I Like to Travel Because

I was bit by the travel bug at Maple Heights High School, in Maple Heights, Ohio (southeast of Cleveland). I was enrolled in the Junior Business Career Cluster Course, known to us students as BLOCK. Why? Because the accounting, administrative assistant, and word processing (it was the late 1980s) programs were in a section of the school that looked like a block.

I enrolled in accounting for two reasons:

  • My dad told me to follow a ‘secure’ career path.
  • I was (still am) good with numbers.

Like most high schools, we had competitions. And this was not limited to sports. Those of us in BLOCK had our own local, state and national comps for accounting, administrative assisting, and word processing.

Long story short, I placed fourth in the local competition and it made it to the state competition in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. I admit that I liked the idea of being away from dad, mom and sister. This was my opportunity to not only be with my friends, but to meet other kids from around the U.S.

I had a great time, even though I didn’t place high enough for nationals. I had know idea that my trip to Seven Springs would impact me in more ways than one. I only wish that I would have pushed myself more in school so that I could have applied to colleges in Columbus, Cincinnati, or even out-of-state.

Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. But one thing that’s still constant in my life is my love of traveling.

Here are the top reasons why I like to travel.

Top Reasons Why I Travel






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Why Do You Like to Travel?

There you have it, 10 reasons why I like to travel.

But here’s one I didn’t mention: I like to travel because it’s fun to solo travel, sometimes.

Solo travel is a great experience because you really are pushed out of your comfort zone since no one is traveling with you. It’s up to get you from Point A to Point B, ask for help, strike up conversations with people, write postcards to mail to family and friends, etc.

Oh, and I like to travel light. I do this because I have no desire to lug around heavy suitcases. If I buy souvenirs, I ship them home and/or to the people who I bought them for. Hey! People still like to receive things in the mail, especially if it’s a fun souvenir from another country.

Are you ready to take-off for your next adventure? Download this handy travel packing tips infographic before leave!