Even Gardens Do Not Take That Long to Grow

Many people compare manifesting your dreams and goals to planting and harvesting a garden. However, gardens do not take that long to grow. You till the soil, plant the seeds, cover them, and then water the seeds. Some people even use MIRACLE GROW to speed up the growth process and to enrich the soil. It does not take 10 to 25 years to grow a garden!

People who are trying to manifest the lives they desire are often told to think of their life as a garden. This is true to a certain point — gardens do not take that long to grow! Telling people this can dampen their spirits because theoretically gardens do not take that long to grow.

Yes, in order to manifest your desires, you must “plant the seeds of your desires.” You must cultivate a positive and powerful mind-set and keep tending to your “desire garden.” But, how long does it take before you see results? Some people see results straight-away, some people do not. What does this mean? They’re cultivating a powerful, positive mind-set. So why does it take so long?

Maybe the universe is trying to find the right people to come into your life. Perhaps they are not in your area — they could be thousands miles away from where you live. This is where patience comes into play. Yes, it is a virtue!

A garden does not take that long to grow. If you want to manifest your desires in your life do the following. First, till your “mental soil” — clear out the weeds — strangling your mind. You must have a clean mind before you can plant your desires. Second, plant your seeds of desires. Finally, let your desires go and grow within your mental garden. This is where people (including myself) get tripped up. Sometimes we get in our own way. Let go and let the “powers at be” (God, universe, spirit, or whatever name you give to a higher power) do its job and bring to you that which you desire. Think of it this way — it’s one less thing on your to do list!