Living with Regret Isn’t Living

regret. nothing.

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Fellow Students of Life,

Do you have regrets? Do you allow them to take up space in your mind and life? Do you obsess over conversations you’ve had in the past and present? Are you replaying events from 10 years ago in your mind, wishing you could change the outcome? If you live with regrets, you’re not living at all.

All of us have done and said things in the heat of an argument or passionate conversation we’d like to take back. Look at this way; you learned valuable lessons such as thinking before speaking, walking away from a situation instead of charging ahead, and waiting to respond to an email after you had a chance to reread it. Give yourself a break — you’re human.

Examples of living with regret

If you’re beating yourself for graduating with a degree (other than the one you really wanted) your parents thought would be more practical (I have), stop it right now. You can’t go back in time and change the fact you didn’t pursue the degree you wanted. By the way, your finance degree will come in handy. But that’s not the point. The point is college is over and done with. Be grateful you have a college degree; others would probably envy you.

Tip: If you’re feeling regret, ask yourself “Why” and “What” you’re feeling regret about. You may want to journal your thoughts. Please don’t over analyze.

If you regret not being fully present when a loved one passes away because you were angry, forgive yourself because all is forgiven. If it makes you feel better, speak to the person. Many experts believe the ‘deceased’ can hear us on the other side. Say you’re sorry or whatever it is you want to say and move forward with your life.

Let go of regret

If you’d like to squash regret once and for all, do something for someone else. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, animal shelter, become a mentor to a child or teen, volunteer for a conservation and environmental organization, work with youth at your church or place of worship, deliver meals to those who are home bound, help your elderly neighbor by tending to their lawn (or shovel when it snows), volunteer at a senior center or assisted living facility, or whatever it is you’d like to do to help. You’ll get your confidence back and make a difference at the same time. The good you do in the world will come back to you in many ways.  Let go of your regrets and allow happiness and peace into your life.


How do you release regret from your life? Share.

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