A Lesson in Self-Sabotage from ANTM’s Angelea

I’m a fan of Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model. I can’t believe it’s been 17 seasons already. My favorites from this season were Allison, Laura, Lisa, Dominique, Kayla, and Angelea. Unfortunately, the latter self-sabotaged her and was disqualified from ANTM. According to online sources, she was disqualified for ‘tweeting’ and posting ‘spoiler alerts’ on her Facebook page. Another speculation is that she was pregnant. Others are saying she was crowned the winner but posted it before ANTM’s finale aired. Who knows what the ‘truth’ is? Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Angelea, the girl from Buffalo, NY, who’s desperately trying to put her past behind her and cultivate a better life, seems to self-sabotage herself. In fact, Lisa predicted it. She said, “I don’t think Angelea’s ready for this.” I think she’s right.

I was rooting for Angelea because I felt her pain and understood where she was coming from. However, Ms. Preston would probably benefit from therapy and life coaching if she really wants to move forward and succeed in life. I believe if she would face her ‘inner demons’ head on, she’d be able to see her family’s pathology, heal from it, and move forward in a new direction that’s right for her. If she continues to ignore the ‘self-sabotaging’ signs, she’ll continue to repeat self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns until she learns from them. Speaking from experience, I advise her to face herself in the mirror and heal her life.

I give Lisa props because she was very honest about the abuse she suffered in her life. She had the courage to seek therapy and continues to heal herself. Angelea would benefit from staying in contact with Lisa who could help her work through the issues in her life. It will take great courage on Angelea’s part to reach out and ask for help. Again, speaking from experience, I know this isn’t easy. But it can be done and people are willing to help, if you let them.

I wish Angelea the best in life; whether or not she’s a success is up to her. If she’s serious about being an All-Star, it would behoove her to find a good therapist and life coach who could help her process her life experiences so she can learn from them. She could take her knowledge and experience to help other girls who’ve been in her shoes so they too can heal and move forward in their lives. Good can come from Angelea’s disqualification but it’s up to her to recognize it.


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