put my right hand in my pocket and held onto my keys just like my father taught me to do. I was ready! I started to POWER WALK! I walked to concession area to “look” at the snack menu. Yes, the guy followed me to the concession area. As I turned around to leave the area, I got a good look at him. I ran to my car!! As I drove away, I saw the guy “looking” toward the parking lot. He did not see me. But, I saw him as he turned around and walked back into the park.

Did I feel that I was in immediate danger? No, not really. But, I was not going to stick around to find out. My “gut” told me that this guy may have been a “little slow” or mentally challenged. I’m not sure what the “politically correct” terminology is. I do apologize. The key factors of my intuition were that I allowed it to happen, remained relaxed, and listened to my “gut!”

Check out these “vibe” busting websites

  1. O Magazine. Do you ever get a “sinking” feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is just not right? Learn how to allow your body to help you make a decision and discover the correct option for you.
  2. Intuition Center. A center that offers guidance on how to become intuitive. They have e-books, courses, and conferences as well as an array of FREE stuff.
  3. Trust your vibes with Sonia Choquette. Tune into Hay House Radio Wednesday’s at noon and listen as Sonia guides you on how to become a “six sensory” person. Sonia is based out of Chicago, IL and teaches a class called “psychic sit-ups” that will help you strengthen your intuition.