How to Avoid the Stress of Facebook

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If you’re on Facebook, you may or may not have encountered critics and instigators. These are people who lurk within the shadows, watching your every move on Facebook. They wait until you speak your mind or post a link they don’t like and Bam! They pounce on you as if you were their prey. The best way to get rid of social media stress is to ignore critics and instigators on Facebook. Don’t engage in the conversation and they’ll eventually go away.

Tip: Be careful who ‘friend’ on Facebook. Some people mask or hide their true nature. Be discerning with all of your relationships.

Healthy debates and engagements with people are acceptable. However, when the conversation gets heated and the ‘claws’ come out isn’t productive. Most people who criticize others can’t see another person’s POV and have no desire to. They expect everyone to ‘roll’ over and concede. Let’s face it; someone like this isn’t someone you want to be around. The tension isn’t worth it.

How to Avoid the Stress of Facebook

1. Be careful who you friend.

2. Don’t engage in heated discussions because it will cause you more stress.

3. Hone your intuition and really ‘tune-in’ to people. See the masks they wear (everyone wears one at one point or another) and ask yourself, “Is this ‘friend’ for my highest good or better?” Trust your instincts.

4. Stop spending a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook can be used for constructive purposes like meeting with like-minded people within groups or conversing with other ‘fans’ on fan pages, it can be a time waster. Don’t allow a sunny day to escape you. Get outside and go to the park or hike a mountain. Life’s too short to spend in it indoors.

5. Use Facebook a tool to meet like-minded people but don’t limit your meeting people to Facebook. Attend networking and other social events where you meet people live and in-person. Also, schedule your time on Facebook. Perhaps the groups you’re in can ‘schedule’ a meeting time to have a discussion on a particular topic. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend on Facebook. You may go through ‘withdrawal’ but it will be worth it in the end.

Facebook can be a blessing or a curse — it’s up to you. Keep your Facebook personal page neat and clean and be careful who you’re friends with; ignore critics and instigators. It’s up to you to pick the battles in life you want to participate in. The way to avoid battles on Facebook is to be careful with who you ‘friend’ and cull the Facebook ‘friend’ herd now and again.


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Don’t Ask for Advice if You’re Not Going to Take It

One of my pet peeves is people who constantly ask you for advice but don’t take it. They decide to go in the opposite direction which is fine until they get into a jam. When they get stuck, they contact you and want your advice on how to get unstuck. This is insanity!

How many times does a friend or relative ask you for advice only to do what they want anyway? What’s the point of asking for advice? When they get into a bind, they expect you to bail them out or have the answers that could help them out. You may not have the answer because they went against your advice. They don’t understand that the advice you gave them was based on you knowing how you can help them. It’s a vicious cycle!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice if you can get yourself out of a jam if you don’t take it. For example, if you ask someone for advice on what brand of computer to buy and where to buy it, but you go in a different direction, take responsibility for it. If they tell you to have your cable company supply and hookup a router because the technicians will be able to connect it within a matter of minutes, don’t go to Office Max and buy a router if you’re not computer savvy.

When you ask someone for advice and don’t take it, you’re on your own. If you constantly ask people for advice and don’t take it, stop asking for advice. You’ll do what you want anyway so why ask for advice? Do what you want to do and everything will be right in the world. Plus, the person who keeps giving you advice will appreciate you not asking them for advice.


Who Says Men Don’t like to Talk?

I was driving home from the noisy library; I couldn’t wait to get back to my home office. As I came down the snowy, slick street I was stopped by the stop sign and two guys; one was in a green pickup truck and the other was in a blue sedan. They were having chat. The one car was halfway onto the street where I was stopped and the other was around the corner from the stop sign. I was already miffed because the library was more like a loud bar, now I have two guys who couldn’t tear themselves away from each other. I mean, seriously, if you have important business to discuss, schedule a phone meeting or meet at the sports bar. Don’t hold up other drivers because you saw each other in passing on the road and felt compelled to stop. Please!

Men are like women. They like to chat when they see each other. They can’t wait to discuss who’ll win the Super Bowl or whatever sports championship. They get excited when they see each other and give each other ‘manly’ handshakes along with what I call a ‘pat-pat’ hug. They are in touch with their feminine side, even though they wouldn’t admit it.

Ladies, the next time your man says he doesn’t like to talk, remind him of the time someone caught him on the street with the window rolled down talking to his buddy. If your man can hold up traffic to stop and chat with his buddy, he can talk to you all night long!