Where are the First Class MLMs?

“Network marketing is a great source for passive income,” says financial gurus. I wouldn’t dispute that, it’s the people who are involved in network marketing companies that are the problem; they are not first class MLMs. Most have leadership and communication skills that are less than stellar. This is one reason why I have shied away from network marketing opportunities. The other reason is I haven’t found a network marketing company or product that I believe in enough to sell. If I’m not passionate about it, I won’t sell it. I’m an honest person; you’ll be able to read my facial expressions if I tried to sell you a company and its products that I don’t believe in that much.

First class MLMs seem to be in short supply. Network or multi-level marketing companies allow anyone to sell their products, services, and company. The fastest way to damage your reputation is through word-of-mouth because it’s still a viable means of marketing. By allowing anyone, anywhere to sell your products and company, you run the risk of leaving a bad taste in the mouth of potential customers and distributors.

Recently, I received an email which I interpreted as a “ha-ha” email. The writer of the email wrote, “…I guess you’re nixing the idea of joining the company.” She went on to write, “…it’s all right that you are nixing the opportunity because I have a lot of distributors who are keeping me busy (Whew!) and who are on their way to making $20,000 in January 2010.” I had to chuckle when I read the email. I wish the team the best in 2010. I wonder if I could get a print out of the new distributors. I’d like to see how many of them make $20,000 by January 31, 2010. I thought the email was uncouth. Whenever I write an email, I stop and think how the “receiver” of information will perceive it. I understand writing techniques such as style and tone. Of course, I cannot be responsible for how a person responds, but I can make damn well sure the email is well written before I send it.

First class MLMs are few and far between. The only network marketing opportunity I’d consider would be something from T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive from Peak Potentials. It’s something that I believe in and it helped me to make a shift in my life. I believe I can reach my goals and see all my dreams, especially my financial dreams to fruition.

The next time you’re approached about a network marketing opportunity, question whether or not it’s a first class MLM. What kind of leadership is there at the company and team level? How do people carry themselves? What’s the communication style? Asking questions will save you time and money in the long run. Good Luck!


What has your experience been with the people involved in network marketing?