Bank of America Causes Consumers to Revolt

I’d like to share my story about my credit card company. I’m with Bank of America and they sent me a notice on October 27, 2009 that my credit card limits were reduced. Receiving this notification was like receiving a sucker punch to the gut. Never in my life did I ever dream that I would be in this situation. How the hell did I create this for my life? Mark my words…this is my first and will be my only time to deal with this situation. Here’s my story…

I always enjoyed a very high credit limit and was able to pay my bills with ease when I worked as a Property Analyst for a real estate and development company in Cleveland, OH. Accounting wasn’t my passion, but I made a great living. When my father died, I decided to pursue my love of art and went back to school for a graphic design certification. I quit my accounting job, sold my townhouse, moved in with my mom, and landed a job as a graphic designer. I still was miserable. I managed to create the same situations in my life just with different people. Something had to change because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I graduated in May 2007 with a Master of Science, Management degree. I researched some states and decided I would move to Arizona. I sent out resume after resume without receiving any responses. I went to the UK in August 2007 and when I got back, I finally spoke with someone about moving to Arizona. I was told that Arizona employers like to see Arizona residency BEFORE they will hire a person. So…In September 2007, I drove from Ohio to Arizona. It was my first “real” road trip and first time I drove cross country — no one was with me. When I arrived in Arizona, I decided to move there. I found an apartment, parked my car in the garage, flew back home, packed up, and flew back out. I was confident that I would find full-time or part-time employment utilizing my accounting degrees along with my Master of Science, Management degree. I was wrong!

Steps I took to finding employment

  • Sent out a ton of resumes before and after my move to Arizona in September 2007.
  • Started networking to make connections — hoping to gain referrals.
  • Contacted and met with several different representatives from employment agencies none of which helped me find employment.
  • Put ads on Craigslist.
  • Put resumes on Craigslist.
  • Put resumes on and CareerBuilder.
  • Informed people that I was a writer looking for work, but would be interested in accounting work as well.
  • Signed up with and bid on jobs.
  • Tried my hand at Google AdSense and spent more than I earned.
  • Obtained not 1, not 2, but 3 degrees, including a Master of Science.
  • Received a graphic design certification.
  • Started reading books like Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, The Science of Getting Rich, Quantum Success, and other books to change my thoughts around abundance, money, and wealth.

Fast forward to October 28, 2009, and I am living, correction, surviving in Arizona by the skin of my teeth! According to all of the “spiritual gurus” out there, you can do what you love (writing for me) and make money from it. I’m grateful for my writing job and the writing jobs I had, but it’s not enough to live on. Let’s face it, we need and use money, that’s how it is. Anyone that says they don’t like money is lying!

I hope all of the CEOs of the credit card companies can sleep at night. I’m glad as an American taxpayer that I was able to help bail out the banks and credit card companies when they needed it. I sleep better at night knowing that employees and CEOs receive their BIG bonuses on time and enjoy spa days. I couldn’t live with myself if they missed a bonus check!


CLICK HERE to read the letter I sent to Bank of America.


How have you been screwed over by a credit card company?