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Cover of "Prosperity"

Cover of Prosperity

Question: How do you truly receive abundance? Is there a ‘magical’ formula? What about the ‘paradigm’ of constantly thinking about abundance which can push it away? Confused!

Answer: Become clear about what you truly want, let go, and allow abundance (in all forms) to come into your life.

Many people have discovered the law of attraction. They’ve watched The Secret and believe what they ‘think’ about will come true. That’s part of the formula. You must ‘feel’ and believe you’ll receive your desires. However, your soul may have a totally different path to follow from what you desire. It’s a conundrum and paradigm!

7 Steps to Abundance

1. You’re already producing results. However, they may not be the results you want. Take a moment to look at what is in your life. Where are you? Past? Present? Future? Write everything down that’s happening in your life. For example, write down how much money you earn per month, how much you spend on bills each month, how much you spend on food, etc. Remember, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.

2. How do you speak? Do you speak words of favor or defeat? Do you generalize? For example, do you say, “I have to work hard for money.” Who said this to you? How old were you? Ask yourself, “How true is this now?” Generalizations won’t attract abundance to you — they’ll keep it from you.  Write down all of your generalizations and ask, “Are these true?” The answer will surprise you.

Tip: Say an affirmation such as “Prosperity flows easily to me.” You must believe it!

3. Define your outcome. What exactly do you want? Do you even know? Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. Ask the following the questions:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want this and that?
  • How will this change my life?
  • How will this affect others in my life?
  • Are you really ready for this to occur?

Sometimes you want to want things; you may not be ready for your desires. You’re not aware of the reality of it. For example, most lottery winners weren’t prepared emotionally and mentally for their fortune. They couldn’t handle the attention or relatives and friends who knocked on their door for assistance. The money is usually gone within one year.

4. Be precise in your thoughts — align your thoughts and language.

5. Ask for support from people who are successful in an area you’d like to be successful in. For example, if you’d like a relationship, speak to someone who has a successful relationship. Don’t ask someone who’s been divorced five times; although, you could probably learn what ‘not to do’ in a relationship. You can learn about self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns.

Tip: Whatever it is you desire, seek out those who are successful. Also, when someone helps you, give something in return as a way to say “thank you.”

6. Do not give up if you truly feel deeply (you have an inner knowing) you’re on the right path with your desires. You probably haven’t tried everything to reach your desires. Be clear about you want; however, make sure it’s in alignment with your soul. Your desire could be at odds with your ‘soul’s’ desires. Become quiet and still to find out.

7. After you’ve become clear about your desires, let it go. Give it over to God, Source Energy, Universal Intelligence, etc. Always say, “This or something better.” Please don’t obsess about it. That which is yours can’t and won’t be taken away from you.


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