Can You Speak about Your Strengths?

I was listening to Part 3 of Caroline Myss’ Why People Don’t Heal and she said something that struck a chord with me. Caroline said, “As a species, we cannot admit our strengths. It’s an uncomfortable process. How often do you meet somebody and say, “How are you? And they say, strong, talented or happy. Nobody does that. It’s not a popular thing to do. Often, you use a wound to get to your strengths, especially your power.” ¬†She’s right.

Most of us were taught that it’s wrong to speak about our strengths. We’re not taught to ‘toot our own horn’ because it could make someone else feel bad. This isn’t totally right. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Yes, I am a fantastic web designer. I am a great writer.” Own your talents, be proud of them.

What are your strengths?

  • Writing
  • Speaking in front of audiences
  • Designer: fashion, graphic, interior or web
  • Analysis
  • Healing
  • Happy
  • Strong
  • Content
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Nature lover
  • Speak foreign languages
  • Know sign language
  • Can easily forgive and ask for forgiveness
  • Open minded
  • Good listener

Make a list of your strengths and read them out loud. Post them around your home, home office, bedroom, etc. Review your strengths and be proud of them because there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your strengths. You can speak freely about your strengths. It’s up to you whether you do or not.


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  1. I think acknowledging your strengths is a beautiful thing as long as you do not take them for granted. I also think that your weaknesses should not be seen as weaknesses but potential strengths. Just the way I see it I guess. Great post!