Thanksgiving Isn’t Worth Risking Your Health

I spoke with my sister today and she sounded horrible! She has a fever, is congested, and sounds as if she’ll keel over at any moment. She’s worried that her mother-in-law will get upset if she misses Thanksgiving dinner. My sister was supposed to help her mother-in-law set the dinner table. I nominate my sister’s mother-in-law’s daughter for the job. Why should my sister have to do it? Gotta love the holidays!

Thanksgiving for my sister is stressful because of the in-laws. Personally, I wouldn’t allow them to get to me but I have more clarity than my sister — she’s still asleep. They don’t eat dinner until 6 pm because they have to wait for her brother-in-law. I suggested to my sister that she and her family eat a ‘light lunch’ this way they won’t be starving. The alternative is to eat earlier and keep the food warm for her brother-in-law.

My sister has a really good heart but she allows people to walk all over her. I wish she would stand up to others and set boundaries with people as I have. Between the two of us, I was always considered to be the ‘stronger’ one. Since I’ve been on my transformational journey, I’ve gotten stronger. For example, I became a vegetarian and won’t be partaking in Thanksgiving. I look at this way — I’m over 18, I can do what I want. I can only imagine what that turkey went through and what kind of living conditions it had. This grosses me out.

I hope and pray that my sister doesn’t risk her health or the health of others by attending Thanksgiving dinner with her in-laws. If they can’t understand that she’s really sick then they have some ‘internal’ issues to work out. My sister needs to put her foot down and start sticking up for herself; otherwise her physical and mental health may decrease.

Life’s too short to be worked up about the holidays such as Thanksgiving — it’s one day out of 365 days! I say “live and let live!” And, you can eat turkey any day of the year; there’s no reason to wait until Thanksgiving.


How many times did you attend Thanksgiving dinners when you were sick? Share.