Shh! You’re in a Library — Be Quiet!

Oh Lordy! Since when did libraries become loud? I went to the library today and this woman was speaking on her cell phone. Seriously! WTF! Then the people at the reference desk were yammering on and on about how cold it is outside. You live in frickin’ Ohio what the hell do you expect. I so wanted to stand up and say, “Please be quiet, you’re in a frickin’ library. Shut up!” What surprised me was the people disturbing the peace were old. They were 50+. Shouldn’t they know better? Isn’t this the same age group that slams the youth for being impolite? That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

When you’re in a library, you’re supposed to use your in-door voice. Turn your bloody cell phone off or put it on vibrate. If you need to take a phone call, excuse yourself and leave. No one wants to hear your bloody conversation. It’s none of our business. If you knew you’d have to make an important phone call, why the hell did you go to the library in the first place? I guess you didn’t think that one through did you!

OMG! Two older women just sat down at the table next to me. The one is a teacher! You’d think she’d know better than to yammer on and on in a library. Set-up your stuff and be quiet. If you have to have a conversation, ask about using one of the private rooms.

The next time you’re in a library and feel like daggers are hitting you in the back, you could be talking too loudly. A library is a place of study and research. It’s not the local bar where you can ‘holler and whoop’ it up. There are other people in the library besides you. No one wants to hear your conversation!



I will say this for the state of Arizona. There’s no way in hell they’d allow people to speak on their cell phones while in the library. They will kick you out without any problem! Obviously, the state Ohio, specifically Northeast Ohio, doesn’t give a damn!