Who Says Men Don’t like to Talk?

I was driving home from the noisy library; I couldn’t wait to get back to my home office. As I came down the snowy, slick street I was stopped by the stop sign and two guys; one was in a green pickup truck and the other was in a blue sedan. They were having chat. The one car was halfway onto the street where I was stopped and the other was around the corner from the stop sign. I was already miffed because the library was more like a loud bar, now I have two guys who couldn’t tear themselves away from each other. I mean, seriously, if you have important business to discuss, schedule a phone meeting or meet at the sports bar. Don’t hold up other drivers because you saw each other in passing on the road and felt compelled to stop. Please!

Men are like women. They like to chat when they see each other. They can’t wait to discuss who’ll win the Super Bowl or whatever sports championship. They get excited when they see each other and give each other ‘manly’ handshakes along with what I call a ‘pat-pat’ hug. They are in touch with their feminine side, even though they wouldn’t admit it.

Ladies, the next time your man says he doesn’t like to talk, remind him of the time someone caught him on the street with the window rolled down talking to his buddy. If your man can hold up traffic to stop and chat with his buddy, he can talk to you all night long!