Fact or Fiction: Chaos and Collapse of Financial Collapse

Is this video fact or fiction? Is the material fact or fiction? You decide. The falcon makes a good point, do what you can to protect yourself. In fact, it may be a good idea to start paying with cash whenever you can and pay off your credit cards now! Credit isn’t a bad idea but when you depend on it day after day then it becomes a crutch that may not support you any longer!


What do you think? Is this fact or fiction? Share your thoughts.


  1. I think this guy, the falcon, really believes what he’s saying, but he’s just a paranoid, scared guy, distorting reality. This really saddens me. He’s SO intent on believing in the collapse of government that he (subconsciously) wants to actually make it happen. I mean, if he scares people enough to take their money out of banks and stuff it in their mattresses, then sure, he could engineer a collapse like the one he’s describing.