Non-Americans Take Jobs away from Americans

Recently, many Americans have lost their jobs for one reason or another. Is it fair that non-Americans, who cannot stand Americans or our culture, continue to stay in this country with their job? Not only are these people in our workforce, but they take advantage of our college and universities.

When you spend time with non-Americans and they bad mouth the way Americans dress or speak, it takes a lot to be polite to them. You may choose to swallow your pride just to get through dinner. These people may say to you, “sorry, I don’t mean to offend you.” Are they kidding? They’re sitting pretty in technical jobs while Americans, born and raised are losing their jobs.

Americans constantly receive backlash from other countries for being rude and ignorant. What’s that saying about “the pot calling the kettle black?”

If you’re a non-American who cannot stand America, why are you here? America is not the only industrialized nation in the world! There’s Canada, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland and other countries. You can pick up and leave the U.S. at anytime.

It would behoove companies such as Intel to make sure that they hire Americans before non-Americans. It does not reflect well on the company that they hire or hired non-Americans who have nothing but ugly comments about the U.S.

If you’re a non-American with a green card living in the U.S., hopefully you appreciate the U.S. We may not be a perfect country or have resolved our issues, but at least we provide people with freedom of speech, the right to vote (men and women), and many other freedoms. If you do not like the U.S., get out and give your job to an American that can use it!

Do you work with non-Americans that bad mouth the U.S.? How do you feel about it?