Shake Things Off: 10 Tips to Bouncing Back When Life Gets You Down

It’s a fact that all of us have suffered major setbacks. Perhaps you started a business that failed. Maybe your best friend told you she no longer wants to be your friend. Maybe your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner cheated on you. Perhaps you failed a test. Whatever the case maybe, it’s time to shake things off and bounce back when life gets you down!

People who dwell on their problems create more of the same. Don’t believe me. Look at your life. Is it filled with joy and laughter? Or is it filled with drama? Do you have supportive people in your life? Or do you have energy vampires who suck the living daylights out of you?

Go ahead and assess your life up until this point. I’ll wait.

If you don’t like what you’ve discovered, you’re not alone. I assess my life, maybe too much, and sometimes want to crawl into a hole after I discover that I may have created unnecessary pain and suffering. I look at situations and people and think How did I attract this or that? What was I thinking? Believe me; your thoughts are more powerful than you think. You are more power than you think.

But never fear and I mean this. You can bounce back when life gets you down. It’s easier than you think.

Nine Tips to Bouncing Back When Life Gets You Down

1. Look at the Bright Side

Could things be worse? It’s possible, but don’t dwell on it. Remember the saying, “This Too Shall Pass.” So you had a setback. Maybe you discovered people were gossiping about you. So what? If they have nothing else to do with their time except talk about you, you must be doing something right. Look at the bright side and move on with your life.

2. Be Thankful for the Ghosts, Ghoulies and Goblins in your life

Ghosts, ghoulies and goblins come in all shapes and sizes. They take the form of friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, religious leaders and more. Focusing on ghosts of the past gives them energy. The past is over. Learn from it, let go and release the ghosts that still haunt your mind. Bwahah! You can release ghoulies and goblins to by being honest with yourself as to why you still have them in your life. What are you afraid of? Maybe you may fear being alone. But how true is this? Saying “Goodbye” to the ghoulies and goblins in your life creates space for angels and supporters.

3. Do Something Nice for Someone

Instead of dwelling on your problems, shake things off by doing something nice for someone else. You could volunteer once a week with an organization. You could offer to take your mom out to dinner. You could watch your niece and nephew while your sister/brother has a romantic evening out with their spouse/partner. Do something good and your positive energy will come back to you, one way or another.

4. Compare Your Life to Another

This sounds counter-intuitive, but maybe you need to compare your life to another person’s to see all of the good things in it. Can you breathe on your own? Do you own or rent a home? Do you have money in the bank? When you open your closet doors, do you have more than one article of clothing? If you answered YES to one or all of these questions, your life is pretty darn good.

5. Listen to Music

Shake things off with music! Certain types of music vibrate at a high frequency and has the power to move you. An example is binaural beats. However, you must chooses these carefully because depending on the creator, the tracks may be layered with dark energies. You may find nature sounds soothing and if that’s the case, you can open your windows and doors and listen to the rain and wind, the birds sing, etc.

6. Read a Book

Do you like fiction? What kind? How about poetry? Maybe you prefer self-help. Grab a book and read it! Lose yourself within the pages. If you read fiction, see how you relate to the characters. What can you learn from them? Escape with a book and you’ll return to your life wiser.

7. Choose to be Happy Now

You can shake things off and choose to be happy now, no matter what is going on within your life. Life is a series of choices. Why not choose to be happy instead of sad? Turn that frown upside and smile. The world needs YOU!

8. Take Control of Your Life

If your life isn’t what you want it to be, change it. For example, if you’ve always had a passion for graphic design, research certifications and/or degree programs. If you’ve always wanted to visit, Paris, research vacation packages and book a trip. Life is what you make of it. You are the writer and co-creator. Get a journal or notebook and write a script for your life. Make changes when necessary.

9. Say, F*** It!

Shake things off, by saying, “F*** It” and let go of what is getting your down. If you’ve done all you can, let go. Also, keep in mind that having a strong attachment to something, you may push it away from you. For example, let’s say you really, really want a particular job. It consumes your thoughts day and night. You fantasize about the interview and what you’d say. You do all this only to receive a, “Thanks but we hired someone else” letter. It’s true that the universe may have a better job for you. However, you can create a paradigm shift where you push things away from you. Lighten up and go with the flow!

Shake Things Off

Right this minute choose to Shake Things Off and see you and your life from a different perspective. If you want, speak with a trusted friend about and ask for an objective viewpoint about (fill in the blank). When you’re in the thick of a situation, you may not see clearly. Getting a second opinion can open your eyes to insights you couldn’t see.

Commit right now to shaking things off and starting over. Remember the lessons and move forward.

Have fun shaking off stress, gossip, weight and anything else that is holding you back in your life!