What Everyone Can Learn from Charlie Sheen

I’ll probably catch some flak for this blog post, but, whatever. I watched the March 1, 2011 ABC 20/20 special with Charlie Sheen. I mean, how could you not watch it? Charlie seemed very hyper during the interview and had me laughing during the interview but he made sense. Yes, you read that right, he made sense. Hear me out before you run for the hills. Do I agree with him having porn stars living with him taking care of his kids? No, I don’t. It could land him in hot water with Brooke (or Denise), his ex-wife, and the judge who granted the joint custody. I also question the motives of the goddesses. Are they gold-diggers? Will they move on after they get bored or the money runs out? Time will tell, but it’s his life. As he said over and over again, he’s 45-years-old!

No one can deny that Charlie is super confident. Some may say he’s a narcissist. However, he seems to know who is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I give him credit for this. How many people are afraid to give their opinion for fear of rejection? How many people where masks and cover-up their authentic self? How many people do you know that aren’t confident? How many people go through life not knowing how great they are? A lot of people have the opposite problem of Charlie — they have no or low self-esteem or confidence.

He’s also against judging others. I have to give him credit for this as well. How many people judge others? How many people judge others unfairly? No one is perfect. Remember the saying, “Judge ye not, lest ye be judged yourself.” Who’s to say there aren’t people around the world like Mr. C. Sheen? The difference is they’re not famous and don’t live in the public eye.

What everyone can learn from Charlie Sheen

    If you have faults, admit and own them.
    Be confident; own who you are.
    Stop judging yourself and others.
    Learn the phrase TMI (too much information) and commit it to memory.
    It’s up to you to admit you have a problem.
    It’s up to you to ask for and accept help.
    You created your life/problems. It’s up to you to fix/change it.
    If you’re happy with your life, own it.
    Live and let live.
    Adult children are not toddlers. Parents, they have the right to live their life, even if you don’t approve of it. You can’t fix it.
    You can’t force someone to change.

No offense to Mr. C. Sheen but there are more important issues going on in the world. The Middle East is in disarray, the U.S.’s economy isn’t quite on track, there are still people (in the U.S.) going hungry to bed every night, Global warming is still hanging around, and other significant things happening in the world. Is it necessary to keep focusing on a celebrity every day? It’s good for ratings which is good for the bottom line. But, wouldn’t it be nice if the media didn’t give in to interview requests? It’s a thought.


I wish him the best.