Where Were People before Haiti’s Earthquake?

What do you know about Haiti? Millions of dollars were raised to help the country and its people recover from the earthquake that hit it many weeks ago. Where were these people before the earthquake struck Haiti? What were they doing to get the tariffs lifted from the country? What do they know about the history of Haiti? How will Haiti rebuild? How will they survive if they aren’t allowed to export more goods? These are questions that you may want to ask yourself before you jump on the bandwagon to help Haiti in a onetime deal.

It’s amazing how people come together when a disaster occurs, but they forget about people and their country throughout the year. It’s like people who go to church at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They pack the church three times a year but are non-existent throughout the year.

Helping others when disaster strikes is generous, but what are you doing throughout the year? Haitians could use help restoring the country in more ways than one. They could use a hand to create a thriving economy.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t donate to Haiti or other countries that suffer from a disaster. I’m asking you to make sure you understand the circumstances that a country faces and what you can do to help on a permanent basis. It may not be a one time deal.


What do you know about Haiti? What have you done to help? Share your thoughts.