Travel can change your outlook on global transformation

Traveling can open your eyes to different cultures and customs. This is not a bad thing. Is it a good thing that we are striving to be one? Being unified is one thing, converting people to be “one in the same” is another.

Here’s a great video about global transformation. Watch and listen intently to the video. There are many messages within this video. It will make you think.

What did you think of this video? Do you agree or disagree with it’s message?


  1. ya i do agree with you. people who visit different part of the world explore different culture and nature of peoples. how they live , how they interact with people. i am from india and so many people come to india to explore the Rajasthan the world renewed tourist destinations for its forts and palaces.

    i love this website for india travel.


  2. Thanks for finding…I’ll check out your website and the link you provided.