How to Get Rid of Your Fears and Doubts Once and For All

Fears and doubts have a tendency to creep inside your mind and fester and grow.

The good news is that you have the power to shrink your fears and doubts with the wave of a magical wand, real or imagined.

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Below is my April 13, 2013 horoscope from DailyHoroscope:

A great way to help a child deal with persistent fears or nightmares about monsters is to give them a technique for dealing with the problem. Tell the child to look the monster directly in the eye, and use an imaginary wand to shrink it down until it’s as small as an ant. In a child’s mind, this is possible. And it’s possible for you too, Leo. You’re dealing with a fear now – something that affects your quality of life. Look at that fear, point your imaginary magic wand in its direction, and banish it from your life. It may take a few tries, but if you believe in your power, you can free yourself of a fear.

Normally my horoscope is just a fun thing for me to read, but the horoscope from April 13, 2013 made me read and read it again. Why? Because it actually made sense.

You have the power to banish fears, doubts, and nightmares. All you have to do is believe in YOUR own personal power to do so.

How to Shrink Your Fears and Doubts

how to shrink your fears and doubts

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Step One

Imagine your fear standing in front of you.

Step Two

Grab your magic wand (real or imagined) and point it at your fear.

Step Three

While holding your magic wand, say the following words:


Zippy doo

Fear and doubt, I hereby BANISH YOU!

Step Four

Flick of your wrist and watch as your magic wand vanquishes your fear.

Step Five

Breathe and relax because you’ve just zapped your fear into nothingness.

Step Six

Repeat steps one through five until your fear is completely gone.

Want to Make Your Own Magic Wand?

Tap into your inner child and make your own magic wand by watching the video below. Not only will ou and your inner child have a lot, but you’ll experience joy and happiness. Just remember… fear and doubt cannot exist so long as you are happy and smiley.

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