Top 10 Lessons from Those without Common Sense

Guest post from Amandah Blackwell.

I’m fascinated by people. I love to people watch and observe their behaviors and actions of those around me. Sometimes, I can’t believe what people do and say. I mean … Don’t people think? I guess not. Here is my Top 10 Lessons from Those without Common Sense.

Top 10 Lessons from Those without Common Sense

1. A woman calls an animal sister and says, “Hi! I’m Babette Regis, and my sister Bailey dropped off Gigi, a dachshund, and I’d I like to adopt her.”

Mistake #1: Posing as another person is illegal and known as fraud.

Mistake #2: Posing as another person is illegal and known as identity theft.

Effect #1: The manager of animal shelter calls Bailey (Gigi’s owner) and says, “Your sister Babette called to inquire about adopting Gigi.” Bailey says, “My sister is sitting next to me; it wasn’t her. It was my husband’s cousin’s meddling wife. Please don’t allow Gigi to be adopted by Babette. Please give her to a good loving home.” The manager says, “I had a bad feeling about Babette. I listened to my intuition and called you. Don’t worry; we have four families who are interested in adopting Gigi. They’re a better fit for Gigi.”

Effect #2: Babette could be placed on the “Do Not Adopt to These People” animal list because she lied about who she was. Also, Babette could be charged with fraud and identity theft for impersonating Bailey’s sister if she files charges against her (that would be a lot of work). FYI: When Babette’s mother-in-law finds out what she did, she’ll rip her ‘a new one’ because she’ll do anything to protect her son, Babette’s husband.

Lesson #1: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?” ~ Sir Walter Scott

Lesson #2: Babette obviously isn’t aware of the law of cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction; for every cause there is an effect.

2. “You have no right to your thoughts and beliefs.”

FYI: Actually, you do have the right to your thoughts and beliefs. It would behoove you to examine your thoughts and beliefs and ask, “Where did these come from? Are these true for me?”

3. “Drank tequila shots — had two of them. Lol! Post from an 18-year-old college student on Facebook.

Mistake #1: Colleges and universities take underage drink seriously and peruse social media websites. They review profiles which are now used to determine if you’ll be accepted or not. This is how they ‘weed’ out incoming students because they want the best of the best. FYI: In 2011, you can be kicked out and or face a stiffer penalty for underage drinking.

Lesson: Stop posting your entire life on Facebook! Learn the art of discretion; otherwise, it could cost you more than you think it will.

4. “There’s no hope.” 

FYI: There’s always hope.

5. “It’s too late.”

FYI: It’s never too late.

6. “I didn’t do anything. It’s not my fault this happened to me.”

FYI: It is your fault — review your thoughts and beliefs. What do you tell yourself every day? How is or has your mind been shaped by your environment or the media? Nothing happens to you — you create your own reality.

7. “I’m not lucky.”

FYI: You create your own luck.

8. “Life is too hard.”

FYI: Life is what you make of it. Empty your head of self-sabotaging thoughts and may be life won’t be so hard.

9. “Life isn’t fair.”

FYI: Life is what you make of it. There is no such thing as life being fair or unfair. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your life. No one else can do it for you.

10. “I don’t know what happened to my money.”

FYI: If you spend more than what’s coming in every week or month, you won’t be able to pay your bills. Common sense says, “Create a budget. List your monthly income and expenses. You need to bring in enough or more money than what you spend.” Money is nothing but paper and coins. Cultivate a prosperity mindset and you’ll always have money flowing to you.

Amandah T. Blackwell

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