Tiger is Caught in the Woods of Life

The reports surrounding Tiger Woods car accident are keeping people on the edge of their seat. Did he have an affair? Did he have a couple of affairs? What really happened the night of the car accident? Only he and his wife know for sure what happened that night. The public may never know the truth.

Reports have surfaced that Tiger’s wife is cashing in on the prenuptial agreement they had. It’s speculated she’ll receive $5 Million now and possibly $55 Million if she stays with him for two more years. It puts marriage in a whole new light.

What happened to marrying for love, for better or worse, rich or poorer, and in sickness and in health? It seems marriage has become more of a financial arrangement — like a job. If you stay with an employer for a specified number of years, you receive a severance package with a value attached to it. Marriage seems to be taking a cue from the corporate world. It’s understandable that Tiger and his wife would have a prenuptial agreement because of his golf career. However, it’s amazing how fast (if there’s truth to the story) his wife is “cashing in” on the marriage.

Marriage was something that was sacred, now it seems to be a “get rich quick” scheme kind of like some of the stay-at-home businesses you find online. You can make a quick fortune in a short amount of time, but if you’re financially immature, your earnings will disappear before your very eyes. You’re left with empty pockets and dreams.

Through counseling, perhaps Tiger Woods and his wife will reconcile and move past this unfortunate incident. It’s a reminder about Debbie Ford’s book, “…Why Good People Do Bad Things?” No one is immune to making mistakes, it’s whether or not you choose to make them that is the difference.


How is your marriage?