Woman Miraculously Drops 100 lbs. in Five Days … Feels and Looks Lighter

8. Jumping for Joy

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Fellow Students of Life,

How can you drop 100 lbs. in five days? You can look at the people in your life and examine if it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to them. This may be difficult if the people are family members or friends you’ve known for 10 or more years; they could be weighing you and your life down. Or, they could have been teachers for you. If you learned your life lessons, it’s time to move on.

Think about the following scenarios for a moment. Do the people in your life always ask you for help but don’t reciprocate when you ask for help? Do they expect you to automatically do something for them as if you ‘owe’ them? How are you treated when you say “No, I can’t help today?” Do you get the cold shoulder? What about when you express your thoughts and feelings? How do others react when you voice your opinions? I think you get the idea. Saying goodbye to people you’ve known for a very long time can be scary and liberating at the same time. Think about it this way; when you release people, situations, and material possessions from your life, you make room for new people, situations, and material items to come into your life. Remember, everything in life has a natural cycle for birth and completion.

There are many people right now who could stand to lose 100 lbs. or more in their life. For example, it may be time to say goodbye to a ‘rocky’ marriage. You can try counseling, may be you did; but if you intuitively know it’s time to end it, have the courage to do so. Don’t worry about what family and friends will say. They won’t and can’t understand if they’re not willing to see the situation through your eyes. And, most of the time the ones closest to us are filled with fear and can’t see anyway.

Tip: If you’re surrounded by energy vampires, it’s time to take your power back. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama because it could adversely affect your mind, body, and soul. Have compassion and empathy, but don’t get sucked in by work or family drama.

Let’s face it; most adults would benefit from taking more responsibility for their lives. Blaming the economy, mom and dad, a horrible childhood, bosses, co-workers, in-laws, spouse, life partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. doesn’t cut it anymore. All of us have FREE WILL to make choices. We have FREE WILL to live our lives according to the way we see fit, not according to how others think we should live.

You can feel lighter and calmer by releasing those in your life who no longer resonate with you. Dr. Wayne Dyer (listen to his radio show on HayHouse Radio) has said many times, “People come in and out of our lives. Some will enter our lives in Act III and leave in Act V; maybe they’ll leave in Act VII, scene three. Others will have permanent roles in our lives. Lovingly let people go; forgive them.” It’s something to think about.


Who do you need to say ‘goodbye’ to either permanently or for a while? Share.

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