How to Improve Your Travel Experiences [And Actually Enjoy Trips]

Admit it. You may be a cranky traveler or one that has super high expectations that not even God himself or herself could meet. Does this sound like you? If it does, you’re sabotaging your travel experiences.

The only person you control is YOU. For example, Mother Nature who may dump tons of snow in your area, making it impossible for your plane to take-off to the Caribbean. You can’t control the weather! But you could be prepared to wait it out by reading a magazine, listening to music, etc.

Instead of getting upset at the slightest issue and ruining your vacations, learn to rise above travel challenges.

Fortunately, you can learn how to improve your travel experiences and actually enjoy your trips.

7 Ways to Improve Your Travel Experiences

You can set an intention to have fun, exciting, and safe vacations by incorporating these seven ways to improve your travel experiences. Isn’t it time for you to love the trips you take?

Expect the Unexpected

When you travel, expect the unexpected. For example, if you and your partner travel to the Caribbean for a romantic getaway, a ‘freak’ thunderstorm may occur and keep you inside your suite. You can either complain about it, or use your imagination to entertain yourselves. In this case, the unexpected storm may benefit your relationship.

Control Your Temper

If you’re traveling with a group, let’s say family members who may get on your nerves, hold your temper. Why? Because it’s better to count to 10 rather than saying something that you may regret – you may ruin your trip and relationship in less than 2.5 seconds! Whenever you feel yourself getting irritated, walk away or take a deep breath and know that this too shall pass.

Learn to Speak the Language

It won’t kill you to learn to speak the language of the places you visit, even though most people speak English. When you attempt to communicate with others in their native tongue, they’ll appreciate it. You’ll show that you understand you’re the foreigner in a foreign land. Also, experts believe speaking another language can improve your brain function.

Embrace the Culture

What’s the point of traveling only to ignore the people and their foods, customs, beliefs, etc.? Even though you may not like eating brains, don’t poo-poo the delicacy because you think it’s gross. You don’t have to eat foods that may make you want to throw up. But you could acknowledge that countries have their own gastronomy. Whether or not you partake in the feast is up to you.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Instead of relying on others, why don’t you trust your gut instinct (intuition)? There’s nothing wrong with asking others for help, especially if you’re solo traveling. However, you may get an intuitive hit that warns you not to take a short cut to your hotel. Will you listen? Or will you tempt fate and take the short cut? My vote is to be safe and listen to your gut instinct.

Learn How to Haggle

If you don’t know how to haggle, you may want to learn. Why? Because in most countries customers haggle with merchants in stores and markets – it’s expected. Here’s an example. I walked into a store that sold purses. I found one I liked and negotiated the price down to $30 from $60. How did I do this? By remaining cool, calm and collective and knowing how much I wanted to pay for the purse. You may go back and forth a few times, but if you know what you want to spend, you can get what you want at a good price.

Use Public Transportation

If you’re not using public transportation, you don’t know what you’re missing. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s a great way to learn about your destination and people watch. I’ll never forget my first time on the L-train in Chicago; I was 19 years old. A guy who was about 6 ft. 4 in. and wearing a black leather trench coat and leather hat got on the same train as my sister and her friends and me. He looked at us and said, “Hello ladies. How you doin’?” He sat behind two of my sister’s friends and the look on their faces was priceless. We laughed about it as we got off the L-train.

Are You Ready to Have Travel Experiences of a Lifetime?

Is this the year you have the world’s best travel experiences?

If you’re wound too tight (Type A personalities know what I’m talking about), you may miss them. Go with the flow and accept places, people, and situations for what or who they are.

And get over your ‘can’t be met’ expectations. Nothing’s wrong with having high standards. But don’t set them super high that no one (not even you) can reach them.

The next time you solo travel or take a couples; family or group vacation, make sure you include having travel experiences of a lifetime on your packing list. Leave your attitude, perceptions and expectations at home.

You’ll become a better traveler in no time.

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