My Review of WEN Hair Care Created by Chaz Dean

Hair Before Using WEN by Chaz Dean

This review is based on my experience with WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean. I was not paid to write this review.

I started using WEN on April 7, 2011 and can’t believe the change in my hair. As you can see my hair before using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner (original scent) looked like crap! Now my hair is thicker, fuller, and shinier; it’s more manageable, and my ends have healed. The bonus is my natural wave came back. I haven’t seen my natural wave since I was a little girl! Perhaps you tried WEN and didn’t like the product for a number of reasons. Please note: I wasn’t with you when (no pun intended) you used the product.

Even when I spend a lot of money at the hair salon, my hair never looks super healthy. Sure it looks all right, but it could be shinier, thicker, and fuller. I’ve used high and low end moisturizing shampoos and conditioners; mostly high end than low end. I’ve also used a leave-in heat protector and a soy based detangler along with styling products. Ironically, the detangler didn’t detangle my hair, and the heat protector didn’t do anything for my hair. My hair would break off, and I would look at my brush and sigh. I was getting sick and tired of spending a ton of money on hair products that weren’t helping my hair. After three years, I took the plunge and ordered WEN from QVC. Why did it take me so long? Like you, I read reviews and was skeptical. The only way I’d know if WEN really worked was if I bought and tried it. Thank God I did! I’m totally grateful that my hair looks and feels good.

Hair After Using WEN by Chaz Dean

How to use WEN

1. Please read all instructions before using WEN. The process is as follows, 1) Wet hair; 2) Use the specified number of pumps for your hair length or what you believe is necessary; 3) Massage WEN into your hair and leave on 3-5 minutes (no different from conditioning your hair); 4) Thoroughly rinse your hair; and 5) Squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply WEN to your wet hair. Wrap your hair in a towel, hair turban, or use paper towels to dry your hair.

2. Comb your hair. Your comb will glide through your hair. My hair always tangled, but now I comb my hair with ease.

3. Use your styling products or WEN Styling Cream. Style your hair or allow your hair to air dry. I style my hair. The only time I allow it to air dry is if I’m not going out.

Your own personal experience with WEN may differ from mine, but I love using WEN and won’t go back to using shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and heat protector. I won’t, however, give up my Moroccanoil and Moroccanoil Hairspray. I love these products and refuse to part with them!

I’m saving a lot of money thanks to WEN. And, the product smells good. If you order from QVC, you can purchase new scents such as Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Lavender, Pomegranate, and Tea Tree. Of course, Sweet Almond Mint is still available. As far as I’m concerned, Chaz is a “hair” miracle worker. My mom and sister use the Sweet Almond Mint and have noticed a difference in their hair. My mom had surgery a few years ago, and the anesthetic left her hair damaged and dry. Thanks to WEN, it’s now manageable and shiny. She feels good about her hair and so can you!


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Warning: The Environment is about to Self-Destruct

Okay, I haven’t posted anything on in a long time. I’ve been busy with my other websites and life. This is the first blog I ever created and it’s like my baby. Unfortunately, like most parents sometimes you neglect your child because you become self-absorbed in your life. That’s about to end. I’m committed to posting at least once a week on this blog. So here it goes…

Is the environment about to self-destruct at the hands of humans? Year after year, it’s the same old story. Some corporation somewhere has contributed to the destruction of planet Earth. Most of the humans on this planet sit back and have a “whatever” attitude about it. They figure someone else will take care of the problem. What happens when there’s no one left to clean up the planet? What happens where there isn’t a planet to clean up? That’s right, our environment could self-destruct at the hands of the humans who walk and live upon it.

The Gulf of Mexico 2010 oil spill has really gotten to me and other citizens. It’s the 21st century and we still haven’t figured out that nothing lasts forever. Why does it take a catastrophe to happen to make us realize that nothing lasts forever? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ensure our infrastructures and structures are solid and secure? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ensure a crisis plan is in place in case something happens? How about having technologies ready and available to stop a crisis if it occurs? Perhaps this is asking too much.

The damage from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is horrifying. Experts say it’s worse than the Exxon Mobil oil spill of 1989. Innocent animal and plant life are once again killed because of human stupidity. Once again peoples’ livelihoods are in jeopardy because “big corporations” couldn’t think ahead. Maybe this tragedy will wake up the people of the U.S. It’s about time citizens become angry and demand change from corporations and the government. The life of planet and its inhabitants deserve justice.

What’s taking so long to fix Gulf of Mexico oil problem? Seriously, a five-year-old probably could have figured out how to solve the problem. Quit the “blame game” and fix the problem. Maybe it’s the lack of technology. It’s the 21st century and the U.S. is still lagging behind in technology when compared to other countries. This problem could have been fixed a long time ago if the proper technology was available.

It’s amazing how U.S. citizens have to bail out corporations like AIG, banks, and other institutions for their major screw-ups. In the meantime, Americans are getting screwed left and right. Their houses are being foreclosed, jobs are being eliminated, and credit card debt increases while these companies roll in the money. Where’s the justice in this? Why aren’t people speaking out? Nothing will change if your voice isn’t heard. It’s up to you to make it known how ticked off you are and that you won’t take it anymore.

If you love the environment, recycle (where you can), buy organic foods that are locally grown, make sure you put your trash in trash cans, pickup litter, and be the best you can be. The Earth won’t last forever if everyone doesn’t do their part to respect and protect the environment.


What do you think of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Who’s responsible? How mad are you that “big” corporations and governments keep screwing up the planet? Share your thoughts.

Beaches and Oceans Are Not Dumping Grounds

I recently visited the East Bay and South Bay areas of San Francisco. I wanted to see the Pacific Ocean before I left and was told that the ocean was only an hour away from Campbell, CA. I had no idea that I was headed for Santa Cruz, CA.

I arrived at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and was really stoked about being there. One of my favorite movies is the Lost Boys (original movie) with Keifer Sutherland. I couldn’t believe that I was starring at the same boardwalk that was used in the film. Due to the amount of people at the boardwalk and beach, I didn’t get the chance to wander the boardwalk. I plan on going back and will make sure I arrive at 8 am or 9 am.

From the boardwalk I drove to the Santa Cruz Harbor, East side. I parked on the street and walked towards the beach. As I took my shoes off to walk on the beach, I was disheartened to see the amount of debris on the beach. It was disheartening. It’s no wonder that the oceans are raging. They’re probably mad as hell because human beings are screwing up the planet instead of respecting and taking care of it.

Here’s a tip: if you want to park on the street, make sure you have a permit. I received a $45 ticket because I didn’t read the sign very well: “No parking Mon.-Fri. 8 am – 5 pm. Permit only.” I missed the “permit” only part. You can buy a permit (now I know) from a trailer that is located at 9th Street. Permits are $7.00.

On the beach I found plastic bags, bottles, an abandoned football, and other trash. What does this say about the human race? Apparently, some of us are still a bunch of Neanderthals! There’s no reason to use the beach as a big landfill when there are garbage cans available for trash. Here’s a tip: bring your own trash bag and take your trash home with you. This way you can recycle glass and plastic.

It’s interesting that I received a $45 ticket for parking on the street, but people can trash the beach and oceans without any penalty. Where are the police “beach” cops? Perhaps they’re too busy patrolling the streets giving tickets to out of town visitors. Paying attention to traffic is more important than looking for posted “No Parking” signs.

Our beaches and oceans deserve respect. Without them the human race wouldn’t survive. What would we do if our oceans become so polluted that they can no longer serve mankind? What will happen to the animal life in and around our oceans? They will no longer exist which means possible cures for diseases could be lost. Instead of working with our environment, we work against it. This is counterproductive.

Continuing to desecrate the Earth’s ecosystems will be detrimental to human beings, animal, and plant life. If humans don’t want to become extinct along with plants, animals, and minerals, then I suggest all of us do our part to clean up the planet and show it some respect. Otherwise we could all be in for a rude wakening. If you think some other planet in our galaxy or another galaxy far, far away will welcome us with open arms, you’ve got another thing coming. They’re more likely to “use” their force and turn all of us away or vaporize us!


What Does Sarah Palin Have Against Wolves?

Sarah Palin has ordered the aerial killing of wolves. Could you imagine if she and John McCain won the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the U.S.?

Eye on Palin is dedicated to exposing Governor Palin and her vicious attacks on wildlife in Alaska. What does Palin have against conservation and the conservation of wildlife? Who knows. Maybe the wolves will receive a reprieve because she’s too busy belly aching about David Letterman’s jokes which were taken out of context!


What do you think about Palin’s aerial hunting of wolves?

Non-Americans Take Jobs away from Americans

Recently, many Americans have lost their jobs for one reason or another. Is it fair that non-Americans, who cannot stand Americans or our culture, continue to stay in this country with their job? Not only are these people in our workforce, but they take advantage of our college and universities.

When you spend time with non-Americans and they bad mouth the way Americans dress or speak, it takes a lot to be polite to them. You may choose to swallow your pride just to get through dinner. These people may say to you, “sorry, I don’t mean to offend you.” Are they kidding? They’re sitting pretty in technical jobs while Americans, born and raised are losing their jobs.

Americans constantly receive backlash from other countries for being rude and ignorant. What’s that saying about “the pot calling the kettle black?”

If you’re a non-American who cannot stand America, why are you here? America is not the only industrialized nation in the world! There’s Canada, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland and other countries. You can pick up and leave the U.S. at anytime.

It would behoove companies such as Intel to make sure that they hire Americans before non-Americans. It does not reflect well on the company that they hire or hired non-Americans who have nothing but ugly comments about the U.S.

If you’re a non-American with a green card living in the U.S., hopefully you appreciate the U.S. We may not be a perfect country or have resolved our issues, but at least we provide people with freedom of speech, the right to vote (men and women), and many other freedoms. If you do not like the U.S., get out and give your job to an American that can use it!

Do you work with non-Americans that bad mouth the U.S.? How do you feel about it?

Is your new hairstyle and color causing friction?

Some may like it, some may not. In the end, it does not matter what these people think. In fact, you may be surprised that your hair receives more air time than the U.S.’s stimulus package!

Getting a new hairstyle and color is very liberating. Just be prepared for people to give you their opinions — not once, but twice! Napoleon Hill was right when he said that opinions are the cheapest commodities. What matters is that you are happy with your new look.

Opinions not welcomed

People love to give their opinions. Do not let this deter you from changing your hairstyle and color. Remember, it’s your hair — it’s only hair. Furthermore, Hollywood actors and actresses constantly change their hair styles. If they want a major role in a movie, they’ll be more than happy to change their hair.

Isn’t it amazing that people will devote so much time to telling you they how you feel about your new hairstyle and color. It’s not like you heard them the first time. They probably mean well or they have nothing else to do. Accept their opinion and move forward with your life. After all, you paid for it; you’re the one who better be happy with it.

Model behavior

Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model is famous for her makeovers on the show. Some of the girls are happy with them, while others carry-on like a banshee. Tyra reminds the girls that if that want to make it in the modeling world, they may have to change their look. This is a great lesson. Unfortunately, not every girl sees it that way.

The lesson

Even though you could care-a-less, people will spew their opinions about your new look. For some reason, they may feel compelled to tell you a couple of times how much they like you better as a blond, red head, or brunette — with or without highlights. You may be tempted to get upset about this and you have every right to because it’s your hair. But, it’s not worth it. Your thoughts and energy can be spent elsewhere.

Are there people in your life who feel compelled to tell you over and over that they like you better as a blond, red head, or brunette? How did you handle it?

Is Nadya Suleman being unfairly judged?

There is much talk about Nadya Suleman and her eight babies. This makes a total of 14 children for the young mom. Isn’t it interesting how America and the entire world are fascinated by Nadya? For a few moments people stopped listening about the economic situation of the U.S. and turned their attention to Nadya. She’s been receiving negative media attention for quite some time. Is this fair? Is Nadya the only woman in the world to have children that she cannot afford? The answer, of course, is no. However, the babies have one thing that many children do not have, the same father!

Nadya is being unfairly judged. Many women in the U.S. and around the world have children they cannot afford to raise. The number of children is irrelevant. Men and women have no business having children if they cannot afford to raise them. It’s not uncommon for grandparents to raise their grandchildren because their children cannot take care of their kids. Often times, the children and grandchildren move in with the grandparents. This is becoming prevalent in the U.S.

Many women in the U.S. have children by different men. It’s not uncommon for women to have two or more kids with different fathers. At least Nadya knows who the father is of her 14 children. Why aren’t women whose children have different fathers being judged? Do you think these women can raise their children? They are probably receiving government assistance paid for by the citizens of the U.S.

Why is that men who father children with multiple women are not being judged? Dr. Phil’s February 27 episode was “Forced to be a Deadbeat Dad.” Former NBA star Jason Caffey owes child support for 10 children. Of course, the children do not have the same mother. Where is the uproar about this? Guess what? His career is over and he cannot pay the child support that was agreed upon between him and one of the “baby’s mama.” The woman is taking him to court because he has not paid child support. Jason’s attorney and the “baby’s mama” attorney were on the February 27 Dr. Phil show. Jason was offered a deal from the woman’s attorney. Will he take it? Stay tuned.

The bottom line is that Nadya made a major mistake. She has announced that she realizes her mistake. Unfortunately, it’s too late. However, Nadya is not the only person in the world to make a major mistake. Many people make mistakes everyday and then think about the consequences of their actions. It’s human nature.

The bottom line is that these children are here, and they cannot be sent back. They need love and the basic necessities. Americans pay for many children each year, what’s a few more. Maybe if people would start taking responsibility for their own lives, the U.S. would not have so many issues. When people learn to face their fears, learn why they are not happy, and take the steps to live a better life, perhaps the U.S. will be get back on track.

Do you think Nadya deserves the negative attention she’s been receiving?

Discover Glasses That Will Flatter Your Face

We’ve all been there; we purchase sunglasses at a discount store because they’re cheap. We get home, wear them for some time, and decide we do not like them. Of course, they usually break within a week so it does matter if we liked them or not.

There are many options of glasses to choose from and this can make your head swim. People who live and breathe fashion will most likely go for Vera Wang glasses. Vera is a very well known fashion designer — celebrities “flock” to her for her latest designs. Her glasses are a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary — stunning, sophisticated, and elegant glasses.

Another well know designer that fashionistas like is Kate Spade. There’s nothing like wearing a pair of Kate Spade glasses because they are stylish. Anyone who knows fashion will want a pair of Kate Spades. They do appeal to the diverse life styles of many.

The most popular sunglasses around are Ray Ban sunglasses. They have been around for quite some time. People from all over the world wear Ray Bans. Many people “sport” their Ray Bans on and off the ski slope.

The next time you need a pair of glasses or sunglasses, consult first. They carry the latest styles of glasses. Not to mention the reasonable prices and convenience. Before you buy a “cheap” pair of sunglasses — put that money towards the ones you really want.

When it Comes to Voting, America is Still Old School

On November 4, 2008 many Americans drove, walked, or took the bus to vote for the next President of The United States of America. This is a very important election year. After eight years of chaos (not organized) the time arrived to elect a new president.

Isn’t it interesting that in the 21st century Americans still vote using an old school method. This was the first election for Americans who reached 18 years of age. These are the same people who play video games such as Nintendo Wii, Guitar Hero, text message, have an IPod or MP3, and are up-to-date with the latest technologies. Imagine their shock when they had to use a black-tipped felt pen to connect the arrow for their chosen candidate. It reminded me of when my mom used to buy me coloring books and they had connect the dots within the pages!

For those people, such as myself, who moved to another state, this was an experience of a lifetime. You see here in Arizona, apparently rules and regulations are not followed. In fact, according to the woman standing behind me “voting is not taken that seriously in Arizona as compared to Ohio.” She said this because I made a comment about voting in Ohio. Perhaps this is just her opinion but it did raise a red flag with me. [Read more…]

Sarah Palin’s Joe-Six Pack and Hockey Mom Could Use a Makeover

To all of the “hockey moms” and “joe-six packers” of the beer drinking kind (not six-pack abs) in America, are Sarah Palin’s remarks offensive or flattering? When Sarah Palin uses a phrase like joe-six packer, some Americans and people from around the world may get an image of a man with a six-pack of Bud Light that sits on his beer gut, where he is parked in front of the television watching football in a trailer home, and living off of the government through welfare. They probably envision a plethora of broken down cars on the property as well.

Hockey moms do not fair any better. Picture a woman with big hair from the 80s, dressed in an over-sized sweatshirt with some cute design on it, and wearing acid-wash blue jeans that are tight around the ankle. When the ref makes a bad call or what is perceived as a bad call, they probably get up out of their seat and let the obscenities flow like a raging Alaskan river.The choice vehicle is probably a SUV or mini-van. Children are probably catered to each day so there is no reason for them to think or do for themselves.

Does America really desire this woman as our VP? If something happens to McCain, she will be Commander-In-Chief. Just picture the discussions with leaders from Iran and Iraq. Will Sarah Palin show up in her hockey mom wardrobe, bring a six-pack of Bud Light, and open the bottle with her teeth instead of twisting the cap off?

Currently, we do not have a great image in other countries. Most people believe Americans to be rude, arrogant, impatient, fat, and lazy. The words that Palin uses to describe Americans may make matters worse. Who is she to assume that all of us are “hockey moms” and “joe-six packers.” What does this mean for men and women who “pulled themselves up by their boot-strings” and went to college and now own their own business. Perhaps she will convince McCain to give them many tax incentives, one year of FREE Bud Light, and tickets to see their local hockey team play. Let’s go Phoenix Coyotes and Lake Erie Monsters!