How Women Use Twitter to Degrade Themselves

Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost everyone is on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and a few other sites. Twitter has definitely made a name for itself in the social media area. But, you’d be surprised at what people post on Twitter. It’s not all clean and informative. You find women posting links to their nude or semi-nude photos. This is degrading to women. What is Twitter doing about it? Not a thing.

Most people use Twitter to promote their artistry or business. They look for genuine Twitter followers who will add value to their business and vice versa. They don’t want to wake up, log into Twitter, and find a bunch of links to nude or semi-nude photos posted by women.

Why women degrade themselves

It’s the 21st century and women still degrade themselves by posting nude pictures of them on the internet. It’s their choice to pose nude and post the pictures, but they can suffer the consequences from their actions.

What happens when women post nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves on the internet? Usually a man will begin to stalk them online or worse find out where they live. Before you know it, you’re reading about them in the paper or hearing about them on the news.

Twitter’s responsibility

Twitter has policies posted about what is allowed and not allowed to be posted. They have strict policies against child pornography, but what about other types of porn? Could you imagine being Oprah and having women who are posting their nude pictures online following her? It would make for a great episode on Oprah.

Why isn’t Twitter putting a stop to these links? Maybe there are too many links for them to handle. Maybe they don’t have sophisticated technology to stop it. Who knows what the reason is.

What’s the pay-off for posting nude or semi-nude photos on Twitter

Women who post links on Twitter to nude or semi-nude photos must be receiving some sort of pay-off from it. Is it adoration? Is it the attention? They must be receiving something from posting links to provocative pictures of themselves on Twitter.

Most women who post pictures either have low self-esteem or don’t think what they’re doing is damaging them. They may disagree and say they do have self-respect and high self-esteem, but is this true?

Women posting links on Twitter to nude or semi-nude photos may or may not hold themselves in high regard. When you don’t have self-esteem or self-respect, others will not respect you. You may want to think twice before you post a link on Twitter to nude pictures of yourself.