Don’t Ask for Advice if You’re Not Going to Take It

One of my pet peeves is people who constantly ask you for advice but don’t take it. They decide to go in the opposite direction which is fine until they get into a jam. When they get stuck, they contact you and want your advice on how to get unstuck. This is insanity!

How many times does a friend or relative ask you for advice only to do what they want anyway? What’s the point of asking for advice? When they get into a bind, they expect you to bail them out or have the answers that could help them out. You may not have the answer because they went against your advice. They don’t understand that the advice you gave them was based on you knowing how you can help them. It’s a vicious cycle!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice if you can get yourself out of a jam if you don’t take it. For example, if you ask someone for advice on what brand of computer to buy and where to buy it, but you go in a different direction, take responsibility for it. If they tell you to have your cable company supply and hookup a router because the technicians will be able to connect it within a matter of minutes, don’t go to Office Max and buy a router if you’re not computer savvy.

When you ask someone for advice and don’t take it, you’re on your own. If you constantly ask people for advice and don’t take it, stop asking for advice. You’ll do what you want anyway so why ask for advice? Do what you want to do and everything will be right in the world. Plus, the person who keeps giving you advice will appreciate you not asking them for advice.