Thanksgiving: How to Navigate Your Holiday Travel

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving in the U.S. is upon us? I can’t!

It seems as if the month of November has been one dramatic event after another, at least for me.

In the U.S., we had a heated (and still dramatic) presidential election.

Personally, I’ve been dealing with my sister having a mild heart attack. Luckily, she doesn’t have heart damage and is on the road to recovery.

I’ve also lost a few loved ones.

The passing of my cousin was and is totally unexpected. I’m still in shock and have been processing my emotions around her death. I feel the urge to grab my backpack and passport and travel for about six months to one year. Yes, I would be escaping. But I feel that travel could help me deal with the tragedy of my cousin’s passing.

But, I digress…

If you’re traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, check out this video about the do’s and don’ts of Thanksgiving travel!

7 Quick Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Get You Through the Holiday

1. The best travel days are Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Saturday.

2. If you can, avoid traveling on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Don’t pack your entire closet! Bring only what you need.

4. Arrive at least two hours early at the airport for domestic flights and three hours for international flights, so you can get through security quickly.

5. If you can, avoid checking luggage. You can pack what you need in a carry-on. If you need something, you can always buy it.

6. Remember to bring chargers for your electronic devices, e.g., smartphone and tablet.

7. Don’t get wrapped up in any drama occurring around you. Remain calm and centered and don’t take on anyone’s negative energy. Be empathetic and sympathetic, but don’t absorb people’s drama-rama.

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

“Thanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often.” -Johnny Carson

It’s estimated that over 47 million people will travel for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re driving or flying, keep calm and travel on and stay safe while traveling!

Don’t allow setbacks such as long lines, traffic, or cranky kids to affect your attitude. Be grateful that you can travel and spend time with your family and friends. Remember, you’ll eventually arrive at your destination.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your time with loved ones, but try not to overindulge in food and drinks — you can eat healthy while you travel during the holiday.

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