South Park Can Teach You about the Economy

Many people are not amused by the Comedy Central cartoon South Park. They find it offensive for one reason or another. However, if you watch this hit cartoon, you may learn something. Somehow, some way the writers “weave” a “moral” into the story lines. Maybe the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wouldn’t agree with this or maybe they would.

For example, the episode titled Margaritaville involved Randy (Stan’s dad) teaching him about saving his money by taking him to a bank and making him deposit his $100 check that he received from his grandma. Unfortunately, Stan loses his money he deposited at the bank. Randy then steps forward with a plan to save the desperate economy. He informs everyone that it’s their fault because they got greedy and bought things that they couldn’t afford. “No more needless spending!”

Kyle (Stan’s friend) says that, “…people were being stupid and lost their faith in the economy. The economy was made up by people thousands of years ago. It’s not real, yet it is real.” It’s us to us to FIX IT now in order to secure our future. We need to have FAITH in it and treat it with respect.

Kyle EXPLAINS what credit cards and money really are. They’re meaningless. It has NO VALUE whatsoever. Stan explains that credit cards are nothing but “pieces of plastic.” We are the ones putting a value on plastic cards. Money is nothing but paper. We are the ones putting a value on colored, paper money! Until we put our faith in it, the economy is meaningless.

This may be farfetched, but it made sense to me. Many people believe that money is nothing but energy. Read Napoleon Hill or Bob Proctor and you’ll find this out. If you have a “poor mentality,” you’ll attract poverty into your life. Cultivate a “wealth mentality,” and you’ll see the fruits of your labor pay off. Which one do you have?