Pomegranate Wine from Armenia is Almost Sinful

Armenia is known as the motherland of viticulture. “Winemaking history can be traced back to biblical times when Noah established his first vineyard in the Ararat Valley after the flood (Proshyan Wine Factory).”

The Pomegranate wine from Armenian winemakers Proshyan is a blend of both tartness and fruitiness. If you enjoy a semi-sweet red wine, you’ve found the perfect wine to adorn your table. Pomegranate wine is great complement if you’re serving lamb.

When you pull the cork out of the bottle the rich aroma is unleashed. Pour yourself a glass and breath deep the dark flavors of this wine. Your first taste may leave your head spinning. The peppery tartness mixed with the fruitiness of the Pomegranate will leave your senses wanting more.

Wine Tips and Tricks

  • Use a good corkscrew. When opening a bottle of wine, make sure you have a quality corkscrew opener. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty trying to get the wine out;
  • Purchase a wine stopper. These can be found at any store from Old World Market to Wal Mart. Purchase a cork stopper if you don’t want to replace the cork;
  • You can never go wrong with wine etiquette. If you’re attending a party, bring a bottle of wine. Don’t bring a “chilled” bottle of wine because your host may have already picked a wine to go with dinner.

Pomegranate wine is both trendy and historic at the same time. It’s said that Pomegranate was used as aphrodisiacs in ancient times. It’s a sensual element that complements contemporary cuisine.

If you’re looking to spice things up in your life, purchase a bottle of Pomegranate wine. You can find this wine at Sprouts Farmers Market for $9.99. You’ll probably find it at Old World Market as well. Whether you’re having dinner for two or a dinner party, you’ll have a night that you won’t forget.


Red Wine Selections

  • Serve a Cabernet Sauvignon for big, filling entrees like casseroles, red meats, beef, and lamb.
  • Pair a Merlot with roast beef, barbeque chicken, tuna, or soups and stews. A fruitier taste will also go well with red meats.
  • If you’re serving pasta, pour a glass of Pinot Noir. This is a light red wine — a versatile wine. You can also serve Pinot Noir with ham, turkey, fontina cheese, grilled vegetables, and salmon.
  • To spice up your game meat or rack of lamb, serve Shiraz. This is a more peppery red wine. It’s lighter than a Cabernet but is strong enough to be paired with meat.


What are some of your favorite red wines?


  1. Sounds good. Peppery & fruity. Was it affordable?

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    Oops! Forgot to include the price…Only $9.99 at Sprouts Farmers Market.

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