My Review of WEN Hair Care Created by Chaz Dean

Hair Before Using WEN by Chaz Dean

This review is based on my experience with WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean. I was not paid to write this review.

I started using WEN on April 7, 2011 and can’t believe the change in my hair. As you can see my hair before using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner (original scent) looked like crap! Now my hair is thicker, fuller, and shinier; it’s more manageable, and my ends have healed. The bonus is my natural wave came back. I haven’t seen my natural wave since I was a little girl! Perhaps you tried WEN and didn’t like the product for a number of reasons. Please note: I wasn’t with you when (no pun intended) you used the product.

Even when I spend a lot of money at the hair salon, my hair never looks super healthy. Sure it looks all right, but it could be shinier, thicker, and fuller. I’ve used high and low end moisturizing shampoos and conditioners; mostly high end than low end. I’ve also used a leave-in heat protector and a soy based detangler along with styling products. Ironically, the detangler didn’t detangle my hair, and the heat protector didn’t do anything for my hair. My hair would break off, and I would look at my brush and sigh. I was getting sick and tired of spending a ton of money on hair products that weren’t helping my hair. After three years, I took the plunge and ordered WEN from QVC. Why did it take me so long? Like you, I read reviews and was skeptical. The only way I’d know if WEN really worked was if I bought and tried it. Thank God I did! I’m totally grateful that my hair looks and feels good.

Hair After Using WEN by Chaz Dean

How to use WEN

1. Please read all instructions before using WEN. The process is as follows, 1) Wet hair; 2) Use the specified number of pumps for your hair length or what you believe is necessary; 3) Massage WEN into your hair and leave on 3-5 minutes (no different from conditioning your hair); 4) Thoroughly rinse your hair; and 5) Squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply WEN to your wet hair. Wrap your hair in a towel, hair turban, or use paper towels to dry your hair.

2. Comb your hair. Your comb will glide through your hair. My hair always tangled, but now I comb my hair with ease.

3. Use your styling products or WEN Styling Cream. Style your hair or allow your hair to air dry. I style my hair. The only time I allow it to air dry is if I’m not going out.

Your own personal experience with WEN may differ from mine, but I love using WEN and won’t go back to using shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and heat protector. I won’t, however, give up my Moroccanoil and Moroccanoil Hairspray. I love these products and refuse to part with them!

I’m saving a lot of money thanks to WEN. And, the product smells good. If you order from QVC, you can purchase new scents such as Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Lavender, Pomegranate, and Tea Tree. Of course, Sweet Almond Mint is still available. As far as I’m concerned, Chaz is a “hair” miracle worker. My mom and sister use the Sweet Almond Mint and have noticed a difference in their hair. My mom had surgery a few years ago, and the anesthetic left her hair damaged and dry. Thanks to WEN, it’s now manageable and shiny. She feels good about her hair and so can you!


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  1. After you receive WEN, make sure to read ALL of the instructions. Many women have said that WEN doesn’t rinse clean or their hair felt dirty. My hair ‘soaked up’ WEN because it was very dry. My ends look 100% better; I’m not pulling ‘stray hairs’ out.

    I got my haircut and noticed the difference straightaway because the hair stylist used shampoo and conditioner on my hair. My hair was dull and wasn’t shiny. I used WEN the next day and my hair looked and felt 100% better versus using shampoo and conditioner.

    Test it out and see what happens. You can always return WEN if you’re not satisfied. Save all of your paperwork!

  2. Great write-up, I am a regular visitor of one’s wedsite, maintain up the excellent operate and It’s going to be a regular visitor to your site.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love using Wen Hair Care as does my mom and sister. My niece tried Wen and really likes its.

  4. A friend gave me her bottle of wen to try and I loved it. But when I went to place my first order customer service was rude. He would not answer any question kept telling me to just wait until I get the invoice and call the the number listed on it. I went a head and ordered the product. I’m so ready to start using it again. But I’m not looking foward to dealing with customer service again. If I had know that customer service would be that rude I would have ordered it from QVC.

  5. Rebecca says:

    That’s too bad about the customer service. I order mine from QVC because it’s fast, easy, and convenient to place an order online.