Are You a Victim of Disorganized Thinking?

Over the weekend, I watched The Wizard of Oz. I paid close attention to the part where Dorothy and her friends return the broomstick to the Wizard of Oz, only to find out he’s a mortal. The Wizard, of course, grants the Cowardly Lion a medal of courage. He says to the lion, “You’re a victim of disorganized thinking and confuse courage with wisdom.” My ears perked up when I heard this line. I love The Wizard of Oz and have watched it numerous times but never paid attention to this line until now. It made me wonder how many people are currently victims of disorganized thinking. How many will continue to be victims until they pay attention to their thoughts and feelings?

If you have a ‘monkey mind’ that’s all over the place, you may want to ‘reel’ it in before it does more harm than good. When you’re physically present but your mind and spirit are somewhere else, you’re not fully present. Are you in the past? Are you in the future? Where are you? What are you doing? Experts say we have over 60,000 thoughts per day — that’s a lot of thinking going on inside your head. How many are fear or worry based thoughts? Chances are most of them are fear based. The good news is that once you recognize your thought patterns, you can evaluate them to find out if they’re true or not.

Stop being a victim of disorganized thinking today! You can choose the thoughts you think. You don’t have to follow the crowd and believe all of the ‘fear’ based information you hear or read. Take control of your mind before you lose it for good! Your mind is a powerful tool that can serve you and your fellow man. If you want a brighter future, organize your thoughts or at least become more aware of what you’re thinking. You may be surprised to discover your thoughts don’t belong to you — they belong to others and have adopted them as your own!


Are you a victim of disorganized thinking? Do you want to change? Why? Why not? Share.