Family Objects to Woman’s Childless Lifestyle


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Question: How can you make people, and by people I mean family members, understand you don’t or have a desire to have children? I knew from a very early age I wouldn’t have kids; I even told my mom this. She said to me, “If you have no desire to have children don’t have them. It’s not fair to have children just for the sake of having children.”

I don’t want the responsibility of being a parent. I love my nieces and nephews and spend time with them, but I hear family and friends complain all of the time they can’t do this or that because they have kids. They get upset when no one volunteers to watch their kids or offers to watch them so they can go out for a nice dinner. Quite frankly, these people chose to have kids. Perhaps they should have thought about how much responsibility children are. I did. By the way, I have pets so I do have responsibility — I have ‘fur’ kids. Lol!

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t make anyone see your point-of-view. As long as you’re comfortable with your decision not to have children that’s all that matters. Don’t keep explaining ‘why’ you don’t want to have kids. Your family and friends won’t understand because your life is not theirs. Simply say, “It’s my life” and let it go.

Your family may not believe this, but not every woman is meant to be a mother. You either have a deep calling to be a mom or you don’t. On the flip side, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t make a great step-mom (if you wanted to) because chances are children split their time between mom and dad; unless, of course, dad has fully custody. It will behoove you to be open and honest with potential love interests when the subject of children comes up. If you have no desire to have children or even be a step-mom, speak up before you’re too deep into the relationship. It’s not fair to string someone along.


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