10 Easy Feng Shui Tips

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Fellow Students of Life,

On Denise Linn’s July 19, 2011 Soul Coaching radio show, she spoke about using Feng Shui to create abundance. If you have issues around receiving abundance, you may want to resolve them before you Feng Shui your home or at least be willing to release your insecurities around abundance.

10 Easy Feng Shui Tips

1. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the front or main door. Lamp posts and trees can block the positive ‘chi’ of a home. If you enter through the garage, periodically use the front door. Don’t use harsh lighting in the garage and keep it clean. You could always open the front door and say, “Welcome energy force; Welcome life force; or Welcome chi.”

2. When you walk into your home, if the first thing you see is a ravine or backyard, this indicates ‘money’ rolling away. Hang a picture on a wall or door that symbolizes abundance to you.

3. Water is a well known symbol of prosperity. Hang paintings or pictures of water, eight or nine fish (Koi), a fountain, or sailing ships (sailing into port aka your ship is coming in) around your home. You may consider purchasing a fountain (instead of hanging a painting or picture) for your home or home office.

4. Make sure your wallet is clean. Buy a new one if yours is worn out. Otherwise, clean out your wallet and place abundant affirmations in it.

5. Keep the toilet lid down and close bathroom doors. The idea is that water goes down the drain. Closing lids and doors prevents this. Make your bathroom(s) feel abundant by placing candles and other items that symbolize abundance to you. Choose the ‘right’ paint color for your bathroom(s).

6. When you buy a home ask “why” the home owners are selling. If they’re losing money, you may not want to buy the home. Also, make sure stairs don’t face the door. This symbolizes ‘money going out the door’ and you don’t want this. As mentioned before, be mindful of trees and or lamp posts in front of the house. These can block good energy. Light fixtures above the front/main door are to be clean and work properly.

Note: in the Japanese culture, the number four is a bad omen. Use your own feelings and intuition about this if the street name and or address has the number four in the beginning, middle, or end. To some, the ‘number four’ is an angelic number.

7. Put a mirror behind the burners of your stove because this doubles them. Keep burners clean. When you clean them, have the intention to create a space for more abundance to flow to you.

8. As you water a plant say the following, “As I water this plant, more abundance flows to me.”

9. Buy objects that were owned by an abundant person. If you go antiquing ask questions about objects and their owners; energy could still be attached.

10. Get to know the energy map of your home. However, your belief is most important than the system you use such as Three Door Gate, Compass School, and others.

  • Three Door Gate involves the farthest left-hand corner (area) of your home. You could place a fountain or picture of water in that space. Some people will place a statue of a three toad frog in this area, but you could use anything that symbolizes abundance to you.
  • Compass School involves the southeast area of your home. Remember, every room and area of your home has energy.

Other tips

  • Give thanks for everything you have, especially clean water. It’s essential to our bodies; you’re fortunate if you have an abundance of clean water.
  • Hold the intention for abundance. The more you receive, the more you can give to your favorite causes, charities, etc.
  • Say the following, “May the spirits of the four directions bring abundance, health, wealth, and prosperity into this home and to the people who live here.” Denise Linn


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