The Arizona Trip from Hell – Part One

This is Part One of the Arizona Trip from Hell and takes place on Thursday, June 15, 2023. From start to finish, this was the worst travel experience, and I’m questioning many things about it. For instance, what are the odds that I traveled at all? More on that later. But for right now, let’s dive into the misadventures in Arizona.

Why Travel to Arizona?

A brief backstory of why I traveled to Arizona from June 15-18, 2023, which coincided with Father’s Day (June 18) weekend and the Juneteenth (June 19) holiday. Both were created for various reasons.

Note: I no longer pay attention to Father’s Day for a few reasons. My dad departed the ‘simulation’ on May 30, 2004 and since waking up (don’t like that term) and learning about the real meaning of the holidays and prefer not to celebrate.

I was traveling to Arizona mainly because I lived in Chandler, Arizona, from September 2008 to July 2010; I felt at home. When I left for my road trip toward the end of September 2008, I didn’t plan on moving to the state.

Or did I?

Maybe subconsciously, I knew it was my window of opportunity to escape. Why? Because before I left, I emailed my resume to myself in case I met hiring managers and recruiters. We might talk about my career goals and a potential move to Arizona.

And that’s exactly what happened.

I met a recruiter who recommended her apartment complex to me. Before I knew it, my Nissan Altima was in a garage (temporarily), and I flew back home to “slice and dice” my stuff and move to Chandler, Arizona. BAM! Everything fell into place, and moving was super easy.

Was it fate and destiny?

Or did an “invisible force” engineer my move to the Grand Canyon state?

And was it this same “invisible force or hand” that “boomeranged” me back to my home state?

I’ve been trying to move out of my home state since July 30, 2010.

It’s why I traveled to Arizona in 2014, 2022, and 2023: to see if I really wanted to move back.

However, this year’s trip was extremely stressful. Hence, the Arizona trip from Hell.

Other Reasons for Traveling to Arizona

For some reason, I had an urgency to travel during June; the sooner, the better.


Because during the third week in May, my sister asked me if I was ready for my Arizona trip. I responded with, “No, I have time.” She told me that June was in about two weeks, and this is when the panic/urgency kicked in that I “had” to book my trip now.

I also freaked out about which airline I flew last year to Arizona: Delta or United.

Right then and there, I should have pushed the “pause button” on planning my trip.


Because I’m a seasoned traveler, domestically (U.S.) and internationally and have never freaked out about traveling.

I even wrote for the travel industry and come from a double military family (my dad served in the U.S. Army) and knew not to freak out.

My father always told my sister and me to remain calm and collected under the toughest circumstances.

He would say to us, “If you’re not calm and thinking clearly, you’re as good as dead.”

My father was right because my Arizona Trip from Hell was a complete sh** show that sucked the life out of me. Luckily, I’ve recovered — more on that in Part Three.

Did I Even Travel to Arizona?

How did I get sucked into the Arizona Trip from Hell?

What if something or someone else (a handler) arranged my trip?

It’s a fair question because of the events that transpired during and after my trip.

Plus, since moving back to my home state on July 30, 2010, I’ve been on a spiritual (don’t like that word) quest to the “center of me.” I was in the New Cage, I mean New Age (allegedly started by the CIA, same goes for the 1960s Beatnik culture and more) for a while and broke away from it.

Throughout the years, I’ve connected with “teachers” (parted ways with one) and learned that things might not be what I think they are and that some of us may not be who you might think we are.

Questions I’ve Asked Myself

Below are questions I’ve asked myself regarding the nature of Earth:

  • Where are we living, really? On a spinning blue/green planet in the cosmos? Or in a Matrix construct known as a simulation?
  • What is the chance that Milabs (Military Abductions) is real?1
  • How likely is it that there’s a Secret Space Program (SSP)2 with SPs (super soldiers)3?
  • How many “beings” are ‘real’4 or ‘prime’5?
  • How many NPCs (non-player characters)6 are in “The Game?” Is it 70%, 80%, or higher?
  • How many science fiction movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.) and TV shows (The Flash, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, etc.) and superhero movies (D.C. and Marvel) are disclosure under the guise of “entertainment?”
  • How about MK Ultra programming and Monarch programming7? If you watch movies and TV shows, you can easily spot symbols, including black and white flooring (keeps you stuck in ‘this or that’ thinking), monarch butterflies, beta sex kitten programming8 (leopard print clothing and accessories), actors and actresses saying, “Shh,” which prevents you from speaking out. The occult movie, The Wizard of Oz (may be a trigger – apologies) with its ruby slippers, Over the Rainbow song, witches, etc. can really affect spirited beings, especially if they’re in the “projects.”
  • How advanced is our technology (what we use is not advanced), and where does it come from?
  • What about alters or aspects? How many do you or I have?
  • What about walk-ins (entities, spirits, etc.) and walk-outs?9

More Questions Since Traveling to the Grand Canyon State

Let’s face it. I’m questioning everything and everyone around me, especially my Arizona Trip from Hell. For instance:

  • What if traveling to Arizona was a “mission” I had to complete?
  • What if my Arizona trip was Milabs inspired?
  • How likely is it that my sister was used (unconsciously) to ‘plant a seed in my mind’ that I had to hurry and book my travel?
  • Who or what was in control the entire time?

The above may seem crazy to some, but it may make complete sense to others.

Keep reading Part One of my Arizona Trip to Hell and determine for yourself if something or someone else planned my trip to stop me from moving back to the state. Or, maybe something more sinister was at play.

Leaving for Phoenix, Arizona

I like to have my carry-on packed and ready to go because it reduces my stress. Packing was easy because I wanted to travel light and wasn’t taking much.

And then the fun began with me ordering a rideshare.

The transaction went through, and I waited for the driver to pick me up and take me to the airport. The driver arrived, and I had a funny feeling about it for several reasons.

For instance, we passed many police vehicles along the way. They were either in store parking lots or drove by us.

If you’re familiar with conspiracy theories, the police (policy enforcers) go together with the military to a certain degree. Plus, there were many “blueys” on the roads. These are vehicles of a certain blue color and allegedly, the ‘drivers’ are paid to track or gang-stalk certain beings. It sounds wild, but there’s proof it happens. And no offense, but a pickup truck or compact vehicle don’t intimidate me. However, if an old school B52 bomber plane landed in front of me, it may get my attention. LOL.

The Rideshare Driver

The driver was from a city one hour from where I live, and it was their first time in the county. This was suspect to me.

The driver turned on a mainstream “AM” radio news station and cranked it up when the hosts talked about the main city’s major baseball and football teams. Let’s face it. The driver was an NPC (non-player character) being controlled by the hive mind. To be fair, I’ve invested my time and money in 3D Land things in the past, including:

  • Watching major sports teams play.
  • Going to concerts, fairs, and festivals.
  • Attending the theater.
  • Seeing movies at the movie theater.

Since I’ve woken up (I don’t like that term) for real, I don’t like participating in the above.

The Uber driver asked me when my flight left and questioned why I was getting to the airport very early. I explained that it was summer and the guidelines are to arrive two hours before your boarding time. When we arrived at the airport, the Uber driver noticed the line of traffic and told me that I was right to leave early. Duh!

I couldn’t get out of the vehicle fast enough but didn’t know what was about to be unleashed upon me during my Arizona Trip from Hell.

The Airport and TSA

Most of you may understand that the TSA in the U.S. isn’t for your protection. If you think it is, you may be disappointed.

TSA was created to monitor you and add stress to your travels. Think about it. You must stop and remove your shoes, jacket, belt, jewelry, etc., and put everything into plastic bins for screening. You may quit airline travel if you only knew how many weapons get passed security.

But I digress.

The TSA lines were moving fast, and it was my turn to place my items into the plastic bins and then the guy behind me. Circling back to “weapons” for a moment, the guy behind me said something to the TSA agent who asked him to repeat what he said. The guy laughed and said, “Oh, you thought I said gun.” The TSA agent didn’t laugh and neither did I. If it were up to me, I would have grounded the guy just for being stupid.

Flying United Airlines, Never Again!

For some reason, United Airlines likes to change the seats of passengers. Luckily, my seat to Denver changed once. But some passengers had theirs changed multiple times. Why? Is it to create stress and anxiety so “their bosses” can collect the loosh (your energy) from passengers? Maybe. You never know what is happening behind the scenes.


After clearing TSA and walking to my gate, I could somewhat relax.

Boarding the airplane went smoothly, and the passengers were ready to take off. The 20-something guys behind me were excited that they could drink on the plane. This got an eye roll from me. The guy sitting by the window was getting married on Saturday, June 17, 2023, in Colorado. I laughed and thought, “The marriage won’t last long.”

The Plane Wouldn’t Leave the Airport

The plane taxied toward the runway and then stopped. The captain came over the loudspeaker and said we had to return to the gate because of an issue. We returned to the gate, sat for a moment, and then the captain said that it was a mechanical issue and we had to de-board. This is when I knew that my travel to Arizona felt off and I probably should have walked away. But I didn’t.

Passengers were upset, especially the foreigners, whom I felt bad for. The one family was told to collect their belongings and leave the plane immediately. They had two small children with them. The father and mother exchanged words with the ticket agent. To be fair, it wasn’t her fault. She’s not in charge.

When it was my turn to speak to the ticket agent, she booked me on a flight to Chicago. However, it was delayed, which meant I would have missed my connecting flight to Phoenix. At this time, I texted my sister, who told me to go home and see if I could get my money back. My response to her was, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” Why not? Arizona isn’t going nowhere. It was as if something was compelling me to complete a mission, I mean complete my travel.

Where Have All the Travel Agents Gone?

Since my air travel to Chicago was canceled, I had to see if I could re-book to another city or even through another airline (I should have done that).

A ticket agent was nowhere to be found. It was as if they disappeared.

I chatted with someone via United’s crappy app, but they to disappeared. I was ghosted by a United Airlines employee.

Finally, some ticket agents showed up, and I was booked on a flight to Dulles in Washington, D.C. I wasn’t thrilled about it because it’s not that great of an airport. Not that the airport I was flying out of was modern. It needs a major makeover. But that’s another story about why U.S. airports are old and outdated.

Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C.

I arrived at Dulles, breathed, and walked to my gate, which wasn’t far.

My relief was short-lived because an announcement was made that the gate was changed, so I and the other passengers had to run about ten gates down.

Thankfully, I’m in good shape (I want to get into even better shape) and could run without any problem. Most passengers were huffing and puffing because they were not physically fit. Families were trying to keep everyone together as they ran to the gate. I felt bad for the babies who were strapped into harnesses on their mom or dad because they were being jolted everywhere.

I texted my sister to tell her I had arrived at Dulles and that United Airlines had changed my gate. She said it sounded as if I was in a video game. I laughed because many believe (including me) we are in a game simulation. The title of my game was, “The Arizona Trip from Hell.”

Blindsided by an Email

My nervous system was overloaded, and my anxiety was high, but when I reached the gate, something told me to check my email.

Not only did I receive a message from United Airlines informing me that the gate had changed (duh), but I received an email from the property management company I rented a Goodyear, AZ Airbnb from. They canceled my Airbnb because of maintenance. I can understand if there was an emergency, but I didn’t sense there was one.

The rep suggested a home in Avondale, AZ and I had to let them know immediately if I wanted it. I responded to the email and stated that I’d accept the home at the same rate as the Goodyear, AZ home.

This was a huge mistake!


Because I would learn that the Avondale home was in an Avalon development; there were several of them.

If you follow conspiracy theories, you may have heard of Avalon programming. It’s essentially Disney programming: “Someday my prince will come, and for fun, there will be castles, dragons, Merlin, potions, and other characters too.” Seriously. Watch episodes of the former ABC (Disney-owned) Once Upon Time to learn what I’m talking about. By the way, a prince didn’t show up to save me, if that’s not obvious by now.

Looking back, I could have responded to the property management email with, “Thank you, but I’ll book other accommodations and request a refund.” But I panicked, something my father MJ (Military Jerry) would have frowned upon.

Flying to Phoenix, Arizona

Boarding the plane to Phoenix went smoothly. However, I was in the middle seat. The woman to the left of me in the aisle seat and the guy next to me in the window seat hacked and coughed all the way to Phoenix. That’s right! If you think the WHO, CDC, the airlines, the government, etc., care about your health, you may want to rethink that. If the airlines cared about passengers, they may have done a few things:

  • Asked the hackers and coughers to wear a mask.
  • Grounded the hackers and coughers.
  • Put the hackers and coughers on another plane.

Why not do all of the above?

Because the hackers and coughers aren’t that much of a threat. Annoying, very much so. A threat, not if you’re in good shape and healthy. If you are, you can bounce back quickly from anything.

The hacking and coughing were gross, and I could not wait until I arrived at Sky Harbor in Phoenix. Let’s face it. Most passengers are jabbed up with who knows what (graphene oxide, nanobots, aluminum, etc.), which means they’re shedding all over the place. How is that healthy? It’s not.

Arriving in Phoenix, Arizona, after Nine Hours

Navigating through Phoenix Sky Harbor airport is easy. However, I was exhausted and wanted to get to the Airbnb. Unfortunately, I went to the North side of the transportation area to get a rideshare when I needed to go to the South side. Once I corrected my mistake, I ordered one and didn’t have to wait long for the driver to arrive. He was personable and welcomed me home. I laughed and said, “Maybe. It’s why I’m here. To figure out if I want to move back to Arizona.”

We made it to Avondale in no time because some Arizonans can’t take the heat and leave for the summer, so there’s less traffic. I will never understand why beings who don’t like the heat or complain about it live in a state that has 100+ degree temperatures in some areas.

After searching for the home in the dark, we finally found it.

I couldn’t wait to open the door, drop my carry on bag, and sit down to decompress.

Um, not so fast.

The property management rep emailed me the wrong key code to get into the home; I had to call to get the correct code. After confirming with another rep (very nice) that the former rep gave me the wrong code, she gave me the right one, and I entered the home. She also texted me and emailed me the code. I appreciated her thoroughness.

I called my mom and sister to let them know I was at the Airbnb and filled them in on other travel details to Arizona. By this time, I wanted to eat (ordered a pizza – it was fast and easy), relax (or try to), and check out the inside of the Avondale home. I would have to wait until the morning to see the outdoor area.

Did a Home Décor Store Explode?

After I had some water and composed myself, I walked through the Avondale home. Wow! The symbolism was astounding, and I guarantee you that the owners are clueless about it. Or they might be aware on a subconscious/programming level.

First, it looked like a home décor store exploded inside the home. Every single wall, nook, and cranny had something. From framed artwork to a 3D saying like “Relax” (yeah, right), knickknacks, etc., no space was left un-decorated.

And, of course, there were religious decorations.

A cross hung on the living room wall, and an angel (what are they really?) statue sat on the shelf above the couch. Why homeowners would install a shelf that could fall on those sitting on the couch is beyond me.

The guest bedroom had very creepy 1970s mirrored closet doors.

The guest bathroom had tin decorations on a wall; they looked like crowns. The one crown reminded me of the one that sits atop my mother’s Infant of Prague (don’t know who he’s supposed to be) statue. They were creepy and didn’t match the flower pictures on the wall or the knickknacks on the shelf above the toilet.

The Mistake of Not Viewing Photos

Flight cancellations and gate changes put me on edge and clouded my thinking and judgement.

The abrupt cancellation of the Goodyear, AZ Airbnb made me panic about where I would stay. Because of this, I didn’t view the Avondale home’s photos which were in the email I received from the property management company while at Dulles, D.C. If I would have done so, I wouldn’t have agreed to it. But I was drained from trying to get to Arizona and accepted home.

Besides the horrible decorations, I found dead bugs throughout the home. Gross. A live one walked across the carpet in the master bedroom, but I couldn’t get to it in time. I have no idea where it crawled to.

I slept in the guest bedroom (not that I slept) and should have covered the mirrored closet doors.


Because mirrors are allegedly portals.

Goodness knows who or what came in and out of the Avondale home.

The Outdoor Space Needs to be Cleaned

The next day, I checked out the outdoor space, which was small.

The hot tub and pool (dirty) took up most of the area. Bird crap covered the outdoor furniture and cement. Gross.

A plant urn served as a makeshift beehive, and bees came in and out of it.

The lemon tree was nice. Most of the lemons were gone with the exception of two at the very top.

A gecko scurried along the cement wall and dragonflies darted in and around the pool. Even though there was bird crap everywhere, the outdoor space was my favorite thing about the Avondale, AZ home.

I don’t know how much the homeowners pay property management company, but it’s too much. Dead bugs. An uncleaned, unsanitary outdoor area. The homeowners may consider managing the property themselves or finding another property management company.

Wrapping Up The Arizona Trip from Hell – Part One

My Arizona Trip from Hell is the first time I’ve experienced anything like I did, from canceled flights to canceled accommodations, and more.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I ignored many red flags.

One red flag I didn’t mention was my need to grocery shop the day before I left for Arizona. I bought chicken, but I eat a vegetarian/vegan diet! Who or what possessed me to buy chicken? And if you don’t know, chickens, while cute (I think they are), are lower-frequency animals. Think about it. Why is chicken cheaper compared to other cuts of meat? There’s a good reason for it.

In the store, I heard the song Over the Rainbow play over the loudspeaker. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s an MK Ultra trigger (apologies) from The Wizard of Oz movie. It means to escape the abuse, you disassociate or “go over the rainbow.”

And as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a seasoned traveler. The woman who “traveled” to Arizona wasn’t me.

It might seem farfetched, but I’m questioning if I even traveled to Arizona – was it was a Milabs production? Or as I refer to it, a “B movie” in which I was semi-conscious or in the Twilight Zone.

Many have told me that I’m too conscious and that I must become more lucid. Unfortunately, the 3D psycho babble about lucidity, which is parroted by most beings, doesn’t help me. I need balls-to-the-wall, hardcore, real information that can get me from A to Z (pun intended) in the quickest amount of time possible. I’ll keep looking inside (and outside) of myself for the answer.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for Part Two of my Arizona Trip from Hell where I cover the following:

  • Renting an SUV from a company that is the name of the ship on the Star Trek TV series and in the movies.
  • House hunting in Goodyear and Buckeye, AZ.
  • Driving to Prescott, AZ.

Footnotes for The Arizona Trip from Hell – Part One

1Milabs: A deceitful military operation that is performed to convince the operation’s targets that they have had an encounter with extraterrestrial beings which is a staged ploy.

2Secret Space Program: A mysterious, guarded government/military initiative that involves E.T.s, super soldiers, and more. Examples include Roswell, the Phoenix Lights, and more.

3Super Solider: A man or woman taken by the military, usually when they’re young, and have their consciousness broken down into alters; they’re cloned too. Alters and clones go on missions for various corporations and projects (Montauk, for example).

4Real: A spirited being.

5Prime: A spirited being that’s more potent than a real.

6Non-Player Character (NPC): A non-spirited being who is a background filler for reals and primes – think the SIMS video game.

7MK Ultra and Monarch Programming: Nefarious programs (the same) operated by the CIA to control victims and make them do horrible things.

8Beta Sex Kitten Programming: Women and men who are highly sexualized, like in the entertainment industry, and it’s then sold to the masses. The leopard print mostly symbolizes a beta sex kitten. However, leather and lace are used too. Also, women and men can be used as honeypots to lure politicians, high-powered executives, and anyone else with power into traps (reference the Godfather II movie – the scene where the politician is caught with a dead prostitute in his bed) where the ‘victim’ needs to cooperate to make their ‘mess’ disappear.

9A spirited being ‘walks out’ of the body and another being ‘walks into’ it. It might explain ‘peoples’ weird behavior.