Are You Dating Someone That Doesn’t Like Your First Name?

I was ‘channel surfing’ the other day because I was taking a break from writing my book, and I landed Mario Lopez’s show Saved by the Baby which aired on VH1. He and his girlfriend Courtney welcomed their bundle of joy in September but the show is still running. Mario seems like a nice guy with dimples that go on for miles but I was taken aback that he doesn’t call his girlfriend by her first name — he calls her by her last name. When he met her, he expected her to have a name like Sophia, Gabriella, or something ‘exotic’ because of her looks. I was stunned when he said that “he never pictured himself with a woman named Courtney.” She sat there with a ‘whatever’ look on her face; she looked stunned. Mario also admitted that he’s a bit OCD. Who knew? He seems so ‘with it’ and cool, calm, and collective!

I find it fascinating that men and women would date someone who didn’t like their first name. Isn’t your name important to you? What does that say about the person you’re with? What else don’t they like about you and why are they with you? If someone doesn’t like your first name there’s something deeper going on below the surface. You may want to reconsider dating someone if they don’t like your first name.

Dating someone that doesn’t like your first name could be a blow to your self-esteem and you could develop psychological issues from it. In fact, you may want to assess the level of your self-confidence and self-worth. Don’t you want to date someone who likes all of you, including your first name? If you really think about it, you may find it odd that the person you’re dating doesn’t like your first name and calls you by your last name or gives you a ‘pet’ name.

Celebrity reality television shows could do more good than harm. People will get to see past the ‘illusion’ that’s created in Hollywood. You may think celebrities are perfect and have the perfect life but you could be in for a rude awakening. In fact, your bubble could burst if you find out your favorite star isn’t as perfect as you thought they were. Remember, no one is perfect, not even celebrities!

If I ever watch a rerun of Saved by the Bell, I’ll question whether or not A.C. Slater actually liked Jessie’s name. If not, why was he really with her? Seriously, I give Mario credit for admitting his flaws on national television. Most people can’t admit their flaws when they look in the mirror! Hopefully it works out for him and his girlfriend. Here’s wishing them the best of luck!


Would you date a man/woman if he/she didn’t like your first name? Share.