The Arizona Trip from Hell – Part Two

This is Part Two of The Arizona Trip from Hell. I hoped things would improve on Friday, June 16, 2023, and Saturday, June 17, 2023, but they didn’t. From renting a vehicle to house hunting, and driving to Prescott, the misadventures continued. Keep reading to learn what happened and read Part One of The Arizona Trip from Hell to learn how the worst trip ever began. [Read more…]

The Arizona Trip from Hell – Part One

This is Part One of the Arizona Trip from Hell and takes place on Thursday, June 15, 2023. From start to finish, this was the worst travel experience, and I’m questioning many things about it. For instance, what are the odds that I traveled at all? More on that later. But for right now, let’s dive into the misadventures in Arizona.

Why Travel to Arizona?

A brief backstory of why I traveled to Arizona from June 15-18, 2023, which coincided with Father’s Day (June 18) weekend and the Juneteenth (June 19) holiday. Both were created for various reasons.

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Star Wars: Use the Force! Do You Embrace Your Light and Dark Side?

Are you a Star Wars fan?

I am.

My favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back.

Yes, I know many people say that.

But it’s where we found out that Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker is Luke and Leia’s father (spoiler alert). And the look on Luke’s is priceless.

Why? [Read more…]

Do You Want to Change Your Name? Consider the Emotional and Psychological Impacts

On December 1, 2011, I published the post, What’s in a Name? Nameology Can Help You Figure That Out. In the post I talked about how I discovered the Kabalarian Society, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They’re an organization that specializes in analyzing birth names and business names.

If you never connected with your birth name, you could get a “free” Name Report that would provide you with an analysis of it.

Do you want to take it a step further? You could pay for a Balanced Name Report that would list first names and last names just for you. You could do the same for your current business name or if you’re in the process of naming your business.

Nameology is fascinating. However, you shouldn’t change your name because you think it will make you happy. You have to go deeper and get to the “root” of why you think changing your name is the right decision for you. Keep reading. [Read more…]