Are ‘Spiritual’ People Less or More Judgmental?

I’ve attended my fair share of metaphysical/spiritual groups. What surprises me is that the organizers or facilitators and group members usually ‘poo-poo’ judging others. They don’t like the idea of judgment and believe it’s not conducive to judge others and situations. But how non-judgmental are spiritual people? Do they practice what they preach? The answer may surprise you.

Experts believe that if you judge someone, you’re really judging yourself. You’re projecting your ‘shadow’ or some part of you that you don’t like onto others. What happens when you’re in a group setting and members start judging you and your feelings? You say what you feel but instead of listening, they point out why you’re wrong or why you shouldn’t think the way you do. Say what? How is this helpful? Isn’t this a form of judgment? Some ‘spiritual gurus’ believe it’s unhealthy not to feel your feelings. If you don’t feel them, you end up stuffing them down where they fester until they come back up to the surface and explode.

I’m often amazed how ‘spiritual’ people claim to be totally open minded but then discount or write-off what others say. They don’t know how to agree to disagree. They don’t understand that others won’t think like them and that’s all right. It’s apart of learning and growing. You take what you want from information and leave the rest. There’s nothing wrong with this.

I decided to back-off or take myself offline from metaphysical/spiritual groups. I need a break from these people! I have enough books that will help me continue on my spiritual path. I’m also apart of groups on Facebook where I can ‘check-in’ if I have questions or feel the need to participate. As far as attending local, physical groups, it’s time for me say Adiós for awhile.